I’m pregnant, the child is yours (finished)

After breaking up for 6 years, I was sitting in his emergency room.

"I’m pregnant, the child is yours."

His face, "What kind of child is pregnant for 6 years?"

For a while, the atmosphere was embarrassing to the extreme.


"Do you think I will pick up?" He asked me.

I was silent for a few seconds, "Okay, then I’ll find a father for him."

Nine years later.

He dragged the doctoral doctor fiercely, "Brother, count me, please make her look good, she loves beauty."


Go a blind date for a medical examination before marriage.

A child with a physical examination.

The marriage is yellow.

The matchmaker came to my house and scolded my mother.

"You said that your girl is a yellow flower girl, which yellow flower girl, the child is two months old!"

"The signboards are all smashed by your house!"

"Don’t find me in the future, obscure!"


My mother was scolded with dog blood.

Then I was scolded by my mother.

"Who is the child?"

"…" I didn’t speak.

"Chen Jia, you are 28 years old, not 8 years old, are you still chaotic outside? Do you have brains?"

"Do you want to be willing to get angry with your mother?"

"Oh." I turned upstairs and locked the door.


I was lying on the bed, thinking that my aunt did not come for three weeks.

And recently I always feel a little appetizing.

My aunt’s cycle is not allowed, and I can’t remember it at all.They all stayed up late.

I thought it was the same this time.

I never thought I was pregnant.

Children, not someone else.

It is my ex -boyfriend who broke up for 6 years.

I went to the classmates two months ago. He came very late and was drunk.

I sent him back.

When I went to his house, I almost carried him in.

When I came out, I climbed away.

The taxi master thought I was wrong, and I was watching me all the way, and dare not say anything.


After thinking about it at home for a few days, I went to Gu Xiao’s hospital.

Line up, pay, do inspection, and finally go to his department with a report.

"End in the morning, wait in the afternoon."

I just went in, and he didn’t lift his head, and sent me in a word.

I probably felt that I didn’t go out, and he suddenly looked up and saw me.

His eyes shocked and his pupils were slightly shrinking.

A pair of time not to meet the surprise.

I really pretend, why did my classmate treat me as someone else before?

"Chen Jia?" He opened his mouth.

Before I finished speaking, I put the report in front of him.

"I’m pregnant, the child is yours." I opened the door to see the mountain.

He bowed his head and glanced at the report, his face was dignified.

I vaguely felt that he was scared.

"What children have to be pregnant for 6 years?" His slender fingers knocked on the report, "Have you lost his memory? We have broken up for 6 years."

I was blocked by him in a word, and his face was embarrassed.

"Don’t you want to admit it?" I asked him with gritted teeth.

He looked up at me, his expression was difficult to distinguish,

"Chen Jia, regret that there is a regret, why … do you think I will be a Pancale?"

He didn’t look at the report, and wrote a case, and didn’t want to care about me anymore.

"Pick you up …" The national essence almost blurted out.

I never expected that he didn’t admit it, and he said that I regret it?

As far as he is like a scumbag, I will not regret it in my life.

Even if … regret, never be seen by him!

I let myself calm down for a few seconds and think about what to say.

"Don’t you think that child’s eyes are exactly the same as you?"

His buried head glanced at the report list, and finally sighed.


He finally admits it?

"A 10 -week B -ultrasound, do you tell me where his eyes are?"

For a moment, I felt lost.

Forget it, you can’t wake up someone who doesn’t want to be a father.

"Okay, then I’ll find a father for him."

Throwing this sentence, I turned out of his door.


Gu Xiao is one of the senior than me.

Flower of Kaolin in the Medical College.

Very difficult to chase.

I licked him for four years, and finally chased him a few months before graduation.

They all said that Gu Xiao was with me because I cried and died, and I was annoyed by Gu Xiao.

"Otherwise, how can I look at the fat and ugly Chen Jia?"

"Just her stomach, live like 5 months of pregnancy when she was full."

They didn’t know that in order to chase Xiao, I lost 30 pounds and weighed from 120 to 90.

I uninstalled all takeaway software, apple in the morning, and eating cucumber at night.

After eating this for a few months, I saw the long -legged mosquitoes in the mosquito nets drooling.

Later, I was thin, but my aunt was seriously abnormal, and my sleep was severe.

All of this is just to let Gu Xiaotong look at me.

One day, I ran at the playground and followed him, and he looked back at me.

After watching it for a long time, my whole face was shy.

He likes me, it must be.

I walked nervously, thinking about my opening remarks–

"Are you Chen Jia’s sister?"

He said like a pot of cold water, pouring me from head to toe.

I am angry again and feel funny.

"Count … count."

He was silent for a while and gave me a bottle of water, "Then you go back and tell her, don’t entangle me."

I took the water he gave, this was the first time I was so close to him.

His eyelashes are long and his nose is pretty.Talking is so gentle.

However, his words are so cold.

"Okay." I swallowed her stomach.

So we often met at the playground.

