I thought I was in the middle of the pregnancy, and I came out of this accident. Let’s take a look at the bleeding during pregnancy.

Although it is a test tube baby, I have been relatively smooth since I was pregnant. I did n’t have too much pregnancy reaction. I have n’t had any pregnancy.Near the end of the year, there are many activities such as performance competitions, and rehearsal recording does not feel how tired every day, so I didn’t take the concept of "pay attention to rest during pregnancy".The park took more than an hour.

On January 2nd, the 12th week of pregnancy, I felt that the early pregnancy was over, and my heart was more relaxed. After I was busy in the morning, I took a walk with my mother in the community in the afternoon.I did n’t know if I did it from 4 o’clock from 4 o’clock. After eating, I felt a bit tired. I leaned on the sofa to rest. After a while, I went to the bathroom and found that the color of the secretion was a bit deep. I thought it was normal.I was too concerned about it, and there was an accident at around 10 o’clock. I went to the bathroom again and found that there were a few drops of blood. I quickly sent an information consultation to my friends and hospital doctors.Seeing that the bleeding began to worsen.

At that time, this situation appeared for the first time. I was anxious and experienced, so I grabbed my phone out. I went to the nearest hospital and hung an emergency department. The doctor in the obstetrics duty opened a B -ultrasound.With a nursing towel, the situation was embarrassing at that time. It felt like taking a pool of blood, and the pants were instantly soaked. Fortunately, I wore a black long length that day, otherwise it would scare the other people in the hospital.

After doing the B -ultrasound, the doctor told me that both fetuses were healthy, and I was completely relieved.

I fell asleep for a night when I went home and dared to move for a night. I went to my attending doctor to see the situation the next morning. The doctor was still calm and told me that because I was pregnancy, I just stopped the luteal in the previous two weeks.In addition, I have another placenta before, and the chance of bleeding is high in this case.

After I had a gentle blame, I shouldn’t stand so long, and the doctor prescribed the medicine for me to let me pay attention to rest.

I couldn’t lie down and started to move after three days of rest, so the bleeding situation was later turned into dark coffee, but there were one after another. Until the fourteenth week, the doctor told me that the bleeding must be bleeding and I had to bleed again. I had to bleed again. I had to bleed again. I had to bleed again.I had to be hospitalized for the New Year at that time. In order not to spend the Spring Festival in the hospital, I signed a guarantee. In the end, I was lying for more than half a month at home for more than half a month to recover.

During this period, I have been understanding the knowledge of bleeding during pregnancy one after another. I will share here, I hope to help Jimei who need it.

Bleeding during pregnancy corresponds to the three cycles of pregnancy respectively::

Early pregnancy (within 12 weeks): Generally, it may be abortion or ahead abortion, and my situation belongs to a threatened abortion;

In the middle of pregnancy (12-28 weeks): It may cause blood contraction caused by the low placenta and other reasons. I know that it is a low placenta in the middle of the pregnancy.normal;

In the third trimester (28-40 weeks): If 37 weeks may be a threatened premature birth, you should be hospitalized in time, and after 37 weeks, you will consider the symptoms of giving birth.Bar.In addition, you should remember the following points: ① No matter how good you feel during pregnancy, don’t be too tired. After all, children are more important.③ Go to the hospital to see the doctor as soon as possible, first determine that the baby is okay ④ In addition to going to the toilet, try not to get out of bed and move it.

Bleeding during pregnancy is something that many pregnant mothers worry about, and it is also an accident that is more likely to occur during pregnancy. Bleeding at different stages has different reasons.As long as you understand the specific reasons, prevent early prevention when there is no situation, and deal with it in time when the condition is out. I believe that the baby baby will be able to grow smoothly and smoothly.”1000 days in the early days””My parenting diary “”

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