I was blocked by my ex -husband at the door: Since I am pregnant, why divorce?Father go to the son to learn about it?

The picture comes from the Internet

Douyin live broadcast.

I knew my pregnancy by the whole network.

That night, I was blocked by my ex -husband at the door.

"Since I am pregnant, why should I divorce me?"

Father go to the son to learn about it?


I am an anchor, I am hot.

The reason was that in a live broadcast of three hours last night, I ran to the toilet more than ten times.

That’s right, this is pregnancy vomiting.

I am pregnant.

In fact, at the beginning, I didn’t plan to publish the news of my pregnancy.

But I couldn’t help but spit so many times, and the keen fans found the truth.

Watching the screen on the computer, I asked me if I was a pregnancy barrage.

I abandoned myself.

"Yes, I’m pregnant, just three months."

As soon as the words were finished, the live broadcast room was quiet for a moment.

Then -completely exploded.

I picked up the cup next to it and took a saliva, and calmly looked at the time in the lower right corner of the computer.


It happened to be sowing today’s duration task.

Looking slightly, I deliberately didn’t watch the barrage, only pretending to naturally say to the microphone: "Let’s get here today, good night,"

Then quickly broke the computer.

The moment I stopped the roar of the host, I finally couldn’t hold my breath.

Some headache rubbed the temples. I took out my mobile phone and transferred the calendar. I calculated how to broadcast it for fourteen hours on the last two days of this month.

If it wasn’t for the long time to deduct the contract, I could not afford the economic crisis at all.

I won’t endure the torture of pregnancy and start broadcasting.

Thinking of this, I couldn’t help but cursed two sentences that caused all these culprits-

My ex -husband, Zhou Qin.


A month ago, I just ended my two -year marriage.

The day when I got a divorce certificate, I checked my pregnancy.

I got the thin inspection form, and I almost laughed.

I have been with Zhou Qin for two years, and my stomach has no movement.

This is just one separate.

What about teasing me?

My first reaction was to give up the child in my stomach. I don’t want this child to become my burden.

However, when I really did the surgery, I regretted it.

I was reluctant to struggle, and I finally decided to leave my child.

I didn’t expect that the child did not deal with me so much.

From the eighth week of my pregnancy, pregnancy vomiting suddenly became very serious.

In the most exaggerated days, I stayed in the bathroom for more than ten hours a day.

I tried all kinds of methods and could not be relieved. In the end, I could only endure it. I just survived.

As a result, I did not broadcast my due length for more than half a month.bleak

I actually felt much before it started today.

Holding fluke in his heart, maybe you can broadcast it stable for three hours.

As a result, I knew that I had just found me a few minutes after the broadcast, and I found me again.

How dare I waste time, I can only endure myself at first.

Later, I couldn’t help it.

Anyway, the stomach will become more and more arduous. It is better to take advantage of this opportunity.

I did do this too.

After I scolded Zhou Qin, I sat for a while. After setting up the live broadcast plan of the Ming Dynasty, I washed and rest.

As a result, who thought of waking up the next day, I burst into fire online.


The traffic is inexplicable.

I went to the website hot list because of her pregnancy.

I was stunned as I looked at the number of fans who was crazy.

I gritted my teeth and thought of the benefits of these traffic, I endured discomfort and quickly prepared to start the live broadcast.

I have been broadcast from the day to night.

How many toilets did not count, but the number of viewers has been increasing.

When I ended up, I watched the backstage over several times more than usual, and my mood was complicated.

People now … how do you like to watch pregnancy vomiting?

I got up and planned to cook something for myself.

The doorbell sounded suddenly, and it looked particularly clear in the silent night.

I frowned, and many cases of "living women were killed" in my mind.

I swallowed nervously. I didn’t say anything, and walked carefully to the door, looking out from the cat’s eyes.


Zhou Qin?

I stunned God, Zhou Qin’s voice came from the door: "Ning Ning, open the door, I know you are at home."

I was scared by his words, and I opened the door subconsciously.

Outside the door, Zhou Qin’s tall figure stood straight.

He wore a decent suit, and looked at me with clear edges and corners, seemed to see just coming from the company.

I didn’t want to let him come in, after all, we have divorced.

Zhou Qin looked at me deeply, and the dark pupils suppressed faint anger.

