If one of the husband and wife is an O blood, what are the characteristics of the child born?Suggest

As the saying goes, Long Shenglong, Feng Shengfeng, means that hereditary is a common phenomenon in nature, and the gene is particularly subtle, which can be passed to the offspring by reproductive.

In fact, some of the characteristics of parents will be inherited to the next generation, and the blood type is the same, and there are four common blood types, which are type A blood, B blood, type O blood, AB blood.

In fact, the advantages and disadvantages of each blood type are different, and the blood type of each person is determined by the genetic genes of the parents. For couples, if one person is O blood, what are the characteristics of the child?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of type O blood?


For people with type O blood, red blood cells are not easy to be gathered by the serum of other three blood types, and generally do not occur, so type O blood is also called universal blood type.Has a small amount of bleeding.


However, people with type O blood can only accept blood transfusion of type O blood. Other blood types cannot be transfused. If the mother is O -type blood, the baby’s blood type is type A or B blood, which will cause newborn hemolysis.The emergence.

This situation usually occurs in the first child. Although the mother has received the external antibody before pregnancy, the fetus does not exist in the fetus.

In fact, the blood type is determined by genetic factors, and there is no need to worry about hemolysis when blood transfusion, because detailed testing will be performed before blood transfusion.

For women with type O blood, there is no need to worry about the problem of hemolysis in the baby, because the current medical technology is very developed. Through various production examinations, congenital diseases can be excluded and the emergence of hemolysis can also be interfered.


If one of the husband and wife is an O blood, what are the characteristics of the child born?Suggest

O -type blood+A type blood

If one of the husband and wife is a type A blood and one is the type O blood, the general child is a type A blood or O blood.

After birth, this kind of child may make people feel particularly dazzling, especially at work, and is easily appreciated and valued by leaders.

O -type blood+B blood

For people with type B blood, they have a particularly cheerful and optimistic personality. If one person is B -type Blood, one is the blood of type O, and the blood type of the baby is the blood type O blood and B blood.

Generally, such children are particularly curious and have a stronger self -ability. They especially like to explore the surrounding world, and they have certain subjective initiative, and have a particularly straightforward and frank personality.

O -type blood+O -type blood

If both the husband and wife are O -type blood, the child must be O -type blood after the birth of the child.Gene is also hidden, so it is O blood.

For children with type O blood, general thinking is relatively agile, and they will achieve some achievements at work, and their vitality is particularly strong, so they will play a great role in work.

O -type blood+AB blood

One of the parents of both parents is AB blood, and one person is type O blood, and the child’s blood type may be type A blood or type B blood. Generally, the characteristics of multiple blood types will be inherited. EQ and IQ are relatively high.The ability is also agile.


What should the couple pay attention to the pregnancy?

Do a good job of the physical examination of both parties

During the pregnancy, the couple should pay attention to the physical examination, and they can also find whether there are certain genetic diseases in the body, especially infertility, and can also be screened in time through the physical examination.

Do a good job of physical exercise

During pregnancy, exercise and exercise should also be strengthened, which can improve physical fitness, and can also maintain an optimistic mentality through exercise. It is also helpful for preparation.

Improve diet

Diet also has a very important role in preparation, so you should avoid overeating, irregular diet, etc. You should pay attention to supplementing protein or vitamins, eating more vegetables or fruits.

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