If you are pregnant, you can not be lazy, otherwise you will have all kinds of torture and crying.

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After Yuan Yuan’s pregnancy, he resigned at home with his mother -in -law’s advice.From then on, Yuanyuan’s daily life was to eat, sleep, and eat.Yuan Yuan.Every time I go to see Yuan Yuan, she always feels that her spirit is poor and the state is very bad, but Yuan Yuan enjoys such a life.

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers do not exercise too much under the advice of their family members, which will affect the normal development of the fetus.Therefore, bedding tires have become the choice of many pregnant mothers.But the harm of bed in bed cannot be underestimated.

1. Slow blood circulation

The sports will accelerate the blood circulation. If the pregnant mother is always used to bed in bed during pregnancy, it will make the blood circulation of the body slowly and cause the body’s resistance to decrease.As a result, the pregnant mothers have deep vein thrombosis of the lower limbs and pelvic cavity.

2. Affect digestion and easily cause constipation

The diet structure of pregnant mothers is different from ordinary people, and the body’s hormone secretion will also change. If the pregnant mother is particularly lazy throughout the pregnancy and does not like sports, it is likely to reduce the digestive ability due to lack of exercise, which will lead to constipation.

3. Affect the mental state of pregnant mothers

In a good mental state during pregnancy, the pregnant mother also has a certain positive effect on the development of the fetus.If pregnant mothers are always lying on the bed, it will not only damage the memory of the pregnant mother, make it difficult to concentrate, affect the language expression ability and physical exercise ability of the pregnant mother. More importantly, the spirit of the pregnant mother is very sluggish, and the development of the fetus is not the development of the fetus.good.

4. Affect the health of pregnant mothers themselves

In fact, it is necessary for pregnant women and ordinary people to exercise reasonably, which will increase the vitality of the human body and maintain a good mental state.If the pregnant mother does not exercise for a long time, some muscles in the whole body will become stiff, numb, etc., and occasionally have symptoms such as back pain.


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