If the pregnant mother does not have these four feelings, it means that the amount of amniotic fluid is "sufficient", which is more conducive to fetal health.

Girlfriends have been pregnant for more than eight months. Since the pregnancy, the baby in the girlfriend’s belly is protected. The girlfriend heard that he listened to more music during pregnancy and is good for the development of the fetus. Therefore, after the evening, he will harmonizeThe baby is listening to some soothing music.The baby will also interact with the music and mother, but in recent days, the girlfriend found that the baby’s fetal movement has been significantly reduced. At the beginning, he thought it was too tired during the day.But after a few days, such symptoms have not improved.Therefore, he went to the hospital for inspection. The results of the examination showed that there were a little amniotic fluid in girlfriends. The doctor told him to eat more foods that help to replenish amniotic fluid after returning home, and drink plenty of water to help the amniotic fluid can help the amniotic fluid.increase!

1. When stimulated, it is more prone to contraction. If the amount of amniotic fluid in the mother’s belly is sufficient, it is more conducive to the development of the baby, but if the amount of amniotic fluid in the pregnant mother becomes less, the uterus will become very sensitive. When the uterus is stimulated by the outside world, the uterus is stimulated by the outside world.It is easy to appear with time, and if the amount of amniotic fluid is relatively small, it is also easy to cause the baby to be hypoxic in the uterus. If the baby is hypoxic, it will inevitably affect your healthy development. ThereforeI have to go to the hospital in time for examination!

2. When the fetal movement, I feel that the abdominal pain is in the middle of pregnancy. The baby’s development is relatively large, but at this time, many new mothers like to touch their sports and the baby’s speech gently, and the baby can hear the mother’s voice.Usually, the baby’s fetal movement does not cause the mother’s abdominal discomfort, but if the amount of amniotic fluid of the pregnant mother is relatively small, the abdominal pain may occur when the fetal movement.Therefore, if pregnant mothers have abdominal pain, they must go to the hospital for examination in time to see if the amount of amniotic fluid has become less.

3. I believe that when many new mothers do the B -ultrasound for the first time, many new mothers will be very excited and happy to hear the baby’s heartbeat. If the amount of amniotic fluid during pregnancy becomes lessThe impact may cause the baby’s fetal heart rate to accelerate.Not only that, the abdominal circumference of mothers with too little amniotic fluid will be relatively small. If the pregnant mother finds that her abdomen is relatively small or the growth is slow, then consider whether the amount of amniotic fluid is insufficient.

4. The number of fetal movements significantly reduces the number of fetal babies in life. Through cheerful fetal movements, it will pass the signal of very healthy development to the mother. When your mother receives this signal of the baby, it will also feel more at ease. If the baby suddenly has a while, the babyThe number of fetal movements becomes less, then it will be paid attention to, and it will have a certain relationship with the less than the increase in amniotic fluid. Then at this time, it is best to go to the hospital for a detailed examination to see what the baby’s fetal movement is reduced.

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