I have received my certificate for 1 year, I just got pregnant, so tired, I want to divorce

My husband and I have known each other for three years for almost three years. Because it is a military love, we are very upsper to cherish this relationship.

We didn’t have a banquet, so I have been working outside, not to their house, this year he has retired. I just got pregnant and lived with him

We love each other, and he also hurts me with feelings.But I want to divorce, not because they do n’t love, but because of their trivial matters and then find that they are different from each other.

The first thing: His second sister often interfere with our family, and I have to help him decide what, I have no opinion

But when my husband resisted his second sister, her second sister abused me without bottom line. This year was the seventh time. It was said that my husband was brainwashed by me and said that my husband became bad and nervous with me.

And I was scolded even if they didn’t know anything about the dispute. I was often scolded and called.And every time my husband did not solve it, it made me stand this like this, which made me get used to it. His second sister scolded me, and my husband said and laughed with his second sister the next day.

I think my husband is not like this. I am completely wronged. My husband expressed it clearly and knew it, but he never stopped this, and felt that I was a bit careless.

The second thing: He has a big sister who has a good temper and is very good to me, but there is a disadvantage that it is particularly petting his own children and will not teach.

They have a twin who often come to our house. My husband hurts me and I also hurt the children. I often give them sugar, because I know that I have taken it in the room. The two of them often stole my room door and flip my things.Come in and turn in, I feel that my privacy has been violated

Several times I was pregnant and I was sleeping. They also came in. I couldn’t turn it in the sugar and thought my fetal medicine was deducted one by one.I feel very disgusted, I told my husband, I said that you have to tell your elder sister, correcting this is an educational issue for children.And infringe my privacy

I quarreled with my husband, because my husband felt that I was too much, so why did the two four or five -year -old children care about it?

I said no but I don’t like this behavior.He believes that there is nothing wrong with this behavior.

The third thing: I am pregnant. Before we discussed the family to go to the city, his elder brother -in -law called his sister and did not say that the whole family could not only leave me at home, and then I vomited and vomited all day againToming in someone else’s house and stated for a day.

After returning, I told my husband and let him tell him what he would do in the future. You can discuss with us. The car is us. You have to go.No seat, sorry to let others go, I took the initiative to say that I won’t go.

The whole family left me a pregnant woman.Her husband said that his elder brother -in -law was like this, don’t care about it, he owed him.

I said you have to explain to your brother -in -law that he is 40 years old and adults are responsible for his behavior.

The fourth thing: also what happened yesterday. His elder brother -in -law called my husband and said there was an urgent matter, and he asked him to go to his house quickly

I was pregnant at home and vomited dizziness and low blood pressure 50. I was afraid that his brother -in -law had something to do at home. He asked him to hurry to care about me. Later, he asked him what was going on. His brother -in -law said that he would not download a software for him to quickly download.

I got angry on the spot. He was a 40 -year -old person. I don’t know if there is a pregnant woman in your family to take care of it. What fart? Before his son printing and saying that he would not be able to print money, we also got out.Fortunately, can there be a pregnant woman at home now that I can’t think about others?

As a result, he quarreled with his husband. He felt that I was wrong. I felt that I didn’t understand the human being. I felt that I hated his family and felt that I was about.

I was about to collapse. I didn’t think so at all. I felt wrong at home. Let him tell him.Everyone has everyone’s family. It’s okay if I am not pregnant. I also need my husband when I am pregnant.

I got married from Guangdong to Fujian and didn’t know it. I rely on my husband. As a result, my husband’s three views were like this.He told me that I was too positive, and I said that his three views were too distorted.

He said that you have to get used to it and adapt to our habits.I suddenly regretted that I didn’t love him, but I was really tired, so I wanted to divorce.What do you think?

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