If you are pregnant, your skin is often itchy?Is it happy to scratch?

If you are pregnant, your skin is often itchy?Can’t help but scratch it with a lot of pain?Dermatologists point out that about 1/5 of pregnant women will have the problem of physiological skin itching. Although there is no need to worry about it, how to relieve itchy skin?In addition, some pregnant women’s skin itching is caused by pathological problems. Do not take it lightly. This article proposes the relief method of itching of physiological skin, and also pointed out that the pathological condition of the body during pregnancy and reminding the pregnant mother when they should seek medical treatment.

What is the cause of itching of physiological skin and itching during pregnancy?

Most pregnant women’s skin itching is a physiological cause, and about 20%of pregnant women have the problem of physiological skin itching.Because the pregnancy belly becomes larger and the skin is opened, and the skin barrier becomes weakened, the symptoms of physiological dryness will occur.Physiological skin itching usually appears in the middle and late pregnancy (because the belly is enlarged at this time), especially the belly itching.

How to relieve it?

1. Put on breathable and loose clothes.

2. Use less soap with soap -alkali and clean power. It is recommended to use mild bath supplies.

3. Do not take a bath with too hot (preferably not more than 38 degrees).

4. After taking a shower, you need to make skin moisturizing. It is recommended to choose moisturizing products with simpler components.If the skin is dry, you can choose oily moisturizing products; or you can wipe the lotion first, and then wipe another layer of Vaselin outside.

5. When the skin is itchy, it is recommended not to apply hot or hot water to avoid worsening; it can be applied moderately.

6. Try not to scratch as much as possible, so as not to grab the skin and cause infection. In case it is itchy, it is recommended to ask a doctor for help.

What signals appear, be careful not to be physiological skin itching?

If any of the following conditions occur, it may not be normally itchy skin, but itchy skin itching. You must check for medical examination. Doctors will identify diagnosis:

1. Only the skin itching at night.

2. Not only itchy skin, but also pustules and blisters.

3. Not only itchy skin, but also other symptoms such as nausea and fever.

4. Moisturizing supplies such as lotion have been wiped, and it has also followed the aforementioned biological skin itching method, but after 1 or 2 weeks of skin itching, it still has not improved, and you must seek medical treatment.

Pregnancy pathology skin itchy skin, 4 kinds of condition questions

The cause of some skin itching is that whether or not they are pregnant or not, they may happen, such as: scabies, allergic reactions, and thyroid problems can also cause skin itching.In addition, there are 4 pathological problems, which is the reason why pregnant women have unique skin itching:

Pregnancy polyframe rash

The incidence of polyphonic rash in pregnancy is about 1%. Although it is a pathological skin problem, it is slightly mild, usually only appears in the late pregnancy. Due to hormonal changes, it is better to occur in the first maternal or pregnant women.The way of manifestation is that there are rash with convex urticaria on the stomach, spreading along the belly near the stretch marks, and it will be relieved about 1 or 2 weeks after delivery.If there are polyphonic rash during pregnancy, most of them will not affect the health of the fetus.The antipruritic method is to use external antihomamine or external steroids, and doctors usually choose to have a safer drug type for pregnant women.

Evactic dermatitis in pregnancy

The incidence of pregnancy -induced dermatitis is about 1%, which is the same pathological problem with a slight degree.It is possible that there are atopic dermatitis before pregnancy, or the physical changes of the body’s immune system may occur after pregnancy.Usually starting from the middle of pregnancy, it feels rough like eczema. The distribution position is mainly limbs (the stomach may also feel rough eczema, and it itchy; The face does not have prurites.About 1 or 2 weeks after delivery will be alleviated, and most of them will not affect the health of the fetus.The treatment method is to use oral antidide drugs or external steroids; in case it is really itchy, the doctor will evaluate the steroid or illuminating therapy of the internal oriental.

Nurgence rash caused by bile stasis

The incidence rate is about 1 %, and the incidence is low, but the impact on the fetus is serious, including fetal distress and premature birth.The cause is unknown, and it is more likely to occur in the elderly or multi -birth pregnant women.It usually occurs in the late pregnancy. The itching position is distributed in the limbs and torso (itching from the palm and the feet), especially at night, it feels particularly itchy.There is no rash on the body, and usually only the red scratch scratching scratching because of itching.The method of diagnosis is blood drawing, usually by obstetrics and gynecologists, dermatologists, hepatobiliary gastrointestinals, doctors will prescribe medicine or consider production in advance according to the situation.


The incidence rate is about 50,000ths, and the incidence rate is low, but the impact on the fetus is serious, including premature or birth weight.Millar cuts are autoimmune diseases. They usually occur in the late pregnancy. Itchy rashes and blisters appear on the stomach, and starting from the navel to the foreign minister.Slips are usually required to confirm the diagnosis. Doctors will take steroid drugs, or they may need to be hospitalized.

Can I buy itchy drugs by themselves?

It is recommended that pregnant women should not buy antipruritic drugs by themselves. It is best to ask a doctor to prescribe medicine and inform herself that it is safer to get pregnant.In addition, some people are worried that the use of drugs is not conducive to fetal health. Even if it itchy or not to look at the doctor, it may be unknowingly scratched and scratched the skin.Essence

Other common problems in pregnancy: skin turning black

Due to changes in the secretion of pregnancy hormones, melanocyte activity, increased melanin yield, and formation of melanin precipitation.The belly becomes dark, and some pregnant women are connected to the lower abdomen and nipples, areolas, the inner groin of the thigh, the outer pussy, and the skin wrinkles that are connected near the pubic bone.Liver spots appear.Usually, it will gradually change back to normal skin tone in half a year to one year. Most of the midline in pregnancy will not be subsided naturally at this time.The prevention method is correct sunscreen (wearing thin long -sleeved clothes and hats, umbrellas, sunscreens); as for the tri -in -one antipitrimum cream (including A acid and phenolinol), it is not recommended to use pregnant women.

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