I heard that these two animals will be made in the future!Did you dream of it?

Lili: When I was pregnant, I dreamed that I walked on the rock wall plank road in a canyon. From a distance, I saw a golden glittering Buddha. I couldn’t see the bottom. I immediately fell down and worshiped.I nodded with a smile, my whole body was covered by Jin Guang, and the daughter born later was very smart and dexterous. When I returned home to help with housework, the kindergarten’s children’s song book teacher taught it to memorize it.Intersection

Yun Yun: When the boss dreamed of the black bear, he dreamed of spending in the hospital, the boy born, the result was really a kid!The second child is now seven months pregnant. Dreaming of a mouse is a man or a woman?Intersection

Xiaoyue: When I was pregnant, I dreamed that the apple was. On the day of delivery, I went out to see the golden -yellow snake in the morning and scared me to death. As a result, I had a son in a few days!When I was in the second time, I dreamed of a snake, and then gave birth to a daughter!Make up a good word!

What is the dream of fetal dreams, what do you do when you do it?

Fetal dream refers to the birth of a baby, a dream related to pregnancy.From the beginning of ancient times, both the Eastern countries or the western countries focused on fetal dreams.Parents who are looking forward to and waiting for their children are of great significance.

Fetal dreams are generally done in the early stages of pregnancy, in the middle or last period.However, some time occasionally do it before pregnancy.But after giving birth, you can’t have such a dream.

Interpretation of Fetal Dream Animals

1. Dragon

Pregnant women saw the dragon in their dreams. This situation means that the child born will be a handsome son.

2. Snake

The python represents the son, and the black snake represents the daughter.

3. Deer

Dreaming of the corner deer usually represents the son, and there are many beautiful sika deer

4, pig

Pigs mean wealth and blessing in the dream of fetal.Black pigs represent their son, and white pigs represent their daughter.If you dream of being chased by a pig, it means that the child will become a big man in the future.

5. Horse

If a pregnant woman dreamed of running on a dark horse running on the field or a scene where Mustang was running, she was pregnant with a son.If you dreamed of white horses, or dreamed of a pony, he said that he was pregnant with his daughter.However, if you dream of a wild white horse, it means that what he gave birth would be a son and a noble person

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