If you can eat hot hot summer, you must eat less pork and eat more vegetables.

In summer, you ca n’t eat hot day. You must eat less pork and eat more vegetables. Chili is really seasonal vegetables in the season. If this vegetable is ready, your rice will suffer.Occupy vegetables, spicy and appetizing.The hot and hot mood drops straight, and the appetite is gone. At this time, you must try the practice of peppers. The practice is simple. Children who go to school can easily learn.

[Tiger skin green pepper] Detailed practice:

1. First prepare the fresh green pepper that I just picked in the ground, put it in the large bowl of my ancestor, add the clear Yellow River water, clean it, and put it on the chopping board of my ancestor after washing.Take a picture, each pepper is taken for it, which is more convenient to taste and tastes more spicy and fragrant.Cut into a long section of about 3 cm.

2. Prepare a handful of garlic and make it crushed with a knife. If you feel the green peppers are not spicy enough, a few red millet is spicy, cut into small rubber rings, and cut together in the plate for later use.

Add a little soybean oil in my hometown in the pot. Do not need too much. Heat the oil handlebar in the medium -fire handle, heat the oil into the cut green pepper section, stir fry repeatedly with a shovel, repeatedly press the pepper, fry the pepper to the tiger skinJust be able to make it out.

3. Add an appropriate amount of soybean oil to the pot, add the garlic pepper rings under the oil heat, stir fry repeatedly with a shovel, stir -fry the flavor of garlic and the spicy and pungent flavor of the pepper.The nose is very unobstructed. After the fragrance is fried, add a large spoon of bean paste, stir -fry the flavor of the sauce, and stir -fry the red oil.

4. After frying the fragrance, add our fried chili sections. Add salt and chicken essence according to your own taste. Be sure to add sugar, add flavor and fresh, stir fry back and forth, stir -fry until the flavor of the peppers into the flavorYou can put it out of the pan. This spicy tiger pepper pepper is ready. Is it very simple?

When you ca n’t eat meals in the hot summer, you can move out of the rescue soldiers, that is, this tiger skin pepper, which guarantees you to get meals and enhance appetite. Well, today’s article is shared here. I feel that my approach is useful to you.Just like to follow the comments forward!Food Xiaoxuan will be disappeared next time!

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