ignorance!The 23 -year -old girl actually purchased an abortion medicine online and abandoned at home on her own

Source: Harbin Daily

Recently, the young girl Wang almost paid a painful price for her behavior:

Instead of going to the hospital, she not only went to the hospital for examination.

Girl Wang, who lives in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, is 23 years old. In the past few months, although she has a long period of time, she has not paid attention to her carelessness.It wasn’t until the belly became bigger, and she doubted that she was pregnant, so she bought a pregnancy test stick to test, and she did not expect: she was pregnant.

However, in the face of unexpected pregnancy, Girl Wang not only did not go to the hospital for examination, but instead purchased aborted drugs online and was ready to abandon at home.

On the day of the incident, Ms. Wang had symptoms of abdominal pain after taking the medicine. She was scared in the bed. The family was scared and immediately called the 120 emergency phone call.

After being sent to Xiaoshan Hospital in Zhejiang, girl Wang stayed in the three gynecological regions. At this time, she had symptoms such as regular contraction.Fortunately, in the end, under the careful inspection, handling and strict monitoring of the medical staff, the girl Wang successfully gave birth to a dead child. It is estimated that it has been more than 20 weeks.

At present, after careful treatment and care, the small property of the girl Wang has recovered well and can soon be discharged from the hospital.However, this experience has also become an unforgettable lesson in her life.

Here, Director Zhang Shuzhen, the three waters of the hospital, reminded the majority of female friends that now the information is developed, and they can inquire online. Various methods and suggestions are available, but the health problems should still be taken seriously and seriously.Based on the symptoms, buying medicines on the Internet by yourself is easy to make unnecessary trouble.If women’s menstruation is abnormal, you should go to a regular hospital in time. If you are pregnant, you must not buy medicines online and abortion at home to avoid serious consequences.

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@: What cultural level, and some people believe that they can have an abortion when they buy a medicine?

@321: Too dangerous.

Source: Zhejiang Youth Network-Youth Times

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