After the tenth encounter, he asked for my WeChat.

For the first time, I felt that I was 30 pounds of thin, worth it!

Because I have been in small to large, no one has been asking me to WeChat except for advertising on the street.

I asked him to watch a movie, and he did not refuse.

I was proposed in love, and he did not refuse.

Even in the end I proposed to break up, he did not refuse.

On the contrary, I cried for a day and one night in the bedroom.

The roommate asked me, "Is there a sadness in love?"

I cried and said, "It’s okay."

"It’s like sending away a man, always crying."


He was like a pool of dead water at the bottom of the lake.

It’s so calm that it makes me fear.

I just heard that his friend later dared to mention my name in front of him.

He turned his face as soon as he mentioned.

I understand this.

The big yacht like him turned the boat in my Xiaoyin ditch, depression and anger were inevitable.

But to say he hates me, I guess I am not worthy.

After graduating, I returned to my hometown to work.

A monthly salary was 4,500, and my mother arranged for me ten times a year.

The big and small are hundreds of times, and I have been numb.

Even this time, the matchmaker introduced that after knowing each other for a month, we finalized the marriage.

The other party is a primary school teacher in the town. He is 30 years old and has a stable work. His parents stay in the countryside and have a younger brother in high school.

"It is not easy to find such a condition. How much can his brother go to high school universities?"

"You are all 28, you can only find the second marriage without getting married."

"Now the second marriage with a baby, you need to know that there is still such a sister in your family, it is estimated that it is difficult."


My mother whispered at the table and kept nodding.

"You ask, don’t the other party mind our family right?"

"You tell them to rest assured that Sister Jiajia will not drag them, we are young and can work …"

Every time I look like my mother, I am a little annoying.

I seem to be the most cheaper of the product, the cheapest.

My mother sent away the matchmaker, and when she left, she stuffed her a big red envelope.

everything’s ready.

As a result, I went out of that thing.

My mother was so angry that I didn’t talk to me for several days.

With a few days of anger, my mother came to the city with a carton egg to see me.

The carton was wrapped in her jacket, and the rice was placed in it. My mother’s hair was almost scattered, and the eggs were not bad.

"Did you go to the hospital for examination?" My mother carefully put the eggs in the refrigerator and turned her head to ask me.

"What to check?" I played with my phone, "No."

"See how the child looks like! You child, how can you not be concerned about it." My mother said that she would pull me out.

"What catches your eyes?"

I broke away.

"Do you really plan to do it?"

My mother looked at me worriedly.

The atmosphere was a little embarrassed.

I am silent.

It’s not that I don’t want it, it is he don’t want it.

"You’re not young, you don’t want it this time, what should I do if it is not good in the future?"

"Anyway, you have been on a blind date anyway. You find that boy over, and I have a look with your dad. If people are not bad, just knotted the marriage."


Is the marriage?

She wanted to be far away, and she wanted to be beautiful.

"Don’t care about it, I went to the hospital for surgery in two days." I sent my mother away.

My mother listened to me and wanted to persuade me again.

"Don’t be impulsive, it’s a life." When I was close, my mother was still struggling.

"Do you give birth to Chen Yu like this then?" I blurted out.

"…" My mother closed her mouth all at once.

She was injured in her eyes.

Chen Yu is my sister.

It is also my mother’s dead point.

Because she is an epilepsy, she is 10 years old and can’t speak yet.

After getting angry with her, my chest was panicked.

Every time I say those words, I think it is revenge, but I soon regret it.

I picked up my phone, hung a number, and went to the hospital.

On the way to go, I even seriously considered my mother’s sentence, "Otherwise, you’re getting married."

I am thinking, if I marry Gu Xiao, would I be willing?

How can you not want to, this is my dream.

When I passed by the first floor of the first floor, I saw Gu Xiao at a glance.

A group of nurse doctors rescued a patient just sent.

And he was wearing a white coat, just inserting the trachea for the patient, and a side face was fascinated by my breathing.

So I think, even if you come again, the classmates will not push him that night.

When I saw him, he also saw me.

He only hurriedly looked at me for a second, and retracted his eyes and continued to rescue.

He is so busy.

I didn’t dare to come forward to disturb, so I had to sit on the chair outside and waited for him.

I think clearly, even if he refuses me again, I have to ask clearly.

Why did the classmates perform so enthusiastically on the day of the classmates, but did not recognize after that.

Even if he doesn’t recognize, he should accompany me to do it …

I have no money.

Within more than ten minutes, I thought of many and many possibilities.

Each one has thought for yourself.

But everything opened QQ space, and when he saw his words, it turned into Wuyou …

"Gu Xiao: Six pounds and six two, mother and child are safe."

I shook my heart, as if being dried up.

He got married and had a child, just born today.

No wonder he did not admit what happened that night.

No wonder he doesn’t want children.


I feel a little ridiculous.

He was drunk that night and asked me with red eyes, "Are you Chen Jia?"

I hesitated, "Yes."

He glanced at me with a turbulent look, "You are not."

