I said that I have three children, and the comment area was discussed, as if having three children committed the heavenly bar


A few days ago, I posted an article about my fortune, the main meaning is that every time I gave birth to a child, there would be some bad things. On the first day, there were only dozens of readings on this article. IAfter reading it, I didn’t care. On the third day, the reading volume suddenly increased to more than 10,000. There were still many comments. Open it. Good guys, the comments area is all in the water. I should not blame the fortune.Do it.

The most thing you say is who makes you have so many children, eaten hard, self -suffering and so on.In my article, I only said that the children had a bad fortune for a few years. I did not say that my in -laws and husbands were not good. I did n’t cry poor. I just gave birth to three children. As a result, the sprayed seemed to be criminal and committed.

What I want to say is, those who say that I do n’t cultivate a child and do n’t cultivate pigs. Those who can brush the headlines here estimated that the living standard is ordinary!If the living conditions are good, people are busy, how can there be time to brush the head here, you have the time when you pointed at others, it is better to think about how to improve yourself.

People now are weird. They do n’t have to see children without having children. The main thing is that they say that they have to be cultivated when they want to be born.What I want to say is that if the child is not talented or does not like to learn, you may not be able to make your child with money.

Some people say that it is cultivated to send children to study abroad. If you have so many people to give them to reading, it is harmful to them. It is better not to give birth. I don’t understand.Can you read it clearly?Still, if the child is talented in reading, it is worth spending more money. If you have no talent, you may not be able to make it with money.

The comment area is also very curious that I have ligated when I have a second child. How can there be a third child?At that time, the fine was not fined at that time.During the ligation, the doctor tied the fallopian tubes on both sides from the middle without cutting.After the ligation, there are some sequelae. First, hormone disorders in the body, menstruation is always delayed for more than half or two months, people also start to gain weight, how to lose weight can not lose weight.

Later, every time I came to menstruation, the left fallopian tube would be faintly painful. I went to the hospital for examination to know that the water accumulation of the fallopian tube was serious.After a long time, it will change.In this way, I was hospitalized to make laparoscopy. The doctor made plastic surgery for the falling eggs and unbuttoned the place where I tied.

At that time, I asked the doctor if she could get pregnant like this?The doctor said that it is not impossible, but the probability is very low. The side of the stagnant water is basically waste, and the other side is not smooth. If you want a child, you will be a test tube baby.I have been getting fat, and I want my child to lose weight first, because I have developed the habit of running. In this way, I naturally conceive again eight years later.

The comment area said that there should be 80 % of those who should not have three children, some are objective comments, some are gloating, and some are ironic.

In fact, there are two reasons for the people who do n’t want to have children. The first is that there are conditions to be born. Such people are afraid that the person in charge does not like the child, because more children will change the original life trajectory.Maybe they feel that this will disrupt their lives, so they will not give birth.

The second is those who have no conditions, because they have no money or no one can help bring their children. When they are born, they have to bring children at home and not make money. This income is less.In this way, economic pressure will be much stronger, especially for a few years of the epidemic, unstable income, price rise, and it is really difficult to support it alone.

Therefore, it is wrong to say that you do n’t have a life of others. They think that children should be poor, and they should be bad. I do n’t sell miserably.Is it difficult to accept yourself?80 % of China are ordinary people, with limited family conditions, limited connections, and general economic capabilities. Could these people not live or have children?

Everyone has different ideas, different lifestyles, and different views of happiness.Individuals have their own life. How to choose is the right of everyone. You can’t ridicule because of your choice and you.

Similarly, you will not laugh at you without having children, because this is your choice. Why do people who are not related to hurt each other? If you really want to cultivate your children, start with yourself and start with kindness.

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