If there is a life, I don’t want to marry my current spouse

My husband made me very painful because of the character that the native family and the selfishness engraved in my bones.Some people may say that since it is so painful, why should you marry him?I want to say that when I was in love, my husband in my eyes was handsome and handsome, and his smile was particularly charming.When I retired, the persuasion of the family made our authorities fascinated and considered incomplete.

I remember when they were in love, because they were long -distance love, they often took turns to meet each other’s city.Whenever he comes to my city, I always ask the time to arrive in advance, and then go to the subway station to wait for him.And when I went to the city where he went to work, I was basically waiting for him.

Every time I go to him, after I got off work at 5:30 pm on Friday, took the subway to the station to take a bus at about 6:30, and the journey took about two and a half minutes.Why is it a bus?Because 9 years ago, the online ride -hailing and ride -band car did not have a large scale.

There are multiple get off the car on the way to get off at the station.Every time I get off at the nearest to get off the bus, but the place to get off the car is relatively remote, there is only one bus platform.I remember twice, it was more than 9 o’clock in the evening in winter, and I was in the cold wind for more than half an hour.At that time he always said me, why every time I saw him, I pulled my face.I said, then why do you wait for so long every time?

There are many things similar to such things, such as no opinion in life, and often ask me what to do when there is anything.After getting married, I knew it was the influence of the native family on him. Everything about his parents had helped him to deal with it.Education and emotional quotient are not high, and sometimes I feel very difficult to chat with him.

So that I was hesitant when two discussing marriage days.Let me tell him the days of getting married, and both sides think about it.At this time, he didn’t ask me why I made such a decision, but told me that their family had notified all relatives, and it was not easy to change time.

I told my father about my hesitation. Dad told me at that time that my husband was an honest person, and he was in the same town. I was close to my mother’s house.He won’t be those who are a whisty.The key is that he is still willing to listen to my opinions, and will not be masculine. In the future, I must be the master at home.No one is perfect, don’t ask too high.

So we got married at the end of 15 years.

When I went back to the door, I had to live in my mother’s house for one night, and my husband could not live in my mother’s house. He came to pick me up early the next morning.Back to the house, the name is given to the new guest.

On the night when we returned the door, we quarreled on the phone. He said that he would not pick me up the next day, and let my cousin and cousin send me back.I am also a person who has a temper. When I hear him, I said, you can not pick me up, but I will not go back tomorrow, and I will continue to live in my mother’s house.Later, my mother answered the phone and talked to him for a long time, and he came to pick me up the next morning.

He came to pick me up in a motorcycle, and the husband’s family was not very rich.I spent more than 100,000 houses in the town. The decoration relatives helped some. The furniture was mostly aunt and my brother -in -law. The only transportation at home was this motorcycle.After getting married, he told me that buying a house and decoration at home owed 110,000.

On the way to pick me back, I asked him why he couldn’t pick me up?He said so early, have you ever thought about how cold I was riding a motorcycle.I said why do you want to get married?Do you only consider your own?

In 2017, my daughter was born.At that time, he stayed at home for nearly two months. It was not to take care of my confinement, but to start a business.In those two months, he was sleeping in the next room, and he was either playing games or sleeping at home.

When I first gave birth to a child, my mother -in -law said that she was sleeping with me at night. The man would not take care of the child, so he fell asleep in the room next door.And I had no experience at the time. After giving birth to a child, I was weaker, and I didn’t have much ideas. How did they arrange me to accept.

The only time the gentleman took care of me and my daughter, because my mother -in -law was too tired and asked him to replace it.That night, he left our mother and daughter at more than five in the morning and ran to the next room to sleep. He said he was too sleepy.Because her daughter was black and white, she kept crying at night, and this situation continued until more than three months.

His inaction, he asked his mother to help him fulfill the responsibility of his father and husband, which made me very cold. The woman in the confinement was more sensitive, so I was depressed.At that time, I didn’t know that I was depressed. Whenever I was crying in the room alone, I cried my daughter, and I would collapse. Not only did I have a tendency to self -harm, but I also started my daughter who was born.Later, I thought of the act of confinement, and I was determined that I had depression.

Life is always a feathers, and Mr. is not a good place to do it, but he just wants too much.Later, my girlfriend told me that he must learn to love yourself first and then love others.Do not pin it on others what you want, and work hard to get it yourself.

If there is a life, I don’t want to marry my current spouse, what about you?

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