"Then do you talk to her?" I asked him with a smile.

"Debt collection."


I smiled and froze.

"What debt?"

"Love debt." He seemed pale and helpless, and came coldly, "No one has played me."

Listening to him to ask for debt, I lost my God at once.

The next second, he kissed me.

I didn’t push it away.

Of course, I lost control later, and I also have the ingredients of my indulgence.

Ambiguous, I thought he might still love me at that moment.

I don’t know how I went to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

The whole process is muddy.

I heard the doctor say that the HCG content is low, the inner wall of the uterus is thin, and the risk of abortion is very high.

The doctor wanted to give me a fetal needle, and I refused.

I think about Gu Xiao’s talked about, what kind of fetus is still kept …

I walked back in a car.

The phone suddenly rang, it was a strange number.

"Where is it?" It was Gu Xiao.

I haven’t made a call for six years, and I heard his voice suddenly.

Pride and cold.

"On the car." I adjusted my breath and calmed my emotions.

"Are you looking for me just now? What is it?" It was still proud.

I paused for a second, "Well, it’s okay now."

He was silent for a while on the phone, "It’s still impossible?"

"… That happened." I just hung up.

He was unwilling.

"I listened to your attending doctor, saying that your situation is not very good. You should come back to get a fetal needle. I will tell the doctor and meet each other. I can only help you here."

Snapped!I hung up the phone.

Dumber!Who wants him to help.

He sent another text message and asked me in a hurry: "Chen Jia, why are you so polite now?"

I was grieved, "How can I be polite? You have time to educate me here.

"?" He issued a question mark.

I’m too lazy to return to him.

He thought I was still Chen Jia, who was the one he had to be?

At that time, he sent a talk, and I had to figure out carefully for a long time;

Chatting with him, never dare to let his answer end;

He tried to find a variety of topics, but his reply was always: "Sleep." "I’ll take a bath." "Back to talk." "…"

When I got home, I was lying on the bed, took out a photo with him, cut it through, and then rushed his head into the toilet.

Dog men, see ghosts!

However, tears still flow out.


Sleep until the next day, I returned to work.

The company transferred me to the marketing department.

"The marketing department runs the store, tired is a bit tired, but do it well, and the salary can be tens of thousands." The Minister of the Marketing Department draws me big cakes.

The fact is that there are colleagues in the market department to have children and lack people.

In their opinion, people who are old and unmarried, and even have no boyfriend, are the best candidates for this kind of work.

Otherwise, anyone who chooses may become a thunder.

"Is there a subsidy?"

In the world of adults, I don’t believe in cakes, but only care about money.

"Daily transportation and life subsidies 80, I will report it to you."


80 a day, 2400 a month.

This extra 2400 sent back to my mother, and her white hair growth may be slower.

So, I became a small sales manager from the ordinary staff sitting in the office.

When I get home every day, I am so tired that I don’t want to speak.

When I went to the toilet, I found a little blood.

I remembered the words of a doctor and sighed.

Most of the children are gone.

But I was sad than I thought, and I didn’t fall asleep all night.

After another weekend, I went to the hospital to register for a check.

This time, a female doctor, named Liu Qian, is pretty.

"You know Gu Xiao, why don’t you say it early." Dr. Liu’s sudden enthusiasm for me made me a little uncomfortable.

"That’s it."

"Then do he have a girlfriend at school? What type?"

I stunned.

The question she asked was a bit beyond the doctor -patient relationship.

I seem to understand, she has the idea of Gu Xiao.

But Gu Xiao’s children have all, she doesn’t know?

Did Gu Xiao not tell his colleagues and lied to be single?

True residue.

"His girlfriend was very ordinary when he was in college." I replied truthfully.

"Do you have photos? I want to see." She really didn’t die.

I looked directly at her and asked her to watch it for two seconds.

What photos are you see, you are in front of you.

She seemed to have forgotten, I came to check.

As soon as I thought of Gu Xiao’s family, I still said that I was single, and now I set up a single person in the hospital, and I am angry.

"Did he get married?" I reminded her politely.

"Marry?" She was obviously shocked."I didn’t hear it."


"Why do you say that?" Her expression was unnatural.

She seemed to feel that I was lying, and I had a headache.

"Is he being stolen?" I had to show her the story.

She looked at the word and was shocked to the flowers.

"Dr. Gu has children?"

Just finish the end–

"Come out." A cold sound sounded behind me.

I was startled.

Gu Xiao?Intersection

After that, he would be ashamed because I broke his secret.

"Gu Xiao, why are you here …" Dr. Liu stood up excitedly.

When I turned around, I saw that he was wearing a white coat.

"Hurry up, I don’t have time …" He was a little angry.

I thought about it, for fear of what he did, it was obviously that he was wrong.

So he went out with his head.

He took me to his office, and after entering the door, he locked the door.

My hand held my arm and was a little nervous.

"Just speak, what are you locking the door?" I looked at the door lock, slightly bad.