He took a step forward calmly, and the magnetic hoarse sound slowly sounded:

"Since I am pregnant, why should I divorce me?"

My body was suddenly tight.

For a moment, many previous pictures flashed in the brain.

After a long while, I slowly relaxed.

With a little smile, I threw off Zhou Qin’s hand and looked up at him with a smile.

"It’s pregnant, you are useless. Father goes to stay, do you know?"


It turns out that the face can really be as dark as the bottom of the pan.

Look, this is his attitude towards me before divorce.

Who do you see if you look at it?

I am divorced now, I thought I would get used to you?

Close the door.

My mood was instantly comfortable, my head was not dizzy, and my stomach was not nauseous.

To say that this marriage is still late.


Two years ago, I should not agree.

At that time, Zhou Qin and I had never even seen each other, and they were self -consistent by the grandfather of both sides for life.

In my grandfather’s words, the character of the character is that the work is a bit busy.

I have read his photos.

The facial features are handsome, and the brows are clear.

The appearance is indeed my dish.

It wasn’t until the day of the engagement that the two of us met for the first time.

At the engagement banquet, we did not even have the most basic tacit understanding, and made a lot of jokes on the spot.

After marrying, he was busy until Shenlong saw his head.

Throwing my lonely in the big villa, although there are nanny care, I don’t always feel like a home.

Calm, quiet, lonely.

I originally planned to go out to work, but my mother -in -law said that marrying their Zhou family went out to work again. It was rumored that I thought that the Zhou family couldn’t even raise her daughter -in -law. Isn’t this a joke?

I looked up at Zhou Qin, and he put down the bowl in Sven.

The dark eyes are deep: "Isn’t the money I give you every month?"

It’s enough.

I just felt that I was trapped in a delicate castle after getting married, and suddenly cut off with the outside world.

Half a year passed, Zhou Qin’s enthusiasm for me seemed to be limited to the bedroom.

In the first year, my mother -in -law did not say that she would call me to discuss the child after two days.

My hands spread with both hands: "Zhou Qin is very busy, I can’t help it."

The Zhou family has her own enterprises, and Zhou Qin is too busy every day.

My mother -in -law hated iron and rejected: "He is your husband, can you still coax him?"

But even the in -laws can’t, what am I?

I called Zhou Qin with a scalp and asked him when he would come back.

This marriage is no longer away, and I have come to trouble.

Fortunately, Zhou Qin and I had no feelings. When he was divorced, although he was dumb and considered for two days before he agreed!

Leave good, leave freedom.

Leave the fairy alone.

But I have a lot of calculations, but I do n’t have to get pregnant.

In fact, my mother -in -law was anxious to have a child with Zhou Qin and took me to the hospital for examination.

I said, bringing Zhou Qin too.

My mother -in -law held her neck and cut off the iron: "I know my son, so he will not have a problem."

It’s my problem with my unhappiness!

After Zhou Qin knew this, he took the initiative to go to the hospital for examination.

As a result, the couple had no problems.

Only Grandpa Zhou, who always smiled when I saw me, said, "Children pay attention to fate, there is nothing bad for young people to pass one more world."

So, divorced, the fate of me and Zhou Qin arrived?


Early the next morning, the manager called me and asked me to go to the company.

I was stunned in my heart, and it must be that the live broadcast of the water was found in the past few days.

I stepped into the company with a stunned and complicated mood, and my stomach rolled terrible.

As soon as I walked into the office, 进——

The sound of ritual flowers.

"Congratulations to Sister Jianing!"

"Sister Ning, happy!"

The colleagues around me appeared to congratulate, and I was a little embarrassed.

"Tongxi and joy, congratulations on me?"

The manager looked at my eyes as if looking at the national treasure. First, I pulled the chair and asked me to sit down, and I took the water and took me to me.

I was stunned.

"Jia Ning, although there are only two days left this month, but you have stabilized the championship of the monthly clicks, and the other groups are thrown behind with three times the number of clicks."


To tell the truth, I feel like I am dreaming.

I have thought about the popularity, but I never thought so explosive!


"Of course it is true. We are the best!" The manager smiled and couldn’t lit.

The corner of my mouth was pumped, and I still remember that I was the last one last month.

His original words were: "Sun Jianing, you don’t work hard, even the live broadcast places will be kicked."

