If the bichon has these 10 performances, it means that the belly is covered with insects, and the pet owner should not care about it.

In the process of breeding bishes, Belle bears will inevitably be infected by parasites.Do you know what will be infected with parasitic infection with Bear?Today, let’s talk about the manifestation of insects in the belly of the bear!

It is normal for Bidai to have vomiting. After all, it is weaker than the stomach of the bear, but if your family vomits severe vomiting and vomits many times in a short time, the pet owner should pay attention to it, indicating that there is insects in the body.

If you have abnormal stools in your family, such as blood, black, and even accompanied by rotten smell, it means that Bie Bear has been infected with parasites.

If you have an abnormal appetite in your family, that is, greedy and differentiated, it means that the Bichon’s belly has been climbed with insects.This is the case because the insect body becomes a tube of the bears.

It is inevitable that Bido is sick, and some fever and cough are usually normal.But if your family is frequent and cough, you must pay attention, it means that there are many parasites in the bear body, so this happens.

The proportion of the bear’s body is very coordinated and looks very harmonious.So if you find that the abdomen of the bear suddenly becomes larger, of course, the possibility of pregnancy is excluded, it means that the Bichon’s belly has been occupied by parasitic insects.

If Big Bear can eat and sleep, but the body is obviously thinner, it is also a manifestation of parasitic infection in the bear body.Because the parasites are infected in the body, and the nutrition is absorbed by the parasites, the Bear will gradually become thinner.

The pet owner can also observe the gums and eyelids of Belle. If the gums and eyelids of the bichon bear become pale, it is also a sign of the parasitic infection with a bear.

When it comes to the manifestation of blood and black, it is the manifestation of the parasite. In fact, except for these, if the bears do not take shape, such as dilute, it may also be that the parasite infected with a bear.

If there is a bug in your vomit in your family, there is no doubt that the Bido bear is already full of insects at this time.In this case, most of the consequences of biknia were infected by tapeworms.

If your family often has diarrhea and even severe hemorrhagic diarrhea, it means that Bie Bear has infected with parasites, and it is likely to be infected with dog bow -shaped worms. This is a fatal parasite.Essence

How to prevent bikon infection with bugs?

1. Usually pay attention to cleaning and hygiene, and bring less than the bikong to the places where there are more parasites, such as grassland, woods, etc., to eliminate the source of the infection from the root cause;

2. It is necessary to regularly help the bear to drive insects. It is best to be once in March in the body, and the best in vitro is once every January.After each deworming, feed some probiotics to the bear to help regulate the gastrointestinal and intestines;

3. Do not eat raw meat for Belle bears. The staple food should be based on dog food. Try to choose light and low salt, and dog food containing probiotic bacteria can slow down hair and enhance immunity.Occasionally with some fruits and vegetables, nutrition is more comprehensive.

Conclusion: How long do you drive a Bear for a bug?

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