"I don’t want to be disturbed." He threw a word and sat in the office chair.

Ah!The shelf is quite large, exactly the same as six years ago.

"What do you say."

In this closed room, I actually didn’t dare to look at him.

"You told someone everywhere I have children?" He raised my eyes and looked at me.

Seeing me cold sweat.

"There is no everywhere … I said the facts. Moreover, Dr. Liu is very good. You can’t lie to others."

He didn’t say a word, and his eyes swept on my stomach.

Why do you look at my stomach?

I quickly pulled my clothes down.

"Oh …" He smiled indifferently, "Really depended on me? Why, the blind date object is not satisfied?"


When did I rely on him? The child I said is not the child. Is he a brain?

"Don’t be passionate." I was speechless.

"Chen Jia, I know you so much. Are you now different from when chasing me?" He looked at me with funny.

I admit that I was stimulated by his words.

"Well, then?"

"Impossible. You can play with me that year, do you think 6 years have passed, can I still be played by you?" He snorted coldly.

"I heard that you are about to get married, don’t entangle me, do you want me to give you a red envelope?"

marry?He thinks I want him to have a red envelope?

He really stimulated me.

"You really feel that you are so handsome that year. You are old now, and the folds have all. Just an old man like you, I think I am interested?" I finished speaking.

His smile was froze, and his face became even more ugly.

"Chen Jia, Queen Fa is useless to me." He got up and took off his white coat calmly.

"We broke up. Even if there is no division, I can’t spoil you."

The atmosphere suddenly fell into a deadlock.

I laughed.

What did he spoil me?What kind of love?

"Gu Xiao, you have a kind of." I laughed, walked to the door, walked to the door, thought about what, turned around, "Don’t get drunk, hold me, cry, call meThe name, so I will misunderstand you and you can’t forget me. "

"Also, your species." I pointed at my stomach, "No."


He stayed in place, as if he was hit hard.

Seeing that he was upset, I was so cool.

After closing the door, I returned to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

Get a message of face.

The child did not fall.Not only did it fall, but also very healthy.

"It’s normal, sometimes HCG is very low at first, and it is slowly high. The little guy is good. I will create a card for you first."

I was covered.

"I went to the toilet that day." I trembled and asked Dr. Liu.

"It doesn’t matter a little bit." Dr. Liu comforted me bitterly, "This child has a fate with you. Don’t think about it. You are a friend of Dr. Gu. I tell you the truth, now there are so many infertility.Children are not easy, and your inner wall of your uterus is too thin, and this situation is more difficult to get pregnant. "

"By the way, you said that Dr. Gu had a child? You must have made it wrong. It seems that his cousin had a child. He had no girlfriend himself. You scared me."

me?IntersectionIs it his cousin?

Then he neuropathy, cousin gave birth to a child, what did he send that?

I realized that I had a big oolong.

No wonder he was so angry just now.

But oolong returns to Oolong. He doesn’t like me, and he doesn’t want this child. It is true.

I calmed down for a few seconds and sighed, "There is no way, the child dad,"

As soon as I finished speaking, Gu Xiao appeared in front of me again.

"Come out."

I was full of excitement.

Why is it him again?

Is this again?

Dr. Liu felt a little speechless and looked at the two of us suspiciously.

I had some headaches and went out with him.

"What’s wrong? Dr. Gu Da …" I really don’t want to match him because of the annoyance of the child.

"You are so busy, can you not find me …"

"That night … you mean me and you, what happened?" He stared at me with a pair of eyes.

"Someday?" I pretended to be stupid.

"Same -learn -yi." He said gritted his teeth.

"What did you do, don’t you know?"

I didn’t call me a name that night, but now amnesia.

"I think … it’s a dream." He didn’t speak silently.

"Dream?" I was really going to be angry.

It’s not ambiguous when it’s cruel, and now I dream of dreaming with me?

For a long while, he said again: "The child is mine?"


"Chen Jia, don’t play me!" He frowned and looked at me.

"I play you?" I laughed, "Those days, there are no one except you."

In fact, there has been no one else, and I’m afraid that I don’t seem to forget him.

"Say, what do you want?" He sighed.

What does I want to do?

Good guys don’t eat before they lose, I’m too lazy to talk to him.

"Tick me a certificate with me. The child needs to be a permit. He will give me 3,000 yuan a month. I can’t raise a child by myself."

My appeal is simple.

He stared at me without talking.

I was stared at uncomfortably.

Seeing that he didn’t speak for a long time, I became more guilty.

"If you think there are too many 3000, 2500 can also be." I asked him tentatively.

"Chen Jia …" His voice was scary, "Marriage is not a child’s play."

I do not speak.

He still doesn’t want to marry me?

For a few seconds, I feel that I am a little discussing, and I turn around with my lips …

"Weekend, take out time." He called me, as if he had made any difficult decisions.


"Go to your home."

I stunned, reacted, pretended to be indifferent to one: "Oh."

Back in the department, I built a card, Dr. Liu was still very enthusiastic about me, and pulled me about Gu Xiao.

