I started to show my arms in 2 months of pregnancy. The four types are the reason why the expectant mothers themselves. It has nothing to do with the fetus.


The process of pregnancy is a difficult and happy process for mothers. If there are not many pregnancy reactions during pregnancy, then mothers will feel very fortunate, but if the pregnancy reaction is particularly strong, then the mothers will be extremely painful in pain.Essence

Of course, as the fetus continues to grow, the body of the pregnant mothers has begun to go slowly, and basically appears in the case of 4 months of pregnancy.

However, there are some pregnant mothers react. They started to show their arms in two months, and even the belly was as big as pregnant for a good month, but I said that the weight did not find a significant increase, but it was a few pounds. What is the reason why this is the reason?Intersection

In fact, it will start to show up in two months of pregnancy. It may be the reason why the expectant mothers themselves, especially the following four types. The expectant mothers should pay attention to it. Basically, the reasons are not related to the fetus.

There are many pregnant mothers in the initial stage of pregnancy. The pregnancy reaction is particularly serious, and what to eat and vomiting, basically there is no appetite for a day, and she can’t eat a lot of things.

However, there are also some pregnant mothers who do not have much pregnancy reaction after pregnancy. Instead, the amount of meals increases, and they will also feel that they should supplement nutrition during pregnancy.There will be more and more. In fact, it may be the cause of fat increase.

In the pregnancy stage, mothers basically feel particularly tired, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, the embryo may have just taken bed and cause hormone level disorders in the body.

Therefore, they do n’t like to move, coupled with the reduction of exercise, and eating more, it is certain that the fats accumulated in their bodies are more and more, and the most prone to fat is the abdomen.

Therefore, the main reason is that pregnancy has led to a vicious cycle. After eating, I lie down and sleep, wake up and eat, and then eat it.

The first pregnancy pregnant mothers basically have fewer phenomena that have been pregnant for two months, and the pregnant mother of the second child is prone to appear in two months. The main reason is that the second -born mothers.Because I have given birth to a baby once and pregnant once.

Therefore, the abdominal wall is in a state of relaxation. Therefore, when you are pregnant again, the uterus may increase slightly, and it will also have a clear protrusion, so it looks particularly clear.

Once the mothers are pregnant, the hormone level in the body will be disordered, so the system of intestinal digestion and absorption will gradually weaken.

At this time, if you eat something, you may have indigestion, have flatulence in your stomach, and look like a small belly, just like his arms.

Therefore, the reason for this reason is not that the fetus grows up, but is caused by flatulence in the mother’s belly.

In the initial stage of pregnancy, mothers are actually relatively hard. Not only are there pregnant vomiting reactions but also feel lazy and do not want to move. Of course, there are many precautions in the early pregnancy. Moms must be vigilant.

Pregnant mothers must always pay attention to safety in the early pregnancy. At this time, the baby’s baby has just been implanting. It is not particularly reliable, so it should not be too large in terms of action and work.

And the couple should not have a room in the first three months, otherwise there may be abortion. Of course, some large movements should be done less. It is like lifting the arm to dry the sheets and bending over a large degree of squatting. These should be paid attention to.

In the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers must also supplement folic acid in time. Folic acid is the main method to prevent fetal deformity from appear. Do not miss the supplementation of folic acid. It is best to start daily replenishment every day before pregnancy.

Of course, you can also supplement folic acid by eating more fresh vegetables and green vegetables. If the body of the pregnant mother is not suitable for folic acid, it can be supplemented with the dietary method we just said.

Pregnant mothers should also pay attention to the birth checkup in the early stages of pregnancy, especially when they are about 8 weeks of pregnancy.A B -ultrasound, seeing the position of the fetus bed is not suitable.

If it is very close to the place where the caesarean section has a knife mouth before, then the general doctor will recommend abortion surgery, otherwise as the fetus grows, the knife mouth may be cracked, and there may be major bleeding. This is more dangerous.Pregnant mothers must attract attention.


Every mother will have such discomfort when she is pregnant, but whenever the mothers think of the baby can overcome many difficulties when they are about to be born, and at the moment of the first glance of the baby, the mothers almost also see the baby.Many discomfort in the process of pregnancy will be left behind.

It is only in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention to various matters. Only by paying attention to their safety can the baby grow healthy in the abdomen.

So is you particularly distressed when you are two months pregnant?What is your reasons?Welcome to share it, let’s discuss it together.

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