Alas, traffic is king.

I was so excited that I cleared my throat: "Manager, if I remember correctly, there is a reward in the first place?"


The manager is more excited than me: "Jianing, you can catch up with good times. This time the company decided to increase its strength rewards. In view of your special circumstances, the relevant departments have helped you make a plan.","


I remember that the number of fans and the number of live broadcasts reached a certain amount in the rules of employees, and the company would support the live broadcast of goods.

Of course, the commissions earned by live broadcasts are more than I do.

Before I spoke, the manager first solved my caregivers.

"Don’t worry, wait for a new round of investment, and immediately equip you with a nutritionist+luxury dormitory+assistant+salary to increase one dragon."

And this good thing?

"Manager, didn’t you draw a big cake for me?"

Manager: "… You see your number of fans, the increase of nearly one million within two days. As for the promotion of later promotion, it is not necessary to worry about it. I will arrange it properly without eating."

I only have silly music, all this is really dreaming.

"Well, this is your little assistant, you can hand it over to her."

The manager pushed a girl with a push to me.

"Hello, Sister Jianing, I am Yuanyuan, you can call me dumplings."

Yuanyuan is not very old, with joy, speaking is very numb.

I didn’t move much, so everyone moved all the information, and even the contract was explained to me.

Seeing that everyone is so good to me, I feel very guilty.

"That, I’m really sorry for everyone. I didn’t want to tell you about pregnancy. I didn’t want to get special care.

"But I am really underestimating the pregnancy back …"

Everyone can’t help laughing: "Jianing, are you out of the time?"

"Sister Jianing, it’s okay, we can all understand that when my sister was pregnant, the pregnancy reaction was very great!"

"Pregnancy is a good thing, you must not have a psychological burden."

"By the way, what about the child?"



Under everyone’s doubt and curious gaze, I slowly spoke: "We are divorced."

After a short silence, he scolded in a row.



"Ning Ning don’t be sad. Some men are alive, and you are dead when he is dead."

"That is, leave the dog man, you can support your children well, and you can become younger and become young!"


I want to explain, but these colleagues didn’t give me a chance to explain at all.

"Jianing, don’t find a reason for the man, a real good man, is there any willing to make your daughter -in -law hold a big belly? It is impossible to divorce you."

This is not unreasonable, I will no longer explain it.

The assistant said weakly: "Actually, the label of a single mother may be more attractive."


The manager clapped his hands and approved immediately.

I just don’t know why, the company did not use this as a gimmick.

I like to touch my flat belly, and my heart was joyful.

It seems that it was correct that the child was not destroyed at first.

After returning home, I saw Zhou Qin standing at the door with a briefcase bag, and the suit wearing it had no folds.

I often doubt, do you really look at your job like this!

"Why are you here again?" I said in a good way.

Zhou Qin looked up and down, and his brows were locked.

Conscientiously pretended to be a cardigan inadvertently, covering the umbilical umbilical outfit.

You know, although he was in a famous brand in the past two years, he stipulated that I could not wear short skirts and shorts.

Don’t think about it.

As for the real silk suspender pajama, he said that he could only wear it for him.

I worked twice, but the price was heavy.

I was so scared that I threw all the suspenders in the horn.

After the divorce, I started to let go of myself, who didn’t want to be a young and beautiful little fairy.

"So little, don’t be afraid of a cold?" He frowned.

I raised an eyebrow, my hand fork: "It’s hard to buy me!"

Zhou Qin took a step forward, and I immediately stepped back.

Keep your hands on your chest: "What do you want to do?"

Leaning on the cold wall on his back made me shock.

Zhou Qin was approaching me, holding the wall with one hand.

Where do you learn the niches?

His deep eyebrows and stiff nose, he looked at me with a smile.

"Nothing, I’m here to tell you, I moved to 302, you next door."

After speaking, people immediately pulled out.

I am still aggressive.

But Zhou Qin exudes a good atmosphere, and he could not help but have a very seductive eight -piece abdominal muscles.

It wasn’t until the sound of closing in the ear that I woke up.

I rubbed my face and scalded.

"You, you move to the next door!"

I shouted at the door and turned home angrily.

Why did he suddenly move to me next door?

Could it be that the recent work mobilization?

