If my husband is pregnant one day, this scene is a bit sour …

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Being pregnant and giving birth to a baby, every woman is undergoing this huge pressure, but men do not understand the pressure of women?Sometimes helping moms are thinking, what would be a scene if this man in this world is responsible for giving birth to a baby?

Many netizens answered: If men can really get pregnant, most of the wives will definitely let him go smoothly and then, hahahahahaha, help your mother think so, so as not to let those men taste the pain of those producing =, how can he?Can speak lightly

"Just have a child, which woman hasn’t experienced it?" Especially those who do not pay enough attention to their wives and children have to let him experience it in person.Some men do n’t care about women ’s having children. They come from the concept of subconscious: This is a woman’ s duty, and every woman has to experience it, because the public is so, and it is very common.A variety show "Happiness Triple" Jiang Qinqin and Chen Jianbin couple

Although the relationship between Jiang Qinqin and Chen Jianbin in the show made many netizens look like a middle -aged couple getting along like their neighbors, but helping her mother looks a little angry, Jiang Qinqin still insists on doing her belly with her big belly.Dinner, cleaned the house, but Chen Jianbin, who was holding a big belly, was lying leisurely on the bed. In a episode, Jiang Qinqin was also urged by Mr. Chen because he was going to go out to play for a little late.

The mothers during pregnancy are emotionally unstable. As a prospective father, in addition to more care and love for mothers than usual, they must also pay more attention to the changes in the mood of the mother.It is a woman’s duty. In the next few episodes, Teacher Jiang took Mr. Chen to experience the pain level of pregnant women to have children, and Mr. Chen could not be painted in the second pain. You must know that women have children in the twelve levels.It is conceivable how sad my mother will suffer.

I have n’t experienced it and I really have no qualifications. Although it is painful and happy, the joy and tears when the expectant mother watched her baby coming out of the belly.Men, when their wife yelled in pain in pain, scolded his wife: What did you do so loudly?No other children are as exaggerated as you. Can’t you stand it?…. He was driven away by the doctor without saying anything. The doctor was afraid that he would say that it would affect the maternal emotion, and he couldn’t see the man who did not pity his wife.Experience how hard women are pregnant, so hard, just think about it!

During the pregnancy, the father of Bao was always greater than most. Watching the pregnant mothers eat light rice, I do n’t know to comfort it. What if Bao Dad is pregnant?At this time, Bao Ma should say one sentence: On the corner to the bathroom, vomit enough and come out to eat these light vegetables!

If you change to a man to get pregnant, you must have the thought of the mother -in -law’s flower. After all, the son and the grandson are also the two treasures.Therefore, the daily energy is basically on the son. It is either a big fish or a big meat. I want to rest if I finish it. It is estimated that Bao dad will collapse.

Before, expectant mothers asked Bao Dad to accompany themselves to go to the delivery inspection. Some Bao dads were reluctant. Now it is the pregnant father’s turn, and she has to be coquettish with her wife and want her to accompany them!

When the friends of the Bao dad came to play before, several people were either walking or drinking. Now the Bao dad who is pregnant is different.Smoke addiction, it would be bad to hurt himself.

Pregnant mothers will be excitedly shared with Bao Dad when fetal movement, and also shouted: Look at it, and your son began to move again. Your son is naughty again. Sometimes Bao dads still think that Bao Ma is arrogant.Pregnant dads, but the treasures are not surprised.

Yishu once described the pregnant woman "entered a narrow small world, and the two lives of the golden hook mother and baby lived. He was hanging in his heart, just that little thing, what he said in his mouth, that is, the little guy, the villain occupiedAfter her left and right time and love, she had no time to pay attention to the sunset of the sun and sunset, and only sneaked between feeding and feeding. "

Qiao Zhenyu once said in the first issue of "The Story of Qi Qi", please say: Do you think you are not a single mother when you get married? Women have to provoke men to educate their children and do not fulfill their responsibilities.

Although it is suspicious of women, it is also true.

It is also a person’s own show. A father is "Where is Dad?", The mother -oriented is called "Mom is a Superman", and the name of the show reflects the division of labor of men and women in educating their children.

Helping mothers think that as women’s groups need more care of men, especially mothers in special periods, they need to be more than the patience and care from the pregnant father and family, so as to better spend this special period.

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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