I looked at her carefully.

Guazi face, fair skin, and the princess who has supported the best from the childhood, with a cheerful personality.

If I am a man, I will like her too.

Such a girl chasing Xiao, I have a snack.

But I don’t seem to be eligible.

Gu Xiao said that going to my house on the weekend is going to marry me?

At the end of the diagnosis and treatment, I was holding the newly built card. When I passed by the emergency department, I didn’t see Gu Xiao.

I went to take the bus out of funeral, but his text message came.

"You gone?"


"I call you at night."

"what ever."

I was sitting on the bus, looking at the text message, and it was obviously a big event in life, but I couldn’t get up.

In the evening, he was pretty an appointment and called me.

But he was boring and cold.

Every time I chat, it is nothing more than asking questions such as "I vomited today", "How many times I vomited" and "What did you eat".

It is uncomfortable to be unwilling to care about it.

I also mechanically answered his question.

The answer was perfunctory, he was still unhappy, "Chen Jia, are you always so dazed?"

"Do Dr. Gu get out of bed, always like a cold machine?"

Two people chatted to death, and I hung up.

Do I want to stick his cold ass with a hot face forever?


On the weekend, a black Mercedes -Benz stopped in my yard.

On the dining table, there were three strangers of Gu Xiao and his parents. The atmosphere was embarrassing and embarrassing.

"How long have you been pregnant, this child didn’t tell us." Gu Xiao’s mother opened.

She was wearing a suit skirt, and the high heel under her feet stepped into my ditch when she got out of the car. It took a long time to pull it out.

"12 weeks." Gu Xiao said.

I was a little surprised, I don’t know how he knew.

After thinking about it, he was a doctor, and he would definitely count.

"After 12 weeks, then I have to do it, and my stomach will be obvious later. For pro -mys, do you think so?" Gu Xiao’s mother asked my mother’s opinion.

"Yes." My mother answered anxiously.

Gu Xiao didn’t speak, but when I was pinching peppers, I stared at me,

"Don’t eat too spicy."

"Eat some steamed eggs with nutrition." Gu Xiao’s mother saw it, and gave me a spoonful of steamed eggs.

As a result, I stared at the steamed eggs of Huanghuang, and my stomach rolled around. I quickly got up and went to the toilet to vomit.

After spitting out, I was stunned.

"So big?" My mother looked at me worriedly.

"The reaction shows that the child is good." Gu Xiao looked at me with a smile, as if he was satisfied with my response.

"You see, the two of you pulled the evidence first? Of course, the wedding was also required. Our family would be Gu Xiao. After Jiajia came, there would be one child at home. We must …"

Gu Xiao’s mother hasn’t finished saying–

My dad suddenly came back from the outside and followed my sister behind.

"Gu … Dr. Gu."

My dad first saw Gu Xiao’s father.

My dad talked about the cold sweat.

That’s right, Gu Xiao’s father is a famous neurology expert and the attending doctor of my sister.

Before my dad came back, my mother didn’t mention it, I thought my mother had forgotten.

As a result, as soon as my dad came back, he recognized it at a glance.

Gu Xiao’s father was also surprised.

Probably I have seen too many patients, not my dad mentioned, and he forgot to have my sister.

"Know?" Gu Xiao’s mother asked.

Gu Xiao’s father pursed his lips and didn’t speak.

He looked at my sister, my dad, look at me again, and finally looked back.

"A patient." He sighed and stopped talking.

Gu Xiao stared at me and doubts.

Gu Xiao’s mother did not speak anymore.

"elder sister."

Chen Yu’s pronunciation was not standard, grinning, and then running in front of me, as if to give me any baby.

When I saw her hands clearly, I was scared to scare the scalp.

"Good, don’t play this." I pressed my emotions and prayed that she could understand what I meant this time.

"Sister." She couldn’t understand her face at all, and continued to hand over the leeches in her hand to me.

"You’re a little …" I asked her.

"The leeches suck people with blood, take her away." Gu Xiao’s mother said she stood up and helped.

As a result, the scared sister screamed directly.

She was afraid of hiding under the table, watching a few strangers in horror.

The sister’s move broke the last layer of shame.

"I’m sorry, I’m sorry." My mother stood awkwardly and apologized. "My little daughter … have a problem with her head."

"But she was just afraid of giving birth, just for a while." My mother said that she got into the table and took a lot of energy. My sister couldn’t come out.

There was no way, my dad drilled again, and the two of them got out of Chen Yu and hugged directly to the room.

This process is funny and sad.

Seeing the exquisite expression on Gu Xiao’s mother’s face, my heart was completely cold.

I imagined that his parents knew that my sister was an epilepsy, and the family could sit down and talk about it.

If you don’t accept it, I don’t blame him.

After all, this is a real problem.

But I still underestimated my sister’s ability, and the scene was enough to scare the shadow.

When my mother locked her sister into the room, they sat over again.

For a while, everyone was sitting quietly and no one spoke.

