If you want to "eugenics", you must work hard on pregnancy. These five measures to prepare for pregnancy must be done well.

my country advocates eugenics and eugenics. If you want to be eugenic, you must start with pregnancy.Although understanding the importance of pregnancy, many people do not know how to prepare for pregnancy is scientific, so as to get the good news of pregnancy success faster.Let’s take a look at how women should prepare for pregnancy.

1. Develop a scientific pregnancy preparation plan

Preparation of pregnancy must be implemented in all aspects of life, and you must not only prepare for pregnancy.If you do n’t know how to make a pregnancy preparation plan, you can watch more teaching videos, or read some books about pregnancy in order to develop the most scientific plan.The process of formulating the plan is also the process of setting up the rules for themselves and her husband. To gain the cooperation of her husband, only two people work together to prepare for pregnancy.

2. Quit smoking as soon as possible

Some women have the bad habits of smoking and drinking, which will not only have adverse effects on women’s health, but also affect women’s fertility ability, and even lead to women infertility.Even if the pregnancy is successful, it may cause fetal malformations.Therefore, it is necessary to quit smoking and alcohol during the pregnancy stage. Although it is not easy, for the health of children, we must do this.

3. Develop the habit of exercise

If you want a better pregnancy, you must have a healthy body, and for this, women must develop the habit of exercise.Exercise twice to three times a week can not only make the physical fitness better, but also improve resistance, and escort pregnancy.Exercise cannot be dried for three days and two days, and often interrupting exercise has no good effect.

4. Do a detailed physical examination

Before preparing for pregnancy, go to the hospital for detailed physical examination, so that you can determine your physical condition and see if there is a factor that is not conducive to pregnancy.If there are some diseases that cause female infertility, they can be treated under the guidance of a doctor.In addition to women’s pre -pregnancy examinations, men should also do detailed examinations, because sometimes the reason why preparing pregnancy failure is also related to men.

5. Start eating folic acid

Women during pregnancy must eat folic acid and eat until the third month after pregnancy.Folic acid supplementation can avoid abortion, and can also avoid the development of fetal brain and nervous system.When buying folic acid, go to a regular pharmacy to prevent buying fake and shoddy products, which endangers the health of women and the growth and development of the fetus.During the pregnancy, in addition to women taking folic acid, men should also take a period of folic acid. Do not forget this.

The above are a few things that women need to do when preparing for pregnancy. This can improve the efficiency of pregnancy and make people get good news for pregnancy.Preparation is not a simple matter. Scientific pregnancy can only be eugenic.

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