If you want to get pregnant once, you must have these characteristics to see how do you occupy?

I believe that many pregnant parents want to prepare for pregnancy once. Some women can indeed do this. This is a constitution that many pregnant women are more envious, and some women may not be able to conceive for half a year or even a year.It becomes frustrated and anxious, which affects the probability of conception.In fact, if you want to get pregnant once, as long as you meet the following characteristics, you can see a few.

1. Whether the monthly menstruation is regular is the key

The "big aunt" of women’s monthly consultation is responsible for endometrial replacement housekeeper, ensuring that women’s normal ovulation is guaranteed.Normal menstruation is always once every 25-40 days.If the blood volume is normal and the blood block is small, it proves that your menstruation is normal, and then the ovulation function is normal.Therefore, as long as women are in the same room during ovulation, they can easily conceive their babies.

2. Warm hands and feet are the focus

Women with cold hands and feet are too cold in their body and insufficient yang. Generally, this woman will be accompanied by the phenomenon of Gonghan.You must know that the fertilized eggs will be easier to bed in a warm environment. If your hands and feet can always maintain a warm state, it means that you are full of yang and are easy to conceive.

3. The law of life and rest habits is the foundation

We have always called on everyone to follow the laws of health and health, because the biological clock of the human body also represents the schedule of our internal organs.It is easy to cause irregular menstruation and affect ovulation.

4. The position of the uterine position is guaranteed

B -ultrasound can measure whether women’s uterus is ahead or back position.If it is the front position of the uterus, semen is easy to stay at the uterine mouth during sexual life. It is easier for small tadpoles to cross the obstacle to collide with the egg. After all, the distance is closer, so the anterior uterine position is very easy to conceive.

5. Moderate body shape is important

Now most women want to be thin. Fat girls want to have thin waist and long legs, while thin girls always feel that they are not thin enough and want to be thinner.In fact, women’s body shape also directly affects whether women can successfully conceive.Endocrine problems will occur if you gain weight or too thin, causing ovulation time disorders and indirectly affecting women’s fertility.So women who want to get pregnant must pay attention.

The above are the characteristics of the physical fitness constitution. If you all take up all, congratulations, you feel about pregnancy.If you are not pregnant because of your disease, you must go to a regular hospital for treatment in time, and get it early and treat it early, so that you can hold your baby as soon as possible.

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