I will be abortion for the first time.

Nowadays, young people’s thoughts are relatively open, and cohabitation before marriage has become particularly common, so it is inevitable that some pre -marital pregnancy will occur.However, some couples are not ready to be children. In this case, they will choose to be abortion. Howeverseveral aspects.

1. Can’t get pregnant within half a year

Flowing surgery will cause women’s body to be very serious trauma. Normally, after the abortion of women, it takes half a year to restore her body to get pregnant again.If you can’t accept this prerequisite, or if you are not ready, you must consider it carefully when you are abortion, otherwise the last injury will be your body.

2. It is easy to cause fetal difficulty

The first time I am pregnant, the damage to women’s uterus and other organs is very great.If you do n’t pay attention to rest and recuperation after experiencing abortion surgery, you will aggravate the trauma of the uterus, causing you to have a miscarriage because of some small things every time in the future. If you want a child, it will become very difficult.Therefore, women must protect themselves well and not to hurt themselves, so as not to cause habitual abortion in the future.

3. I may not be pregnant in the future

Women’s first pregnancy will not only hurt the uterus, but also leave themselves some sequelae, which will cause themselves to be unable to conceive their children anymore.Therefore, if women are pregnant by accident, they must be very cautious when considering the issue of miscarriage. If you have to do a flow of people, go to a regular hospital to do it. Do not choose a small clinic without a business license to avoid giving yourself yourself.The body causes unnecessary damage.

4. It is easy to suffer from various gynecological diseases

For the first time of pregnancy, it is not only easy to cause female private parts, but also prone to various gynecological diseases.In addition, after some women have experienced abortion surgery, their physique will be affected to some extent, so that she will not only have symptoms of irregular menstruation, but also some complications.

5. Grancoloa

After experiencing abortion surgery, the hormone secretion in women’s body will also be affected to some extent, which will cause her endocrine disorders.In this case, women’s temper will become very irritable, and emotional will become particularly depressed and low.

After the abortion surgery, women’s body will be weak. At this time, we must pay attention to taking care of themselves and reduce all kinds of damage to the minimum.

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