If the woman’s body appears these "abnormalities", it may be pregnant, don’t think it’s sick

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The great event in life is also a thing that can be encountered.Some people have worked hard for many years, but their stomachs still have no movement, and some people may have never thought about children, but they are recruited.So in the face of such an uncertain thing, many people will have the emergence of "pregnancy without knowing" and make various oolongs.

"Husband, I seem to be sick, what should I do? And I seem to have a serious illness." Just when the two had dinner, Xiaomei spit out this sentence.Xiaomei’s words directly scared her husband: "What the hell is going on, what are you sick? Why are you so serious!"

"Hey, I don’t know what’s going on, it seems that there is no problem with my body, but it seems that I am not right anymore. Not only is my body weak, I also want to sleep every day, my head is also drowsy, I feel uncomfortable. You say you sayI have any terminally ill? "

When he heard his wife’s words, the husband was also very worried that after dinner, the two drove directly to the hospital.After the inspection, the doctor came over with a smile: "Congratulations, you are pregnant, the children have been pregnant for a month!" Hearing this, the couple were embarrassed.Uncomfortable is caused by pregnancy.

In the second year of the two of them, they have never deliberately asked their children, and they always have a kind of follow -up mentality, but they did not expect that the child had come to this suddenly, and even the two waited silly for a month.have no idea.For a while, the couple also smiled and discussed how to raise their fetus when they went home.

There will be a signal of the baby’s advent in the early pregnancy. It is a signal that the baby can send is unique, telling parents that my arrival.

1. The phenomenon of nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite

If women have nausea and vomiting or loss of appetite, it is likely to be pregnant.Many people may think of their stomach problems as soon as possible, but this is likely to be a manifestation of pregnancy vomiting. Once this happens, try to detect it as much as possible.

2. The phenomenon of lack of energy and frequent drowsiness

The phenomenon of inexplicable energy and frequent drowsiness, it is likely to marked my pregnancy.After the fertilized egg is successful in women’s body, it directly leads to changes in hormone secretion in women’s body, and even affects women’s energy and schedule. Therefore, the phenomenon of frequent energy and drowsiness is likely to be pregnant.

3. The phenomenon of lack of physical strength and often exhausting

In addition, when women have lack of physical strength or often exhausting, they are also likely to be a sign of pregnancy.Medical research shows that in the first few weeks of pregnancy, most of the mothers will have a laziness and weakness. There is always a sense of fatigue lingering around her, and even the body will secrete a hormone -like hormone -like hormone.So there is insufficient physical strength, or often feel tired, think about whether you are pregnant.

4. The phenomenon of delaying menstruation or amenorrhea

One of the most obvious signs of pregnancy is about changes in menstruation. Women have delayed menstruation or direct amenorrhea, then ten or nine is pregnancy.As we all know, women do not have a physiological cycle during pregnancy, so after seven days of menstrual period, it is likely to mean that they are pregnant. We must specifically detect it.

5. The phenomenon of chest tenderness and even bigger

When a woman’s chest is painful, and even the phenomenon of becoming larger, it is likely to be a growth of pregnancy.Women have no breast milk secretion at all during pregnancy.

But once you are pregnant, a certain change in women’s breasts will also change to pave the way for future milk secretion.There will even be hardened, swelling and pain, etc., don’t worry about in the face of this situation, it is likely that you are pregnant.

Know every small sign of pregnancy in advance. Do not have a situation that you are pregnant, but still stupid.

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