I thought about three seconds and planned to give up. Zhou Qin’s idea was never elusive.

I put the bag at home and went downstairs to buy a piece of Yangzhou fried rice. As a result, the elevator opened.

I seem to smell the fragrance of crab yellow.


I was doubting that I was pregnant when I was pregnant, and even my sense of smell became sensitive.

As a result, Zhou Qin!

He stood at the door with a steaming crab meat pot in his hand.


This seductive aroma, I swallowed.

Zhou Qin’s cold face hooked his lips: "Eat together?"

I glanced lightly, holding my arms with both hands.

"I am pregnant, I can’t eat it."

"Ask a doctor, you can eat it."

He opened the lid, and the fragrance of crab scent made me breathless!

Huang Chengcheng’s crab yellow, fat white and tender crab meat, it is delicious at a glance.

It must be made by Aunt Zhang, her craftsmanship said.

"I lost it without eating."

How much is lost!

The muffler in my belly was almost hooked, and I took it.

"Who said I don’t eat!"

I turned into the door with a bowl and put it carefully on the table, and I wanted to close the door not to let him enter!

But Zhou Qin was skillfully sitting opposite me.


It’s so tricky to hit the west.

I took a pair of chopsticks, and I was so happy.

Zhou Qin knocked on the table dissatisfied and frowned: "I’m hungry too."

I was too lazy to turn my eyelids: "Take chopsticks yourself!"

I really treat myself as an uncle.

This is my family, and I am not his nanny.

Zhou Qin looked at me to eat, and then asked the driver Xiao Wang to hand over three or four bags.

Looking at it, it is the same as I love to eat, especially the Buddha jumping the wall!

I thought for a while, and I still shouted every day a few days ago.

Happiness came too suddenly.

I slowly put down the chopsticks and carefully examined Zhou Qin.

The weasel worships the chicken -has no good intentions.

"You have a soft mouth, do you have another picture?"

Is it my pregnancy?He came to give me food?

No, how can he have such good intentions!

Thinking of this, the meal in front of me was suddenly fragrant.

The stomach turned over the river again, and hurried into the toilet, holding the toilet, wow.

Zhou Qin also followed, patting my back with one hand, holding warm water in one hand for me to rinse my mouth.


I vomited tears and snot, and I was so wronged.

"Of course not good."

Why do men easily save trouble, and our women have to bear the suffering of childbirth.

The more I want to get angry, "Do you come to see my joke?"

Zhou Qin sighed lightly and didn’t speak.

"Go out with your things! Zhou Qin, we have divorced!"

I reminded him that by the way, let him take away the food he sent away.

He was surprised: "You haven’t eaten it yet."

"I see you have a stomach!"

Pushing the person out of the push, the moment the door was closed, the ears were cleaned.

Next second: "Are you sure not to eat it?"

"Don’t eat or eat!"

There was no movement outside the door, and my heart began to be inexplicable.

It’s not pleasing to the eye, and it’s not right there.

After drinking some warm water, I remembered that the water was also falling before Zhou Qinlin.

It’s hard for him, and for a child, he can also pour water and pour me water.



I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night, I got up to order takeaway.

At two o’clock in the middle of the night, the takeaway knocked on the door.

Through the cat’s eyes, I dared to go out for a while, and I dared to go out.

As soon as the door opened, I was dumbfounded.

Zhou Qin was wearing the familiar blue real silk pajamas, which was slightly disappointed with index finger.

"You eat this?"

"Everyone can eat, why can’t I eat it?"

Zhou Qin glanced at my lower abdomen lightly: "The takeaway is not clean and there is no nutrition, let me do it for you."

After speaking, I saw that I spent fifty ordered takeaway flying out of a perfect arc, accurately falling in the trash can in the elevator entrance.

"Zhou Qin, you are crazy, that’s what I bought!"

"I do it for you again!" He sinking, and even prepared the ingredients.

But if you know him, he is the ten fingers without sticking to the spring water. Will he cook?

Half an hour later, a delicious and delicious melon mushroom soup, a plate of aroma.

Although it is not satisfactory, it is enough to fill the stomach.

Looking up, he happened to see Zhou Qin’s eyes scorching me.

I cleared my throat, righteous words: "Zhou Qin, we divorced! Father went to stay, I will never change my mind."

This time, Zhou Qin did not have a black face.

