If you want to get pregnant, you will "act more"?Prepare 5 misunderstandings and learn less "detours" with doctors

Nowadays, it is advocated that eugenics and eugenics, scientific and reasonable pregnancy can not only make women prepare for pregnancy, but also make women get good news faster.Women should not enter some misunderstandings when preparing for pregnancy, not only delaying pregnancy, but also may affect the development and health of the fetus in the future.

1. You can get pregnant in any age for women

Women should carry out pregnancy plans as soon as possible, and it is best to get pregnant and have children in the best age.Women’s best fertility age is between 23 and 30 years old. Once more than 35 years old, it belongs to an elderly pregnant woman. There may be difficulties in whether they are during pregnancy or during delivery.Don’t feel when you are pregnant, consider your body, consider the recovery ability after production.

2. The body is very good, no need to do pre -pregnancy examination

In order to be able to be eugenic and be able to get pregnant as soon as possible, women should go to the hospital for detailed pre -pregnancy examination with their partners before preparing for pregnancy.With the development of society, there are more and more infertility people, and many people suffer from infertility.If you have infertility, you will be blindly prepared, naturally there will be no good results.Pre -pregnancy examinations can be discovered. The earliest discovery, the sooner the treatment and conditioning can eliminate the unfavorable factors, and the pregnancy will not become useless.

3. There is no need to eat folic acid during pregnancy

Folic acid must be eaten during pregnancy during pregnancy. In addition to pregnancy, women also need to be added during pregnancy. Men only need to replenish when preparing for pregnancy.The reason why folic acid is supplemented during pregnancy and pregnancy is mainly to prevent the appearance of fetal malformations, especially in terms of neural development.Folic acid can be supplemented in food. If there is no way to supplement sufficient folic acid in food, you need to eat folic acid tablets.Many foods are folic acid, commonly available in animal offal, green vegetables, nuts, soy products, and so on.

4. The more frequent the sexual life during pregnancy, the better

Another common pregnancy misunderstanding is that the more frequent sex, the more you can make women pregnant successfully.In fact, there are skills during pregnancy, and sexual life during ovulation can be more effective.Even if the correct ovulation period is calculated, it cannot be too frequent in the ovulation period. This will make men’s semen thinner, reduce sperm quality and quantity, but will reduce men’s fertility and make women bad.Conceive.

5. Use a variety of recipes to help women get pregnant

Some women use some recipes in order to make themselves pregnant as soon as possible.In fact, this is a misunderstanding. There is no way to solve the problem of women’s infertility at all, and it will not make women more easily pregnant. If these remedies are blindly used blindly, it will affect women’s bodies.If there is no good news, you can go to the hospital for a detailed examination to see where the problem is. Only when you find a real problem can you know what aspects should be solved.It is best to check with men and women together. After all, sometimes women have no way to get pregnant by men.

Preparation of pregnancy is a very important thing. Preparation of pregnancy should be scientific. Don’t listen to some so -called remedies. Don’t enter some misunderstandings.Don’t be too anxious in this incident, it is easy to take care of medical treatment, but it will affect pregnancy.To relax, don’t be too nervous, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

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