"What is the child’s condition? Is the frequency of the recent onset high?" Gu Xiao’s father couldn’t help spoke first, "I’ll go and see."

"Okay." My dad stood up a little bit, "Trouble you, Dr. Gu."

My dad talked about the doctor and stabbed me.

Obviously the two were discussing the marriage, but he called Dr. Gu.

My dad and his dad went to the room to see my sister, and I was boring.

"That … We have no opinion on the marriage, why are it all?" My mother said, and she lowered her head."The little daughter is innate, epilepsy, cured for many years, can’t cure well."

"But you can rest assured that as long as I and her dad live for a day, I won’t bother you."

Gu Xiao’s mother’s face changed and changed, and it took a long time to speak.

"Xiao Chen, you just said you were pregnant for 12 weeks."


"I think you are very thin. I heard that Gu Xiao said that your previous inspection indicators were not very good. This child was a big event. It was only 12 weeks, and it was not sure that it was stable and unstable."

Her words turned too fast, my mother looked a little dull.

"It’s not in a hurry to get married. During the epidemic, everything is simplified. The evidence, then go to the epidemic in the future.

Of course, I can understand what it means, and I didn’t say anything.

In fact, Gu Xiao’s mother had left us with enough face.

Other people’s mothers said directly: "There is a fool in your family, who dares to marry you! Who marries, who will stand this burden for a lifetime."

"Okay, don’t say," Mom, "Gu Xiao, who has been silent, holds his mother’s words.

His mother’s face was stiff.


"Chen Jia, can I go to your room to see?"

Gu Xiao suddenly proposed to go to my room. I was relieved, and the scene was really suffocating just now.

My house is a self -built house in rural areas, two floors.

I took him to the second floor.

He didn’t say anything behind me.

The more he doesn’t speak, the more I don’t have the bottom.

When I arrived in my room, he exudes low pressure on the small toys that I played when I was a kid. "You have nothing to say to me?"

"What?" I sat beside the bed stunned.

"Casually, you want to say anything." He couldn’t see emotions.

I am elusive, and this feeling of waiting to be tried is not tasteful.

"You see it, what else do you say?" I whispered.

He suddenly turned his head and looked at me with a high look, "I want to listen to you."

He paused, "Talking about you knew my dad long ago, and pretended to be unknown.

"Tell me why you choose me.

"Tell me the reason why you choose this child."


I was shocked by his words, and I couldn’t say a word.

I remembered breaking up with him six years ago.

At that time, my sister committed illness at home. My dad went to the hospital for several days before he hung up an expert number.

My mother and I tried to get my sister at the hospital.

"Her situation is a bit serious, and it is difficult to cure.

"But according to the frequency of onset you said, your parents should watch it at any time."

Old experts saw me who was scared beside me, "Are you sister?"

I didn’t speak.

"Um." He didn’t speak more.

Later, when I paid the fee, when I got the list to the department, I met his assistant doctor to talk to him.

"Hey, her sister is also died. After her parents leave, my sister estimates that her sister has to watch it by herself. No one dares to marry this situation."

"Don’t discuss other people’s affairs." The old expert held him with sigh.

This old expert is either someone else or Gu Xiao’s father, Gu Mingsheng.

I have heard Gu Xiao said that his father was in this hospital, neurology, and his name was right.

I went back that day, and I thought for a long time, and sent a text message to Gu Xiao.

"let’s break up."

"What are you making trouble again?"

"No trouble."

"Think about it?"


He didn’t return to me, it was the default.

The two of us have never been looking for anyone again.

I was young, because of inferiority, and the little self -esteem in my heart, I broke up.

As a result, 6 years later, my fate still had to arrange me and he tossed again.

When Gu Xiao quality asked me, I didn’t return to him, just playing with my phone.

Probably I couldn’t wait for my answer. When I was impatient, he turned out of disappointment.

When the car downstairs started, my mobile phone was spent.

There is water on the screen, so I can’t get it, I throw my phone aside with a lustfulness.


A marriage was unhappy, and the atmosphere at home was cold.

"They still go back in advance." My dad came to my room, which was a pass.

My dad is comforting me.

I know.

Everyone knows what is going on.

"Xiao Gu means to get a certificate tomorrow." My dad said again.


I was a little surprised. I thought he would leave directly and would not marry me at all.

"Wedding … his mother means not to do."


"The house of the house said that I bought a set near Xiao Gu Hospital. You can live after you get married. Is it a bit far from your unit?"

My dad asked me.

"A little."

Our unit is in the north of the city, the hospital is in the south of the city, and it takes two hours to take a subway and transfer to the car.

He came over and sat beside me.

"Do you think?" My dad looked at me.

"What do you miss?"

My dad sighed and stopped talking."You are big, we can’t control you anymore."

"Don’t you want me to get married? Are you looking forward to my marriage with my mother every day?" I asked my dad easily.

"I hope you get married, and I hope someone will take care of you." My dad was a little angry.

