If these 6 kinds of pain occur during pregnancy, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much

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After pregnancy, in addition to the various pregnancy reactions that will occur during pregnancy, pregnant mothers also have to face physical pain. These pains are medical pain in pregnancy.Among them, some parts of pain are normal reactions during pregnancy, so pregnant mothers encounter these pains during pregnancy. Don’t worry too much:

Early pregnancy:

1. Abdominal pain

In the early pregnancy, because the embryo grows and develops, the uterus will increase, causing the movement and contraction of the uterine wall. At this time, the pregnant mother will feel that the lower abdomen has slight spasm and soreness.It should be noted here that if sudden abdominal pain occurs within 3 months of pregnancy, and with irregular bleeding, at this time, be alert to whether ectopic pregnancy and hydatidal tires, be sure to go to the hospital as soon as possible as soon as possibleInspection.

2. chest pain

After pregnancy, the secretion of estrogen, progesterone, etc. in pregnant mothers will increase, and then stimulate the expansion and development of the breast ducts, and then breast tenderness and secondary development will occur.Breast swelling and pain are actually normal reactions during pregnancy.These should be that mothers are preparing for children in the future, so pregnant mothers need not worry.However, if you clean your breasts during this period, you must be careful, just wipe it gently with a hot towel.

In the middle of pregnancy:

1. Call cramps

During this period, the fetal development will be very fast, so the demand for calcium is also very large. If the pregnant mothers do not consume enough calcium at this time, the teeth will be loose and calf cramps.Therefore, it is best for pregnant mothers to supplement calcium according to the advice of the doctor, eat more foods with more calcium content like shrimp skin, soybeans, etc., or go out to expose the sun.The body absorbs calcium.

2. Back pain

In the second trimester, the fetus develops rapidly. At this time, the amount of amniotic fluid will increase. These will be concentrated in the abdomen of the pregnant mothers, and the physical center of gravity of the pregnant mothers will move forward.At this time, in order to maintain their body balance, pregnant mothers will unconsciously hold back their abdomen forward, and their entire body moves back. In this way, the muscles on the back will be prone to back pain in a tight state for a long time.

Late pregnancy:

1. Pelvic pain

After pregnancy, in order to allow the baby to go through the pelvis smoothly, the pregnant mother’s body will produce a relaxation hormone, which can soften the ligament in the pelvis, so the pregnant mothers will have pelvic pain when walking.

2. pubic pain

In the third trimester, there will be a very tortured pain on the pregnant mothers -pubic pain.This is because the uterus of the pregnant mothers is enlarged by the fetus, and the pubic bone will be widening due to pressure, especially when the pregnant mothers walk around, this pain will be very obvious.However, this is also a sign of the healthy development of the fetus and preparing to be born. At this time, what pregnant mothers have to do at this time are to relax the heart. When sleeping, you can pinch a pillow between your legs, which can alleviate some pubic pain.

An October is a long and arduous experience for pregnant mothers. Even in the process of facing so many pains in the process, thinking that the baby grows up healthy in the stomach, the mothers have nothing to bear.Essence

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