If you have diarrhea during pregnancy, please do so!

Any small illness seems to be a big event during pregnancy.For example, diarrhea … I am really scared to get diarrhea, I am afraid that I accidentally use the wrong force, causing contractions … and then unconsciously think of the words such as miscarriage.

It is quite common to diarrhea during pregnancy, so we have to learn a few tricks. You can know how to deal with diarrhea when you are pregnant.

1. Determine the severity first

For pregnant mothers, some diarrhea do not have to worry about it. For example, it is very mild and short -lived. The momentum is not fierce.

If you have a lot of bowel movements within a day, the pain of the stomach is severe, and the stool is very abnormal, such as sour taste, stinky, green color and red, etc.Don’t think, go to the hospital.

2. Calm analysis cause

If you think about the cause of diarrhea, if you can find out the cause, you can roughly judge the development momentum according to experience. It is estimated that it can be relieved and then observe.For example, if you feel that your stomach is cold, it will be good if you can raise it for a while, so you don’t have to go to the hospital.

What are the causes of diarrhea, for everyone to exclude it:

1) Eat foods that are not clean, fresh, and cold?

2) Eat foods that stimulate the intestine, or medicine?(The most common is to take iron on an empty stomach, which will cause mild diarrhea)

3) Is the belly cold?

4) Do you have diseases such as intestinalitis?

If you can’t find the reason, you feel that the degree of diarrhea is deepened. Do not drag for pregnant mothers, go to the hospital, and call your family and friends to take care of it.

3. Supplement water and electrolytes

Do you not take medicine without diarrhea, how to relieve physical discomfort?First of all, don’t eat too many things, second, pay attention to replenishing moisture and electrolytes

You can go to the pharmacy to buy some "oral salt salts". This has nothing to do with pregnant mothers and fetuses. The price is a few cents, which is very cheap.If you ca n’t find oral replenishment salt or you ca n’t find someone to buy it, you can replace it at home, use 500ml boiled water, add about 2g of edible salt and about 10g of sugar.

In short, if you encounter diarrhea during pregnancy, remember the above 3 parts and deal with it calmly.

Finally, we must also remind everyone that if the symptoms are serious, the degree of degree is not alleviated, the duration is relatively long, and the diarrhea of unknown causes will be medical treatment in time. If it is infectious diarrhea, it will not be good.

I wish you all do not encounter diarrhea when you are pregnant!

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