I often feel that the pain of these three parts during pregnancy is unbearable?Don’t panic, in fact, the fetus is reporting to you safely

Many pregnant mothers will have serious pregnancy reactions after pregnancy.Pregnant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy will reduce dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting in the morning due to the decrease in gastric acid secretion and extension of gastric emptying time.Late pregnancy will also cause back pain, insomnia, anxiety and other symptoms due to the increasing weight of the body.In addition, due to the different constitutions of each pregnant mother, some expectant mothers will become more intense.

Some pregnant mothers will feel that some parts of them often hurt, but in fact, after pregnancy, if the pregnant mother is painful, the pregnant mother does not have to worry too much.

1. There are abdominal pain in the early pregnancy

Some pregnant mothers have occasionally felt a little pain in their stomachs just a few days when they were pregnant, and a small amount of blood flowed out of the vagina, and then began to worry about whether there were signs of early abortion.According to the doctor, at this time, the stomach hurts, and there is a short and small amount of bleeding, which indicates that after the sperm and egg are combined, they are looking for the most nutritious places in the uterus so that they can absorb enough nutrition in the future. At this time, it will inevitably be in the uterus at this time.The collision in the inside causes pain and bleeding for pregnant mothers.If this happens, do not worry too much, the fetus is developing great.

2. There is back pain in the middle of pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant until five or six months, it is also the most fetal growth and development: When the stomach suddenly becomes larger, the pregnant mother’s waist and thighs can not bear such a heavy weight, and there will be a backache and leg pain in the legs.Case.This shows that the baby’s baby develops well in the stomach, and the body is great. The pregnant mother should not be worried about because of the pain of the waistache.

3. There is suffering from pubic pain during the third trimester

At the time of pregnancy to the third trimester, the body of the pregnant mother began to make a series of changes, preparing for the baby’s upcoming birth.One of the changes is that the pubic bone of the pregnant mother will slowly open, and then the pelvis becomes wider, so as to facilitate the baby’s baby coming out of the stomach.In the process of opening the pubic bone, it will always be accompanied by pain. Sometimes the pregnant mother will not endure it, but the more painful now, the more smooth it will be.

After pregnancy, if the above parts are painful, don’t worry too much, but if the pain worsens and the duration is relatively long, you must go to the hospital in time.

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