I was 35 years old and accidentally found a picture of other women in my husband’s mobile phone.

In Lin Yue’s life, she specifically cherishes: her marriage, her career and her trust.However, in a sunny afternoon, the three were destroyed.This is the day she found her husband, the day of the woman’s pregnancy photo in Wei Fei’s mobile phone.

Lin Yue, a woman with a clear appearance and elegant temperament, has rolled in the design industry for more than ten years.Her profession is as clear as her name, the moon is clear, and at the same time, like her industry, she is full of unknown and changes.

She always handles each design case with a detailed attitude, and the same is true for her husband Wei Fei, although they have gone through ten years of marriage.

Lin Yue and Wei Fei met in college.Wei Fei’s first meeting of Lin Yue’s first meeting was still fresh. He was deeply attracted by her quietness and independence. Since then, they have become friends who have nothing to talk about.Joining monthly.

Lin Yue smiled and agreed, and they began a beautiful marriage life.

However, this afternoon sun stabbed her tranquility like a blade.When Lin Yue organized the room, she accidentally saw the mobile phone left on the sofa.

She wanted to remind him, but the flashing notification on the screen attracted her.It was a photo of a picture of a strange woman.

Lin Yue’s heart was frozen for an instant, her fingers slipped weakly, her cell phone fell to the ground, and a dull sound was made.She felt an indescribable tremor. She wanted to deny it, but the date and Wei Fei’s name in the photo were fiercely picked into her heart.

Lin Yue couldn’t understand why when she went all out to maintain their marriage, Wei Fei chose other women, and even worse, that woman was pregnant with his child.

She wants to find an explanation, she wants to understand, but every time she thinks, she just deepen her pain.

Lin Yue had no sleep all night, and she was immersed in doubt about marriage and pain in betrayal.The first ray of sunlight in the morning was shining into the bedroom. She sat up hard and faced the soul -lost self in the mirror.

She decided to talk to Wei Fei, although she was full of anger and pain.She needs to figure out all this, even if the truth is cruel, she can no longer live in a lie.

Wei Fei prepared breakfast in the kitchen, Lin Yue walked in quietly, and her face still had tears of last night, and her eyes revealed a trace of indifference.

"Good morning, dear, don’t you sleep?" Wei Fei turned around and saw Lin Yue’s face, his voice was worried.

"Don’t pretend!" Lin Yue’s voice was sharp with harsh, her fingers pointed at Wei Fei, "Can you explain what this is?" She threw the photos on the mobile phone on the table.

Wei Fei was stunned, his eyes quickly fell on the photo, and his face became pale.He tried to explain, but his words were knotted by his mouth.

"Lin Yue, listen to me explanation …" His voice trembled.

"Explanation? What do you have to explain?" Lin Yue’s voice was full of anger and disappointment, and she felt the abyss of the soul.

"I know this looks bad, but I swear, that woman is not I chose, we are just a momentary mistake!" Wei Fei tried to hold Lin Yue’s hand.

"Wrong?" Lin Yue smiled ridiculed, and she shook her head. "This is not a momentary mistake. Wei Fei, this is a betrayal."

Wei Fei’s eyes were full of regrets, and his hand was put down and hanging in his own side.

"I don’t know how to explain to you, but please believe me, my feelings for you have never changed, you are the most important person in my heart."

Lin Yue’s eyes were wet again, and her heart was full of contradictions.She loves Wei Fei, but the discovery made her trust completely collapse, and she suspected her choice and the meaning of marriage.

"We need time to calm down. I need to think about my own feelings and how to go in the future." Lin Yue finished speaking, turned away and left the kitchen, leaving Wei Fei standing alone.

Lin Yue walked into her studio. She closed her eyes and worked hard to calm her emotions.She knew that this was a difficult decision. She needed to face her heart and found the answer.She is no longer the woman who depends on her husband, and she is an independent and strong woman.

In the silent studio, Lin Yue sat quietly in the chair, looking at the distance blurred.

She knows that she will usher in the most important choice in life. No matter what the result, she must live for herself and regain her happiness.

Lin Yue decided to give herself for a while, thinking about her marriage and future alone.She rented a small house, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and looking for the calmness of her heart.

In that hut, she was immersed in her thinking.She remembered the ten years in the past and recalled the sweetness and bitterness they experienced together.

She remembered Wei Fei’s tenderness and love, but at the same time could not ignore his betrayal and harm to her.

One month passed, and Lin Yue gradually found the inner answer.She realized that she could not live in unbelievable and pain, and she needed to relieve herself and find her own happiness.

Back to the city, Lin Yue and Wei Fei sat face to face.Their eyes intersect, and each other’s emotions are intertwined in the air.

"Lin Yue, I know I made an irreversible mistake, but I really regret it. You are my favorite person, I am willing to change for you and build our marriage again." Wei Fei came with the voice of Wei Fei.Regret and sincerity.

Lin Yue was silent for a moment. She looked at Wei Fei’s eyes and saw his inner struggle and sincere apology.She shook her heart, but she knew that things could not be returned, and the pain between them could not be easily erased.

"Wei Fei, our marriage has broken. I can’t believe you anymore, nor can I endure such harm. I need to regain myself and build my life again." Lin Yue’s voice was firm and decided.

Wei Fei lowered his head and he knew he lost her.He felt deeply regret and blame, but he also understood that this was the consequence of his own choice.

"I understand your decision. I’m sorry for you, I’m sorry for our marriage. In any case, I wish you can find your own happiness." Wei Fei’s voice is full of sadness and regret.

They looked at each other silently, and they knew that the story had come to an end.They once loved each other and had good memories, but now they must move forward to find their own happiness.

Lin Yue started her life again. She turned the pain and betrayal of the past into her inner power, and she was determined to reshape her life.She pursued her dream and re -discovered her inner strength and independence.

This is an end and a new beginning.Lin Yue walked out of the shadow and entered the sun.She knows that no matter what the future, she will face it bravely and find her own happiness.

She learned to release the past, accept reality, and move forward.She picked up her courage again, moving towards a new journey of life, with her hopes and firm belief in the future.

Lin Yue, a woman who was betrayed, became a brave who was standing again.She showed her strength and unyielding to the world, and she inspired and inspired others with her own story.

In the torrent of life, people will suffer frustration and pain, but the key is how to deal with and transcend it.Lin Yue’s story taught us to bravely face the difficulties of life, and constantly pursue our own happiness and true meaning.

Her story tells us that even if we have experienced betrayal and pain, we can still reshape themselves and pursue the happiness that really belongs to themselves.At the turning point of each life, we can choose to start again and use firm beliefs and courage to create our own wonderful life.

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