If you don’t show your belly, can you be regarded as "Perfect Pregnant Women"?Gina’s hot search Chinese medicine how to view Chinese medicine

A while ago, Lang Lang’s wife Gina repeatedly appeared on the hot search. The posture was probably the last hot search in May.

One of the hot search is one: After pregnancy, the figure is still very good, very thin, and beautiful.Lang Lang also proudly said, "Her waist has hardly changed."

Women’s body changes during pregnancy are almost inevitable, but the stars’ brain circuits are different. They don’t want to keep their hearts at ease, but they come up with a unique marketing point: the figure is not in shape, the face is still bright, I and other other and other other.Ordinary pregnant women are different, I am a unique star.When the picture is placed, the text is rendered, and the hot search.

The two are really disgusting.Such a bad marketing is anti -pregnant women and humans.

Ordinary people have to continue to work in their stomachs, and they have to face the pressure of life. How can I have time to come to "beautiful"?

Such marketing will only make more pregnant women anxious and distressed. Those self -media that advocate that pregnant women must be perfect.

This kind of beauty is not beautiful at all!

Why is the mother’s greatness, not only because of the pain during childbirth, but also because of the in October in October, the mother’s body is exhausted for the fetus.

1. menopause and milk

Mentalal discontinuation is one of the first phenomena that appears after pregnancy.

Teacher Ni Haixia said: "Water is milk", it is actually very reasonable.The two are the different products of Mizutani’s subtle. They have the same source and different branches.

Female menstruation will be discontinued after pregnancy, so where do menstruation come every month?Going to the Palace of the Palace and providing sufficient nutritional subtle for the fetus.

After women’s production is completed, menstruation will not come. Where did they go?After the breasts turned into breast milk, it is still supporting the growth of the baby.

The physiological characteristics of women are completely served by the fetus. From this, it can also be seen that the greatness of maternal nature.

2. Pregnancy

Most of the pregnancy occur in the first three months, why?Langzhong conjecture, because the first three months were the largest variables during pregnancy, and it was also a critical period for fetal developmental nerves and brains.Out of motherhood, women will be particularly sensitive to changes in the smell during this period, so as to avoid the intake of toxic and harmful foods.This is preserved in the process of human evolution, and it still has its meaning.But for women, pregnancy is extremely difficult.You can imagine the scene of motion sickness, and the motion sickness will be fainted for a while, but the pregnancy is tens of days.The kind of cycle that I want to vomit and can’t vomit, I may not eat meals all day, but the contradictions and embarrassments that have to be eaten for nutrition, pregnant women must experience it.

3. Get fat

In the middle of pregnancy, it will inevitably deformed. Because there is another life in the abdomen, in order to ensure the growth and development of the fetus, pregnant women will consume sufficient nutrition., Gain weight, the body may get fat.

There are also suffering from frequent urination, urine leakage, stretch marks, and production pain. Only women who have experienced them can experience it.

In these problems, the bright and beautiful stars will never tell you that they frequently walk on the red carpet, shining under the spotlight, and passing this view "Women are very easy to get pregnant; women can be beautiful during pregnancy."

Pregnant women during pregnancy are "ugly" compared to pre -pregnancy; but the "ugly" on the surface can better show the glory and greatness of maternal nature.Looking at the appearance of pregnant women correctly and understanding the pressure during pregnancy is the best respect for pregnant women.

These stars who have not forgotten their marketing have not been for their faces during pregnancy. They seem to live in a joint rental house with their fetus., You can stack it at will, as long as you are "beautiful" under the spotlight.

It is not bad to be true. Rather than trying to market, it is better to raise your tires.You are sincere to the public, and the public will naturally be sincere to you; you play as monkeys in the big public, and in the end, you find that you are the monkey who is watching.

By the way, it is the best choice.The beauty of each stage of women has the beauty of all stages.

"The Yellow Emperor’s Canon" said:

"The woman is seven years old, the kidneys are strong, and their teeth are longer.

Two -seven, and Tian Gui arrived, Renmai Tong, Tai Chong pulse prosperous, the moon is currently, so there is a son.

Three seven, kidney qi average, so the real teeth are born, and the Changji.

Four seven, strong bones, long -term, strong body.

May 7th, Yangming’s pulse decline, began to focus, and fell."

Before the age of seven, it was Huang Mao girl, with the beauty of innocence;

At the age of 14, the ladies have grown up and have the beauty of the buds;

At the age of 21, the body develops rapidly and has the beauty of youthful vitality;

At the age of 28, the entire physical state reaches the peak, and the beauty of mature charm;

The fertility around the age of 28 shows the beauty of motherhood;

After the age of 35, there is still the beauty of intellectuality.

The concept of beauty has never been changed. Every woman has the unique beauty of every woman!

Those celebrities should never be the object of the public imitation and follow. The deformed beauty is ugly!

Healthy beauty is the real beauty!

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