If you do n’t eat or have a holiday, you ca n’t get pregnant for two years. Can you get pregnant?

Ms. Yang, who lives in the mall county, is 21 years old. I have irregular menstruation to the holiday without taking medicine, so I have not interrupted menstruation every two years after marriage.The same idea of medical treatment, so most people will see menstruation in the gynecological clinic for one or two years, three or four years, and even have seen it longer. Some people have not checked ovulation during this period. Of courseWill check the tubal problem.

Ms. Yang, 21, is like this. Two years of conditioning menstruation, traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine have a basket every day. Until the relative regular menstruation, I urged the doctor several times to do the doctor’s advice to do the X -line uterine fallopian tube radiography.The reason for the doctor was because -when I was afraid of pain, I came to do me to do a tube of the uterine fallopian tubal angiography.

X -line painlessness does not insert the tube of the uterine fallopian tubal angiography. The results show that the uterine cavity is normal, the endometrium is smooth, and the bilateral fallopian tube is not smooth.The lined follicles are either accompanied by high risk of ectopic pregnancy.The suggestions we give are to maintain menstruation, prioritize the fallopian tube problem and then ovulation problem, and it is also a suggestion given by international clinical guidelines on tubal problems and other problems in parallel.

Regarding the principles of treatment, according to the principles of treatment: from simple to complex, from non -invasive to creative principles, priority recommendation: 1. Fast treatment method, fallopian tube intervention in one -time dredging, evaluating the dharma peristalsis function and the cause of the clogging after dredging. GenerallyIt is a test of pregnancy next month. 2. Slow expectation treatment methods: Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, physiotherapy, enema and other comprehensive treatment. The course of treatment is the bottom to half a year.Check to evaluate whether to improve.During the treatment process, first contraception to avoid ectopic pregnancy.

Ms. Yang chose tubal intervention therapy. Since it was conservative treatment, choosing an ignorant Chinese medicine treatment is better to treat directly, shorten the treatment treatment, and pregnancy as soon as possible.Successful, bilateral fallopian tubes are unobstructed, and the fallopian tube has a good ability to pick up eggs. It is told that it will start testing next month.

Regarding Ms. Yang’s menstrual problems, guiding suggestions have also been given after surgery. I hope that after returning, she can recover the treatment+life (schedule, diet, exercise).happened.

In early May 2021, Ms. Yang sent us a good news. She was pregnant and is now ready to give birth.

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