If you get uterine fibroids, you will not get pregnant?Don’t miss your children, what should I do if pregnancy is combined with uterine fibroids

Because I am pregnant, I ran in obstetrics and gynecology for a long time. I saw a lot of pregnant women. There are really many discomforts of pregnant mothers. All kinds of things must be worried. Pregnant women belong to the vulnerable group and need our special attention.”Follow women’s physical and mental health”

As the name suggests, uterine fibroids are tumors growing in the uterus. Most of them are benign. There are many women who are childbirth. According to statistics, about 20%of women have uterine fibroids after 30 years of age, and most of them are found during physical examinations.Pregnancy is a happy thing, but I am still worried before pregnancy.I found that there was a uterine fibroids during the physical examination before pregnancy, about 2.1 × 1.8cm. It was located under the slurry membrane. The doctor said that the fibroids were small and the position was outside the uterus. Don’t worry too much, then rest assured.

Normal uterus and its accessories

The uterine fibroids are divided into subcarm fibroids (growing to the outside of the uterus), in the muscle wall (between uterine muscles, generally small) and subtidum fibroids (from the uterine muscles) and subtromaneous fibroids (from the uterine muscle) according to the location of the position.The endometrium is convex to the uterine cavity).

Smaller or a single uterine fibroids generally do not have an impact. Generally speaking, fibroids are less than 5cm, a single fibroids or fibroids do not cause compression symptoms such as abdominal pain. You can choose not surgery, observe and regular examination.However, the submucosal fibroids may cause increased menstrual flow and extend the menstrual period. Long -term can cause anemia and need intervention.

For women, the three elements that must be pregnant are ovarian, fallopian tubes, and uterus, ovarian excretion of eggs, and eggs and sperm binding into fertilized eggs in the fallopian tubes. They are transmitted to the endometrium through the transmission of fallopian tubes to find an appropriate environment for implantation and growing.

Countless sperm competition competes for an egg, and in the end there is only one sperm and egg combined into a fertilized egg

Ovarian cannot discharge ovaries. For example, polycystic ovary syndrome may have ovulation disorders, and might as well compress the ovaries in subtinumiomyoma; sperm cannot enter tubal tubes such as uterine fibroids in the muscle wall or obstruct the entrance;It is not suitable for bed or growing, such as submucosal fibroids … An error in any link may cause pregnancy.

After marriage, I always worried about uterine fibroids, and some conventional examinations were performed before pregnancy, such as uterus and its attachment B ultrasound, hematuria routine, leucorrhea routine, liver and kidney power, torch, TORCH …Gynecological B -ultrasound shows multiple uterine fibroids, one below the plasma, two (very small) between the muscles, and you are worried in your heart. Do not want to have difficulty in pregnancy.The year can be pregnant. It is 27 years old, and it is a bit long in two years.

Multi -uterine fibroids

Diverse uterine fibroids, doctors still feel that pregnancy may be affected, but I still encourage me to actively get pregnant and can’t think of ways.As a result, I was really lucky. I was pregnant when I started to be uncomfortable. It happened that I was pregnant for a week after the pregnancy test and blood checking the blood test. I may be pregnant before pregnancy.

Specific circumstances, specific analysis, subject to professional doctors’ opinions.Don’t worry too much about the impact of uterine fibroids on pregnancy, but don’t worry about or dealt with at all. If you need to get pregnant after surgery, actively cooperate with doctors for treatment.

1. The condition of uterine fibroids

Of course, the situation of uterine fibroids decides to prepare directly or after surgery before pregnancy. If uterine fibroids are small (less than 5cm), single fibroids, and subcarm fibroids, most of them will encourage active pregnancy.If the patient is combined with symptoms such as abdominal pain, increased menstruation, extension of menstruation, or anemia, pregnancy is likely to be pregnant after surgery.

stomach ache

2. Age

If you are young, you can consider surgery if you have no fertility in the short term. If you are older, doctors will consider more.For example, a 38 -year -old uterine fibroid patient, if the fibroids are allowed, the doctor will try to get pregnant as much as possible and do not perform surgery first. After all, it will be 40 years old after surgery.big.

3. Infertility

Long -term infertility, the other indicators of both men and women are normal, but they are still not pregnant for a long time, and the doctor will consider whether the effect of fibroids on pregnancy. It may be recommended to get pregnant after surgery.If you are pregnant, you are far away.

4. History of bad pregnancy

If the influence of fibroids after pregnancy, the endometrium is not suitable for growth, causing miscarriage or premature birth, and prefers to get pregnant after surgery.

Fortunately after pregnancy, I was full of happiness all day.But there is still some influence on the fetus on the fetus. I share some of my experience with everyone.

1. Fibroids may grow up

In the early pregnancy, my B -ultrasound showed a real lump next to the ovaries, plus low progesterone (10.82ng/ml), HCG doubled is not very ideal, high pregnancy of pregnancy, so I take the B -ultrasound every week, so I will go to the B -ultrasound every week, so I will take the B -ultrasound every week.I found that the fibroids grew up in a week, and when I checked the gestational sac, it also increased. From 2.6*2.1cm (3 weeks of pregnancy) to 3.2*2.7cm (9 weeks 3 days of pregnancy), I did not measure it later.It’s right.

2. Fibroids may cause miscarriage

The position of fibroids is not suitable for fetal growth or the growth of fibroids may snatch the nutrition of some mothers, leading to abortion of the fetus.

3. Fibroids may affect fetal activity and position

The size of the fibroids in the late pregnancy, the impact on the fetus may be greater, and may affect the posture of the fetus. For example, it should be a head position but the hindrance to the fibroids causes the fetus to turn over. It may still be the hip position in the end.

Fetal head is good for delivery

4. Fibroids may affect the production method of pregnant women

The fetus is horizontal or hip position, or the position of the fibroids is too low. For example, in the cervix, it is relatively large, which may affect the normal delivery of the fetus’s head. In the end, it may not be possible to cause cesarean section.

Some pregnant women have requirements. If the doctor is allowed to be allowed to remove the fibroids during cesarean section, there is no need to choose a cesarean section directly because the pregnant woman wants to remove the uterine fibroids. After all, the general cesarean section producesThe risk of surgery is greater than that of simple uterine fibroids.

“Follow women’s physical and mental health”If women have uterine fibroids, do not worry too much, a large part of uterine fibroids do not affect pregnancy, there is no need for uterine fibroids to directly surgery in the appropriate age.Come, implement it according to the doctor’s opinion.

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