I often eat these 6 major nutritional foods during pregnancy, which is much stronger than eating bird’s nest.

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Many pregnant mothers believe that when eating bird’s nest during pregnancy, maternal and infant skin will become better after giving birth.Bird’s nest is indeed helpful for pregnant women with fever, but the physique of each pregnant mother is different. Pregnant women with cold constitutions are not appropriate to eat bird’s nest.

In addition, the price of bird’s nest is high, and many pregnant women are difficult to afford it for a long time. Therefore, our pregnant mothers should not follow the trend blindly. In fact, we can also choose foods such as lily and Tremella to replace bird’s nest. The effect is as good.These foods are more suitable for pregnant mothers to protect their fetuses-

1. Best anti -vomiting food in early pregnancy

Early pregnancy reaction is a physiological reaction after pregnancy. For most expectant mothers, it generally does not last too long.About 6 weeks of pregnancy, that is, two weeks after menstruation will start to feel uncomfortable. In the next 1 month, this symptom will become more and more serious.About half of the pregnant mothers are no longer disgusting when they reach 14 weeks of pregnancy.Whether there is pregnancy vomiting is normal. The more the expectant mothers who are pregnant, the less the possibility of abortion, which means that the baby is healthy, and the baby is actually protecting himself!

It is recommended that in taste, you can choose food that can satisfy your own, and minimize the amount of each eating. Eat less meals. The cooking method can be used for steaming, cooking, stewing, cold mixing, water, microwave, etc.When you smell the smell of lemonade, you can also contain fresh ginger slices in your mouth. The apple is sweet and sour, and it can also increase appetite.

2. Best fetal vegetables

Spinach is rich in folic acid, and the biggest function of folic acid is to protect the tire from spinal cord divisions, hydrocephalus, and brainless nervous system malformations, which can promote growth and development.Some people say that pregnant mothers cannot eat spinach. Rarely can supplement various nutrients. Can pregnant women really not eat at all?In fact, it is not that when pregnant women eat spinach, they can be simmered in hot water before making, and then fry, mix, make soup and so on.The purpose is to remove the oxalic acid inside, because oxalic acid will affect the absorption of calcium, so that it can be suitable for pregnant mothers!

3. Best pregnant women snacks

Almost every woman likes snacks.Of course, pregnant mothers are no exception.Especially some pregnant women particularly like to eat sour or spicy snacks.Like a variety of potato chips, big spicy strips do not belong to pregnant mothers. It is very beneficial to eat some healthy snacks.Eating, also contains a large amount of high -quality protein and rich trace elements, can promote the growth and development of the baby’s baby. It is a good snack that pregnant mothers can choose, but it must be controlled.

4. The best premature food -proof food

Eating fish often prevent premature birth. Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, lecithin, potassium, calcium, zinc and other trace elements. These are necessary substances for fetal development, which can extend pregnancy and prevent premature birth.Especially the nervous system, the baby born in this way is particularly smart.Pregnant women should eat at least 1 or 2 fish within a week, and can stew some catfish soup to drink. They can not only make up for the deficiency, but also help the fetal brain development.

5. Best drink

After pregnancy, it will increase physical consumption, which is easier to sweat, and pregnant mothers often feel tasteless in their mouths. That is to say, pregnant women should take more water than usual.For fetal health, it is recommended to use boiled water or light tea.

Experts recommend green tea because green tea is the "rich mine" of trace elements. The zinc element that has outstanding effects on fetal development is one of them. There are also many iron in green tea.

6. Best delivery food

The first birth is the period of the official neck expansion.This period is the longest, and the contractions are gradually frequent and enhanced.The first outbound process of the first maternal usually requires 12 to 16 hours, and the consumption of physical strength and energy is quite large. Therefore, the maternal should be encouraged to eat as much as possible during the first labor.

At this time, the first choice chocolate, because it is rich in a large amount of high -quality sugar, rich in nutrition, and can be absorbed by the human body in a short period of time, producing a lot of heat for human consumption.You can also eat some soft foods and liquid foods, cooking bread, porridge, cake, noodles, etc.

The second birth is the fetal delivery period, exactly from the eloquence to the fetal delivery.Generally, the first maternal needs L to 2 hours.The third birth is the placenta delivery period. It usually does not exceed 30 minutes when the fetus is delivered to the placenta.These two stages generally do not eat.


The six performances of "discomfort" after pregnancy just show that you and the fetus are healthy!

Can’t eat these after pregnancy?The doctor said: Don’t make trouble, let pregnant women live well?

Pregnant delivery during pregnancy will pass these eight levels, especially the fourth level is nervous and look forward to.

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