If you want to soak hot springs, first understand these 6 things

In the Spring Festival holiday, in order not to give the new crown virus a chance, many families replaced long -distance travel with a Beijing outing.In the cold winter, hot spring parent -child swimming has become a lot of family holidays.However, it is not enough to take sufficient epidemic prevention measures, and hot springs do not want to soak them. There are also some hidden dangers in the hot springs.Recently, the emergency department of Tsinghua Chang Geng Hospital encountered several cases: some patients were due to heart discomfort, hoping to relieve blood circulation through the hot spring, and the result was induced.Drowning in the hot springs leads to pneumonia … The doctor reminds that there are 6 knowledge points in front of the hot spring to master.

During the process of soaking in the hot spring, the vascular dilation and accelerated circulation of the body can not only relax the tension nerves, but also help relieve the soreness of joint muscles.However, there are many hidden dangers in hot springs.

These bacteria also love "soak hot springs"

The warm and humid environment is an excellent soil breeding in many bacteria. If the hot spring is not in place, the common bacteria in hot springs are: fake single bacteria that can cause hair follicles and skin infections.It appeared a few hours or days after bathing.

Common microorganisms are also crotch, which is a parasitic. For people with normal immunity, hidden spores can cause acute gastroenteritis such as diarrhea. For those with low immunity, they may cause serious or chronic infection.

In addition, the Legion bacteria can also live in hot springs, and once infected, it can cause pneumonia.

In addition, the "Hot Spring Tourism Water Quality Sanitation Requirements and Management Specifications" that has been implemented clearly stipulates that the water quality is required daily. Everyone should pay attention to checking the publicity before soaking in hot springs to avoid harm of unclean hot spring water.

Special groups need to pay more attention to

During the process of soaking in the hot spring, the vascular dilation and accelerated circulation of the body can not only relax the tension nerves, but also help relieve the soreness of joint muscles.But special people should pay special attention.

Pregnant women’s soaking in hot springs can increase body temperature above 38.3 ° C. A small amount of studies have shown that this effect may increase the risk of fetal nerve tube defects and abortion.Although the current relevant evidence is not sufficient, it is still recommended that pregnant women’s groups pay attention to avoiding hot springs for more than 10 minutes. Do not soak hot springs when physical discomfort and have a fever.

If you have already soaked in hot springs in the early stages of pregnancy, you should communicate with the doctor in time and focus on sieved the fetal neural defect.

People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases cannot effectively heat dissipation through sweating when soaking in hot springs. Instead, they can heat dissipation through vascular dilation, causing blood pressure to decrease and increase heart rate. These changes may increase the burden on the heart and induce myocardial infarction.If you take the oral blood pressure, the drugs that reduce your heart rate, or get up fast after taking a bath, it is prone to syncope and even lead to drowning.

Make control at these 6 o’clock before the hot spring

While relaxing and leisure, we must prevent and recognize it to help better enjoy the physical and mental joy brought by the hot spring.

1. Avoid hot springs that are overheated. For healthy people, the water temperature below 37.8 ° C is safer, and the water temperature exceeding 40 ° C may cause danger. 2. Generally speaking, it is safer to have a duration of a hot spring for more than ten minutes.Feel dizziness, overheat temperature, or other discomfort, you should leave the hot spring immediately; 3. When soaking in the hot spring, you should pay attention to the location you sit to avoid being too close to the hot source or the hot spring outlet to avoid burns. At the same timeSoak your head in the hot spring to avoid drowning; 4. Replenish water in time when soaking in hot springs, eat a small amount, avoid drinking alcohol, avoid dehydration, hypoglycemia and other phenomena.Avoid bathing with cold water; 6. For special groups, people who suffer from cardiovascular disease should consult a doctor before soaking in hot springs to determine whether the current situation is appropriate.

Text/Ma Shicheng Zhang Xiangyang (Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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