I have nothing to say, whispered, "I don’t need to take care of anyone."

My dad didn’t say more, and sighed downstairs.

When I sent me to the station, my dad stuffed me the package,

"If you have money at home, you save yourself, buy whatever you want to eat, do n’t send money at home."

"Dad is like this in this life, you are still very long in your life."

After he finished speaking, he turned directly and walked away.

I didn’t give me any room for talking.

I sat in the car, opened the package, containing a bag of fresh peanuts, and a plastic bag, wrapped in money.

I squeezed the money, and I couldn’t say uncomfortably in my heart.

The next day, nine o’clock.

I went to the Civil Affairs Bureau and Gu Xiao had arrived.

It took less than 10 minutes to get a certificate. After finishing the certificate, he said that he was very busy and went to work in the afternoon.

"I only invited it for one morning." He handed me the key."I haven’t lived in the house yet, I usually stay in the dormitory.

"Go and see first, what you need to buy, list me a list.

"The emergency room is very busy, you don’t need to wait for me, I can’t return it once a week."

After listening to this, I think we are like a transaction, doing things in accordance with the procedures, without any humanity.

Of course I can understand what he meant.

The evidence was forced, he didn’t want to see me.

"Coincidentally, I only asked for two hours of leave. Trouble the intersection in front." I smiled and pointed at the intersection in front.

Obviously he didn’t expect me to come here, and his face was a little unsightly.

"I went to work in the afternoon, you are gone now, where am I going?" He asked me.

I care about where you go …

Didn’t he want to see me?

I just said that the marriage vow was more awkward than forcing him to say that the confession was awkward. He thought I wanted to see him?

"There is a park in front. Many old grandpa is playing chess. You really have no place to go. You can relax."

I smiled at him, opened the door, and left without looking back.

I couldn’t see his car anymore, I went to take the bus.

I received a text message he sent in the car, with only three words.

"You are great."

I’m too lazy to return to him.

To be honest, the place he worked was too far away from my unit, and I regret it a little.

I knew that let him send me to the company.

After pregnancy, as soon as I smelled the taste of many people on the bus, I felt uncomfortable to vomit.

What am I getting angry with the car?Now I suffer …


After working for a day, I took another two hours to his house.

The community is very high -end and the house is very large.Dive, with the top floor.

The decoration is relatively simple. Like him, no one lives. There are only soil on the top garden, no plants, and weeds.

There are 5 rooms here, which is not a little bit bigger than my one -bedroom.

I sent a text message and asked him, "Where do I live?"

He didn’t return to me.

Don’t calculate.

I chose a small bedroom on the second floor myself.

For too long, I had to clean up and clean it for an hour, so I couldn’t stand my waist.

I didn’t want to cook, ordered a takeaway directly, and I would eat it.

He waited for a while at night. When he didn’t come back at 12 o’clock, I didn’t ask, and I fell down to sleep.

I woke up the next morning, and I hurried out when I packed it.

When changing the shoes at the door, I found that the men’s slippers at the door did not move.

I have a trace of emotions in my heart.

Then the next day, the third day …

For a week, those shoes have not moved.

When I came back at night, I changed my shoes, sat at the door, and fell into thought.

Finally, I bent down and put the men’s slippers into the shoe cabinet.

Why bother, wait for someone who doesn’t want to come back.

Because I spend too much time in the subway every day, I have no energy to buy food and cook myself. After eating for several days in a row, the little guy in my stomach was in trouble.

I want to vomit as soon as I see takeaway.

I had to buy a little frozen dumplings downstairs to cook it myself.

When my mother opened the video for me, I was cooking dumplings.

"You just eat this?" My mother was worried.

"It’s delicious."

Simple and convenient, quick -frozen dumplings are really the first choice for office workers for dinner.

"What are you delicious? You are not alone now. How can you keep up with your nutrition to eat this thing?"

"How old is he, 14 weeks, there is a small fish, what nutrition wants." I said angrily.

"How about Xiao Gu? Still not come back?" My mother asked me.

The atmosphere suddenly became silent, and I said it indifferently, "He is busy."

To be honest, he didn’t come back, and I was a little sad at first.

When I get used to it, I feel that a person is relaxed.

"Others don’t come back, what are you married?" My mother sighed on the video.

"Doctors are like this." I explained, "I’m very good, don’t worry about me."

"Dad and Chen Yu?" I transferred the topic.

I have been saying my sister’s name in front of my mother.

Yes, I did n’t agree with her second child, so she kept gambled without calling her sister. Later, she called Chen Yu and was used to change it.

"Your dad …" My mother shook her head, "I can’t sleep because of your marriage these days."

My mother cried when she said.

My heart sank.

"What do you say to your children!" My dad scolded my mother next to him.

"I’m worried, how can my two children die so hard." My mother cried while being blamed by my dad while crying.

Listening to the noise of the two people over there, I was boring.

I don’t know how long, my dad took the phone.

"Jiajia." He called my name.

"Doesn’t he go to you with Mom Gu?" My dad asked me softly.

