I suddenly became pregnant, and my ex -boyfriend who disappeared for three years was rushing to be a dad (1)

I think I am still a virgin, but what experience is it?

Lin Shuli looked at the test sheet and welcomed the gynecologist’s eyes. "Doctor, I came to see the irregular menstruation, did you make a mistake?"

"By pregnancy, the fetal heart is obvious. Are you questioning the results of the hospital’s examination?" The doctor was unhappy.

"Doctor, sorry, let’s go first."

She was pulled out by her friend An Yuemeng, sitting on the promenade chair, and the whole person was stunned.

"Shu Yan, around you, it’s not when you are traveling, you will not have a night stand with others." An Yuemeng asked carefully.

"Impossible, I am still a virgin, how can I get pregnant, Yue Meng, I want to go to other hospitals for examination."

Lin Shuyi always felt that things were strange.

Before An Yuemeng spoke, a man’s face rushed over.

"Lu Haohao, why are you here."

"I heard that you are sick, I am in a hurry to follow." He was impatient, sweating his forehead, and he could see how much he cared about someone.

Lin Shuli wanted to speak, he could only look at the people on the side, "An Yuemeng, let’s talk about it."

"Shu Yan, she is pregnant."

I thought he would be furious. I didn’t expect to hold her into her arms, "Shu Yan, scared."

She is very weird at this moment.

"Lu Haohao, this child, came too suddenly, maybe our marriage is going to be canceled."

Inexplicable children, this marriage is definitely not ending, otherwise I am too sorry for him!

"The child is mine." He said calmly.

ah?His, why did she not impress, "Lu Haohao, I want to go home, let’s talk about it later."

At this moment, she just wants to be alone.

"Then I’ll send you."

He pulled her hand and walked straight to the luxury car, but An Yuemeng pretended to be fainted, oh, "dizzy!"

"What’s wrong?"

He asked casually.

"I am pregnant, maybe because early in the morning, I was busy looking at the doctor with Shu Yan.

An Yuemeng answered what he asked, and handed a medical examination report to Lu Haohao.

"Why do you want to find the wrong person?"

He was obviously a little unhappy.

"On the night of traveling, we both."

"Don’t say, that night, I kept with Shu Yan."

An Yuemeng was so angry that he was so angry. "No, that night, we were together, and Shu Yan was with another man, spending a good night." After that, she realized that she had a word and covered her mouth busy.

"you are lying."

Lin Shuyi looked at her in surprise, first found out pregnancy, and then pointed out that there were other men. Is that dream real?

However, when she thought of her familiar face, her whole heart was together, and she couldn’t tell the pain!

"Shu Yan, you just said nothing, I’ll go first."

After speaking, An Yuemeng drilled into a car and went away.

"Shu Yan, don’t listen to her, I will definitely be responsible for you to the end."

Lu Haohao pulled her hand and said affectionately.

However, she took out her hand, "Yuemeng won’t lie. Since everything is like this, it is better to stop here."

"Shu Yan, what I love is you, we just happened, we did not happen, engaged, married, would you like to work step by step?"

Lu Haohao held her into her arms again, but was scolded by the sound behind her, "Let her go!"

"It’s you, Sheng Baiyan, you still have a face back."

Seeing the rival back, he was worried and protected Lin Shuyu behind him.

"That night, the person who was with 姩姩 was me."


Lu Haohao denied it.

However, Lin Shuli was a little hesitant. After all, the dream was too real, and he was pregnant again. If everything was fake, then he would become a ‘Virgin Mary’!

"I advise you, let’s ask An Yuemeng first, otherwise, the thief shouted to catch the thief, it would be ugly to eat!"

"You talk slowly, I’ll go first."

A ex -boyfriend and a current boyfriend, they are fighting for the dad of being a child. Lin Shuyi only feels that he has a headache!

"It’s not easy to take a taxi here, let me take you."

"Shu Yan, don’t listen to him, suddenly appeared in three years, you must be careful to beware of his intentions!"

The two men seemed to be on the bar, the atmosphere was dignified, and even Lin Shuyi felt suppressed.

"Enough, whoever you follow me again, I will go to the hospital immediately!"

With a ruthless words, she rushed and fled the embarrassing scene in a taxi.

"Sheng Baiyan, you know, I have been with Shu Yan for three years, you suddenly come back, what is your heart?"

"No matter what, thanks."

"Thanks? I take care of my girlfriend, do you need you to thank you, it’s ridiculous!"

Lu Haohao disdain and hummed coldly.

I have to say that someone is definitely his shadow!

"You are in love with 谈, but you roll the sheets with other women, and make it pregnant. Do you think you are still equipped with 姩姩?"

"Conspiracy, this is your conspiracy tricks!"

I don’t know when Sheng Baiyan bought An Yuemeng?

"It is really a conspiracy, but you blame people wrong, but go back and ask clearly, don’t bite people here."

Sheng Baiyan turned away and left, and threw a suspicious Lu Haohao on the side of the road.

When he returned home, Lin Shuli fell asleep in the sofa, and kept dreaming until he was awakened by a knock on the door.

She glanced out of the window, and it turned out to be all dark.

"why you?"

Lin Shuli opened the door clearly to see the person, his face instantly faded.

"Well, I have something to say to you."

"I don’t want to hear, you can leave."

She wanted to close the door, but he was supported by his hand. "Well, I disappeared for three years because of a serious car accident, and it was not successful until recently. Otherwise, I should see you in a wheelchair","

He explained carefully.

"I know, then you can let go, otherwise, I will call the police."

What are the reasons, what do you do with her?

Thinking of three years ago, he was thrown on the airport. For a whole day and one night, he had no news, and Lin Shuli didn’t want to have any intersection with him again!

"Then I don’t go in, you stay," you stay. "

They are all nutritional products, and it is not worthwhile, it is his mind.

"Sorry, we are not relatives, this thing, you still have a burst of cubs!"

When he didn’t pay attention, the door was closed suddenly.

"Boss, you’re okay."

Su Jingli looked at him, and he was worried about his mood.

Sheng Baiyan paused for a few seconds, "Secretary Su, help me contact my parents, I want to come to the door."

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