I took a cold medicine by accidental pregnancy, can the child still ask?

When I was out of get off work, my patient Xiao Song called, and his tone was very anxious. He was almost crying: Director, I was pregnant, you know how rare this child is, but I didn’t find it in advance. After taking a cold medicine, what can I do?Can you ask?

This is really "there is no heart planting flowers and the shades of willow and willow." Xiao Song is a polycystic ovary syndrome, irregular ovulation, and I did n’t want to get a child for three years.She came to promote ovulation after menstruation this month. I did not expect that she was pregnant unexpectedly. It happened that this month’s units in the family were particularly many. The menstruation was not normal, so I didn’t take it to the heart.The medicine.

The situation of Xiao Song may belong to the case in infertile clinics, and in the obstetrics and gynecology clinics, there are really many cases to consult this accidental pregnancy child:

Someone after taking the after -to -the

There is a room after drinking;

Is there any smoking;

There are those who take diet pills;

There are also X -ray;

… …

In this case, can this unexpected pregnancy child be required?

The principle of "full" or "none" is generally followed within two weeks after fertilization

Of course, the situation of medication, drinking, and X -line X -ray is not good, but there is also the saying of time, dose, and pros and cons.In the process of fetal development, 0-3 months is a critical period for fetal birth defects.Different stages of embryos and sensitivity to teratogenic factor are different.That is to say, at this stage, it is easy to be affected by teratogenic factors, but it is not universal due to the individual differences that are susceptible.

It is generally believed that the effect of teratogenic factor before and after the bed in bed after fertilization is "full" or "none" on the embryo."All" is manifested as the death of the embryo or causes abortion; "none" is that the embryo continues to develop.

The American Radiation Society clearly pointed out that a single -diagnostic X -ray examination of the illumination dose does not reach the dose that can cause embryo or fetal damage.For pregnant women who have diagnostic needs, X -rays are not taboos.Therefore, a single diagnostic X -ray irradiation cannot be a reason for abortion.

As for the medication, the information provided by the FDA in the United States has classified pregnant women’s medication. Although it has now become an important reference for many obstetricians and gynecologists, it is still constantly being improved.Most of the relevant tips for pregnant women in the drug instructions are obtained through animal reproductive experiments without the control group of pregnant women.Pay attention to the interest and disadvantages of medication during pregnancy.In other words, you need to consider the benefits and risks of medication!If you receive drug treatment two weeks before pregnancy, you should still follow the principle of "full" or "no".Under this principle, unless there is a positive evidence of harmful embryo, the doctor will not clearly tell the consultant to "kill" the child.

Couples who treat infertility, please prepare before pregnancy

1. Persist in contraception

Although most of the treatment medicines for infertility are safe, it is best to insist on contraception during the treatment of doctors. When the doctor says that you can try the pregnancy, you can try it in time.Xiao Song’s unexpected pregnancy did not know.

2. Supplement folic acid in advance

Folic acid deficiency is not only the main cause of birth defects, but also related to pregnant women’s pregnancy hypertension, spontaneous abortion and delayed development of the fetus, premature birth, and low birth weight of newborn.More importantly, neural tube defects are few categories that are likely to prevent early prevention, extensive prenatal screening and diagnosis, and are trying to perform prenatal treatment defects.Therefore, it is important to supplement folic acid.Folic acid belongs to B vitamins, and the human body itself cannot synthesize.Although it can be obtained from food, relevant studies believe that there are not many folic acid that the human body can really get from food, and the demand for folic acid for pregnant women is 4 times higher than normal people. Therefore, it is recommended to supplement extra folic acid.

And because the nerve tube has basically formed one month after the last menstruation, and the environmental impact of the body in the body when the formation of nerve tube formation is very important.Therefore, it is not enough to start using folic acid after pregnancy, and folic acid should be supplemented in advance.

3. Quit smoking and drinking

Nicotine, carbon monoxide, lead and other harmful substances in smoke can easily damage the sperm cells in the testicles, causing male sperm to reduce, and sperm vitality decreases.Studies have found that if men smoke are higher than 20 daily, their sperm survival rates are less than 50 %, and the number of men’s daily smoking is proportional to the birth rate of prenatal mortality and congenital deformity.It has a greater impact on the mother. If there is a history of smoking, quit smoking as soon as possible.

4. Maintain a healthy diet and rest

In the first three months of pregnancy, we must first pay attention to diverse diet, strengthen reasonable nutrition, nourish the essence, and create good material conditions for men and women to generate good sperm and eggs.Secondly, try not to stay up late, quit smoking and wine, go to bed early and get up early.According to your own preferences, you can carry out necessary physical exercise according to local conditions. For example, if you jog in the morning, the husband and wife play badminton, take a walk in the evening, breathe fresh air, to enhance your physique, maintain and develop good living habits.

Because Xiao Song’s children were not easy to come, I told her the principle of "full" or "none", and I believe she would make a more favorable choice to her.

(Transfer from the public account: Pan Huizhen talked about the pregnancy of the PHZYISHENG Reproductive Center.

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