I went to work and found that female colleagues resigned during pregnancy. After asking the leader, I found that the reason was because of me


Today, when I went to work in the company to work, I found that the female colleague sitting opposite resigned because of pregnancy. I asked the leader: "How many months are it?" The leader replied: "It is more than three months." I think it’s strange, and againAsk the leader: "As for the resignation so early? It was only three months." The leader looked at me and said, "She said that she was afraid of watching you every day, and the child was ugly!" I …


The beautiful girlfriend just called me, and my husband asked me what to talk about at this time.I said, "Her husband has been married for more than two years. I have been very bad for more than two years. I want to divorce and feel sorry for her own children. I do n’t have to divorce.After a tone, he said: "Well, it is more troublesome to look beautiful, unlike you, there will be no more troubles at all!" I …


The ex -girlfriend opened the noodle restaurant, and I remembered that we used to go in to eat a bowl of beef noodles.After paying the money, she said she refused to collect anything, so I put the money on the table and walked away. As soon as I stepped out, I saw the chase and stuffed the money back to my pocket.I told her: "It’s not easy for you to do business. How can I come to eat again in the future." The ex -girlfriend said: "I don’t collect your money, just let you not come again!"


Go shopping with my mother and meet the aunt in the same community. The aunt praised me: "It’s better to be a daughter, just like a small cotton jacket. My mother looked at me and said," It’s right, but it feels like it looks likeIt’s black!"I……


A few days ago, he quarreled with his wife and ignored anyone, so he fell asleep with his wife.My wife suddenly said to me this morning, "Husband, I want to travel." I asked her where I wanted to travel. As a result, my wife’s wife actually said, "Husband, I want to be a day trip!"


A patient went to see the doctor. After the diagnosis of the doctor, he told the patient to have liver cirrhosis. The patient was helpless and then angry, and said angrily in his fist.


The goose hair was snowing under the sky this morning, and everyone was late at work.I said to everyone: "I dreamed last night, dreaming that it will snow this morning, today it really goes!" The manager said, "You know you want to fall in snow, why don’t you come earlier? Only you are late today!" I … I … I …


One day, Xiao Li in the office bragged with everyone, "Men, you should make a few more girlfriends, because you can learn a lot of things from them, for example, I taught me to cook for me. This girlfriend taught me meWashing clothes. "As a result, a colleague replied:" The next girlfriend will teach you to wear a hat! "


My wife had to deduct my pocket money again. A few months ago, I said that I would give me 500 every month. As a result, she wanted to buy clothes this month. As soon as she waved, she said that she would deduct 300 yuan.I asked her and said, "Just pay for this money, have you considered my feelings?" Then I said: "I have considered it, I am afraid that you will not be able to adapt for a month, so you will deduct you in the next month.! "I was speechless.

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