Instead, he smiled and changed the topic: "When will the birth check?"

Listen to him, I am happy.

The busy people still know the checkup.

The brain blurted out: "Why, can you go with me?"


Seeing him for granted, this is the moment I am dumb.

"No, Zhou Qin, have you didn’t pump your mind?"

He sighed and was helpless.

"Ning Ning, are you so big to me?"

"No, I feel it myself."

The marriage was not diligent, but the divorce was diligent.

Who is not thrilling?

Zhou Qin looked at me seriously: "Then you feel it again?"

I shrugged and said it didn’t matter.

After all, he is the child’s father, and I have not been ignorant enough to deprive a man’s responsibility and obligation that his father should do.

But I am more curious, how long can he pretend.

"This Friday, I will make time."

"Okay, I remember."

Zhou Qin sent me back to the next door and said good night before leaving.

Originally, I didn’t have hope about the inspection of me with me. I didn’t expect that he was really upset.

I asked me for dinner on Thursday night, reminding me that I could not eat after ten o’clock.

It seems that he has done his homework.

It has been 12 weeks.

The doctor said that he could set up a file. Zhou Qin took out his ID card, hukou book, marriage certificate, and divorce certificate from the briefcase he carried.


I was so embarrassed that I just wanted to find a ground seam.

What does the doctor explain? I nodded and looked at Zhou Qin very seriously.

At the end, the doctor couldn’t help but say, "If the relationship between the husband and wife is not broken, a complete family is beneficial to the growth of the child.

I blushed my face, supporting me.

Zhou Qin nodded again and again: "Thank you, the doctor’s suggestion will consider it carefully."

Back in the car, I reiterated with him again: "Zhou Qin, I will not change my mind."

While he was a seat belt, he answered softly: "Um."

This is almost the same.


Yuanyuan came to send me a product selection at 10 am. I got up early to clean up the live broadcast room.

Suddenly he heard a dispute at the door.

"Hey, what’s the matter with your little girl? I live in my daughter -in -law. Why can’t I go in and see her? I haven’t asked who you are?"

It’s my familiar voice.

"I’m sorry, my aunt, Sister Jianing didn’t say that someone would come in the morning. I can’t let you come in and disturb her rest."

"My daughter -in -law is called Sun Jianing. Isn’t it Sun Jianing here?"

"There are more people with the same name and surname, maybe my aunt recognizes the wrong person."

"Your little girl is quite unreasonable!"

I walked out of the room, and my former mother -in -law saw me as if I saw the savior.

"Ning Ning, Mom!"

The corner of my mouth was smoked, and it was her, and I frowned uncomfortably.

Why did she come?

With a while, she had run in front of me.

A circle around me.

"Ning Ning, you are too thin, so it’ s not good for the child. Mom let Zhang Zhang take care of you? "

It seems that she also knows about pregnancy.

I signaled Yuanyuan and asked her to return to the room first.

Turning my head carefully: "Sorry, I have divorced Zhou Qin. This child is alone. As for the problem of fat and thin, I think it is better to listen to a doctor."

The appearance of the mother -in -law changed, and her face collapsed instantly.

"Ning Ning, you are not too young, you should be sensible. You are divorced with Zhou Qin, but you are with the flesh of our Zhou family. Let me see you, shouldn’t you?"

Each of her words can always step on my minefield accurately, and I could bear it before.

But now it’s different, I can’t bear it.

"In the final analysis, you are like Zhou Qin, just look at me for your children, don’t you?"

The ex -mother -in -law stunned: "No, no, Zhou Qin went home and said that you were pregnant. I thought about your little girl’s house and never pregnant. I don’t know how fragile the pregnant woman in the first three months, so …… "

"So you are here to make me sensible?"

At this moment, the door bell sounded again.

It was Zhou Qin. He was still sweating on his nose, holding a lunch box in his hand.

"Mom, why are you here, don’t I let you don’t come?" Zhou Qin twisted his eyebrows and walked in front of me.

I don’t know why, there was a grievance in my heart, and the tears fell down!

Damn hormone!

He frowned, distressed and helpless.

He wiped my tears in a hurry: "What’s wrong? My mother said you?"

