I was 3 months pregnant. After my husband died, my father -in -law proposed a crazy idea. I hesitated

She is a young and gentle woman named Zhang Yuqi.She is a kind and hard -working wife, and a pregnant woman with life.

However, the ruthlessness of fate brought a tragedy to her.

Zhang Yuqi’s husband, Li Ming died unfortunately in an unexpected accident, leaving her alone to face the loneliness and helplessness of her life.

Her world collapsed, and her heart was full of grief and confusion.

Just as she was desperate, the father -in -law suddenly appeared in her life.

The father -in -law told her that he hoped that she could marry Li Ming’s younger brother and gave birth to the child smoothly.

This proposal made Zhang Yuqi shocked and contradictory. She didn’t know how to face this sudden request.

Zhang Yuqi looked at the father -in -law with a stunned man, and his mind was chaotic.

She couldn’t understand the proposal, and her heart was full of contradictions and chaos.

Her eyes were moist, her lips trembled slightly, and she said difficultly: "Grandpa, I really don’t know what to do. I have not come out of the shadow of Li Ming. Now I have to face such a choice.I feel very confused. "

The father -in -law glanced at Zhang Yuqi deeply and sighed and said, "Yu Qi, I know this is a huge decision for you. But you have to understand that Li Ming is my son.Heart hurts. Now, if you have his child, I hope you can accept your younger brother and give your child a complete home. "

Zhang Yuqi’s heart is endlessly influx.

She understands the expectations of her father -in -law, but at the same time feel her inner struggle and confusion.

She said firmly: "Father -in -law, I understand the responsibility of the family, but I also have my own life and feelings. I can’t accept this proposal easily, especially when I have not been ready. I need time to think and decide to decide.","

There was a trace of disappointment on the father’s face, but he looked at Zhang Yuqi’s eyes deeply and said firmly: "Yu Qi, I understand your hesitation and confusion. I will not force you, but I hope you can consider it seriouslyThe importance of this decision. You are the hope of our family and the precious memory left by Li Ming. No matter what choices you make, we will respect and support you. "

Zhang Yuqi felt the affection and understanding of the father -in -law’s words. She knew that no matter what the choice was made, she would have a profound impact on herself and them.

She took a deep breath and said firmly: "Grandpa, I will think carefully and make the best decision to me and my children. Please give me some time."

The father -in -law nodded and left silently.

Zhang Yuqi stayed alone in the room and was chaotic.She understands that she is facing difficult choices, no matter what decision she makes, there will be sacrifice and consequences.

Her heart is full of contradictions and struggles.She realized that this was not only a consideration of herself, but also the future considerations of children.

Zhang Yuqi approached the window and stared at the scenery in the distance.There was a beautiful time that Li Ming’s smile appeared in her mind.

Recalling her heart like a tide, making her tears flow again.She knew that whether she chose to marry a little uncle or to raise her child alone meant that she had to face loneliness and challenges.

The child kicked in her belly, as if reminding her of the existence of her life.She stroked her belly and felt the warmth of her child.She understands that she has become the only support for this child, and she cannot make their future harm.

The thoughts gradually became clear, and Zhang Yuqi decided to stick to her heart.

She realized that marrying a little uncle was just because the family’s responsibility could not truly bring happiness.

She does not want to restrain her life under traditional and social pressure.She wants to fight for a happiness that really belongs to them and her children.

A few days later, Zhang Yuqi and her father -in -law sat together. She said firmly: "Father -in -law, I decided to raise the child alone after being thoughtful.Satisfaction and happiness. I will try my best to become a good mother and give my children a warm and happy home. "

The father -in -law looked at Zhang Yuqi’s firm eyes. Although he was disappointed, he also understood her decision.

He patted her shoulder gently and said gently: "Yu Qi, I respect your choice. You are a brave and strong girl, I believe you will bring happiness to your child.What difficulties and challenges do you face. "

Zhang Yuqi felt the support and understanding of her father -in -law, and she got a warm and courageous heart.

She knew that although she chose an unusual path, she was no longer afraid of loneliness and difficulties.She wants to use her strength and love to build a home that really belongs to them.

The child kicked gently in her belly, as if agreeing with her decision.She stroked her belly with a smile, and her heart was full of expectations and hope.Although she may be full of hardships and uncertainty in the future, she firmly believes that her love and motherly love will become the power of children.

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