I have been happy at the end of my marriage!The 39 -year -old actress official Xuan was pregnant, Liang Jingru Zhang Dongliang quickly sent a blessing

On October 15th, there were media reports that Xiao Huimin, a well -known anchor Malaysia, was pregnant, and finally got happy for 6 years!

It is reported that Xiao Huimin graduated from the University of Melbourne, Australia. After returning to China, he successfully entered the television station as a news anchor. With his distinctive hosting style, he has stepped up to become a "sister of Taiwan" and has been in the industry for nearly 20 years.

She can not only sell cute on the children’s channel, but also express sharp views on the current affairs talk show, which is loved by the audience.

On the afternoon of the 15th, Xiao Huimin posted: "Believe in the fate of each encounter, it is not too late, just right. Thank you, willing to come to us at this time." She revealed that she was pregnant for 14 weeks and would soon return to returning to the return.Jobs continue to work hard.

Xiao Huimin took a B -ultrasound, and there were three elephant decorations next to him, representing a family of three, which looked warm and cute.

She and her husband compared the baby in front of the B -ultrasound display. Although both of them were wearing a mask, they showed their eyes, obviously very good.This photo can also be regarded as the first family portrait of their family, which is of great significance.

After her official announcement, dozens of Malaysian stars sent blessings for the first time, including Liang Jingru, Zhang Dongliang, etc. Everyone was excited about the "one sister" pregnancy.

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For Xiao Huimin, this child may be like a gift that he has been waiting for a long time.

In November 2015, she married Xu Junyuan, a boyfriend outside the Singapore. They held a grand wedding in Singapore, and then gave a banquet at Malaysia again to receive many blessings.

Xiao Huimin loves her work and has the support of her husband, so she stays in Malaysia most of her time after marriage.

The couple separated from the two places, and they would go abroad to see each other when they were on the holidays. They were so busy that even honeymoons would not make up for one year.However, they call or videos every night to ensure that at least twice a month.

Xiao Huimin and Xu Junyuan have been on the show, writing questions about each other, and answered one by one to enhance the understanding between husband and wife.

Xu Junyuan asked his wife: "In our love, what are you most afraid of?" Xiao Huimin said that he was afraid that the two would do their own things and not speak for a day. She hoped that her husband would not hide emotions.

Both of them understand the importance of "communication" in marriage, so they have been doing well these years.

After 6 years of marriage, Xiao Huimin and her husband have been loving, but more and more relatives have begun to urge Xiao Huimin to ask their children. After all, her age has increased year by year, and she has entered the age of the elderly maternal specified in medicine.

In July of this year, Xiao Huimin issued an article to announce the suspension, emphasizing that he was not resigned and retired, but he was temporarily vacated.At that time, some people guessed that the "sister" had to prepare for pregnancy, and according to the 14 weeks of pregnancy, she should have prepared for pregnancy.

This baby who was expected by everyone finally arrived, hoping that Xiao Huimin would take good care of his body and give birth to children steadily!

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