I ordered the five -point cooked steak, but because I saw the bloodshot requesting claims?Shanghai Court sentenced

When the dwellers eat steak

How much is cooked?

Is it used to eat red blood steaks?

But I didn’t expect,

Someone after ordering five points of cooked steak

But because of seeing blood silk claim 20,000

The topic rushes to the hot search list

Five -point cooked cattle has bloodshot blood

The diner brought the restaurant to the court

In January of this year, Wu and his friends dine in a western restaurant. Wu ordered some meals, which cost a total of 2,110 yuan, including a "Australian M6+T bone steak" with a unit price of 1688 yuan.half-cooked.

During the period, the restaurant staff asked Wu to eat seven -point cooked steak according to the Chinese habit, but he still insisted that he had to be familiar with five points.

During the consumption process, Wu believed that the steak had blood shredded meat and asked the restaurant to be exempted, but was rejected.Wu Mou paid the meal and packed the remaining steak and left.

Afterwards, Wu Mou sued the upper Railway Court, believed that some of the steaks involved in the case were bloody, which belonged to raw meat, and did not meet the edible standards. He violated the Food Safety Law and requested that the court decided that the catering company paid a price of ten times the price of 2,1100 yuan.

Court: Reject compensation appeal

The Shanghai Railway Transport Court held that Wu believed that the restaurant’s blood -rayed beef steak provided by his own needs did not meet the food safety standards. Obviously, the cooking technology of steak was confused with food safety standards.

In addition, the court also believes that Wu did not explicitly pointed out which food safety standards involved in the case did not meet, nor did it confirm that the restaurant’s catering service had a specific fact that it did not meet the food safety standards, so the verdict was rejected.

Five -point cooked cattle has bloodshot blood

There is a problem with food safety

Or is it unreasonable?

Zhou Hua, president of the Civil Affairs Tribunal of the Shanghai Railway Transport Court, told reporters that Wu believes that there is a violation of food safety standards for red blood.For example, after the steak has red blood, the pathogenic microorganisms are exceeded.

If it is not concrete, it is only generalized, which is not in line with the legal requirements of ten times compensation stipulated in the Food Safety Law.

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For Wu’s line

Many netizens think

This is touching porcelain


Under what circumstances consumers are

According to the Food Safety Law

What are the claims ten times compensation?

Judge Zhou Hua interpreted that the "Food Safety Law" lists eight aspects of food safety standards, including microorganisms and heavy metals; the variety of food additives; the nutritional content requirements of the main and auxiliary food of infants and young children.Specifically, for example, buying foods that exceed the shelf life in the supermarket, such as the protein content of milk powder, there are no standards.

If consumers are damaged by foods that do not meet food safety standards, they can not only use them to operators, or ask producers to compensate for losses.For foods that do not meet food safety standards, or business knows that food safety standards do not meet food safety standards, in addition to requiring compensation for losses, consumers can also ask producers or operators to pay ten times the price or three times the loss of compensation.

Reporter | Zhang Yixia Feng Jialin

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