The former mother -in -law stepped forward, and seemed to be scared by me, and explained stuttering: "I, I haven’t bully her, but just say a few words, maybe I have a good tone, my son, you also know that I am so straightforward, But I also care about her … "

Zhou Qin sighed, and his tone was severe: "Mom, the child is me and Ning Ning, don’t come again in the future."

The former mother -in -law leaned his lips: "Am I not thinking about the children, for you? I …"

Zhou Qin frowned again.

The former mother -in -law didn’t say anymore, and finger at the senior bird’s nest at the door: "Ning Ning, remember to eat bird’s nest, I’ll go first."

There are a lot of gifts at the door, bird’s nest, supplements, fruits, and the latest big -name bags and clothes.

I know she sees that I am out of good intentions, but it is more because of the child in the belly.

Isn’t Zhou Qin who came here?

These complicated feelings are in the throat, like a fishbone deep in the flesh.

It hurts.


"I will communicate with her in the future and ask your opinions before you come."

Zhou Qin wiped my tears with a paper towel, held me in my arms, and soothed softly.

When I calmed down, I was ashamed and angry.

The shame is that I am very greedy for his embrace, and I am angry that I am not angry.

How can he be embraced because of his three words!

I wiped my tears: "I’m sorry, it’s easy to get lost during pregnancy, I’m fine, you go."

Zhou Qin pursed his lips: "It’s really okay?"

"It’s okay, I don’t need to manage it now, I don’t need to control it in the future. After divorce, I don’t want to see you at all."

I am afraid that he will stay again, and I will have a sense of dependence.

When Zhou Qin saw me resolute, Jun’s face was a little lonely, but he chose to respect that I left first.

I know that pride is like Zhou Qin, and it will definitely not appear again.


Organize a good mood, and I will choose the products with Yuanyuan together and communicate with the manager online.

What surprised me even more was that the smiley faces of leaders appeared in the video conference.

You must know that a small anchor like us meets, and the leaders will not care at all.

What’s even more strange is that the leaders are concerned about my body throughout the whole process, and it does not seem to care about live sales.

"Jianing, you remember that your body is tight. If you feel tired and sleepy, you will be broadcast. Three meals a day will be matched according to a nutritionist. You must take your body to recuperate and consider the live broadcast. Do not support it!"

Fairy leader!

However, I have a clear understanding of myself.

No matter how polite the leader is, it is superficial kung fu.

As an employee, if I do not reflect my value, I will soon be replaced by this position.

I was so "caring" by the leader, and I didn’t dare to neglect.

Take notes seriously, choose the brand seriously, treat the fans as the family …

The live broadcast career is in full swing.

Recently, I have been busy with work. It was not until I reminded me that I did not see Zhou Qin for half a month.

This is normal.

I think she looks different, and she wants to speak.

"What’s wrong?"

Yuan Yuan bit his lips: "Sister, I still tell you, so as not to be deceived by him!"

Speaking, she handed me the phone.

An entertainment gossip.

I picked up my phone, the more I looked down, the more I couldn’t laugh.

In the entertainment industry, I have never paid attention to chasing stars.

As for the female star in this picture, she has never seen it. The gossip media said she was a giant.

The assets of the family have exceeded 10 billion yuan, and the entertainment industry is just a joy.

Recently, the actress Hong Yan star moved, and was revealed to be engaged.

The fiance is Zhou Qin.

I see!

No wonder I couldn’t see Zhou Qin in half a month, and it turned out to be with the beauty.

The two golden children and jade girls have the same family.

It is not impossible for a strong union.

At the beginning, after I got married with Zhou Qin, most of the relatives of the Zhou family were derogatory and derogatory, and lamented how Zhou Qin married me.

It is no wonder that after marriage, Zhou Qin is not cold or hot, and often does not see people when he needs him.

Thinking of this, I stretched my face and pumped my lips.

"Sister Ning, I’m sorry, it’s all I’m not good, I shouldn’t show you this."

"No, you tell me it is correct. Yuanyuan, thank you, thank you for letting me see him again."

Zhou Qin, Zhou Qin, you play well.

Stopping here, I want the child in my stomach.

There was a flying with female stars over there.

My Sun Jianing is really blinding the dog’s eyes in this life, so I think you are pretty good.

Yuanyuan saw that my mood was not very good, and carefully suggested: "Sister Ning, don’t broadcast it today?"

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