"People also have their own homes. Why do they come here?"

"So …" My dad thought for a while, "Can you do it alone?"

"What’s wrong with this? You forget that I am first -class to cook." I said with a smile, "It’s just that the reaction can’t be eaten recently, so I eat some quick -frozen dumplings. After a while, I will cook it myself."

"Don’t worry."

"Okay." My dad said yes, but his face was still worried.

"The room here is very big. I live alone, empty, you can come to the city to play when you are empty."

"This is not appropriate." My dad dismissed my thoughts, "You take care of yourself, what’s what you say."


Later, I talked to my dad to talk about work.

He didn’t understand it, but he heard it very seriously.

Every time I listen to me, I can’t help but give me opinions.

"Jiajia, the loss is a blessing, the hardship is a blessing. Take your time. Dad thinks that your goal will be achieved. Dad believes you."

"Girls have to work hard, but the result is not important. You always have to try it. You always said that you are not suitable for the marketing department. Dad thinks you do well."

Every time he analyzes me carefully, I feel funny.

He is a decoration worker who deal with cement sand and soil every day. In fact, he doesn’t understand my work at all.

But he thought very seriously and wanted to help me seriously.

So I pretended to listen to his analysis carefully.


On Wednesday, I went to the hospital to do NT examination for my child.

Dr. Liu is still very enthusiastic about me.

"Why are you always doing inspections alone, husband?" She watched my own payment, queued, ran up and ran, but didn’t hold back and asked me.

husband?I stunned for a second.

These two words are too strange to me.

"He is busy." I smiled.

"What do your husband do, you can’t show up when you are busy?" Dr. Liu took the NT report and looked carefully.

I am silent.

In fact, Gu Xiao didn’t show up. He was in the hospital every day, but he had not accompanied me to do a check -up.

He didn’t even want to see it, let alone, accompany me for a checkup.

If he can go to the day of his classmate, he would rather not meet me.

"Children are okay." Dr. Liu said with a report and pointed out to me, "I feel that fat is a bit cute."

I looked at the little human figure in the B -ultrasound photo, and suddenly I felt a little strange feeling in my heart.

Life is curious, it is really small.

But so small, I can see the approximate shape of its arms and legs.

In the entire human body, round heads accounted for 2/3.

"Wait a week to do Tang Siek, don’t forget." Dr. Liu reminded me.

"Okay, thank you, Dr. Liu." I said sincerely.

"Don’t thank me, Dr. Gu can care about your situation. Every time I encounter me, I ask." She said with a smile, "He remembers more clear than you."


"You can see, you used to be a very good friend." She also said, "Dr. Gu is usually very cold and did not see who he was so concerned about. Last time, his sister was in our hospital, and he didn’t care so much.I still knew that his sister was born the next day. "

"Oh." I fell into thought, "That line, I met him, thank him."

"Hmm!" Dr. Liu pulled me and walked outside. "Otherwise, just now, I just get off work, and go to him by the way." Together. "

"Ah, no more. I changed all day …" I don’t want to see him.

Meeting will be awkward.

"Well, I actually find an excuse to find him." Dr. Liu said with a shame. "The hospital organizes the group to build a group tonight. I will go to the inspection and go. If I do n’t go, I wo n’t go.”

Group building?

It seems that their lives are not as busy as I think.

Where he was busy, he just didn’t want to see me.

I want to see how comfortable it is here. He would rather stay in the department and not want to go home.

I followed Dr. Liu to Gu Xiao’s department.

Because it was noon, most of the nurse went to eat.

Several doctors in the office held a box lunch and chatted while eating.

Although they were all wearing a white coat, I saw him in the crowd at a glance.

He sat on the sofa and looked like he had finished eating, but there was a lot of lunch boxes in front of him. It seemed that the box lunch in the hospital was not very delicious.

His mobile phone was put aside, leaning leisurely on the sofa, and closed his eyes.

After a week, he did not see some stubble.

Because he closed his eyes, I dared to look at him unscrupulously.

He didn’t look at it for two seconds, and he suddenly opened his eyes.

I was startled, I couldn’t avoid it, and I was embarrassed.

"Why don’t you go to the cafeteria, just eat box lunch?" Liu Qian greeted him.

"The cafeteria is tired."

"Box lunch is tired too."

"Hope in life."

A group of life complained incompetent.

"There is a cafeteria nutrition in the box lunch." Liu Qian smiled and joked with them.

"Can we find a girlfriend in our job?"

"I stayed at the hospital for 24 hours and 20 hours, and I found it for nothing."


A group of people said indignantly.

I stood outside the door and listened to them to chat, and Gu Xiao stared at me from the beginning.

He was stared at uncomfortably, and I simply walked to the side and was too lazy to see him.

"Gu Xiao, do you build you at night?" Liu Qian asked him.

I was a little curious and looked up at him again, he was watching me again.

What do you do?My face reads the answer?

"Look again." His voice sounded a little dry, as if tired.

Is it overnight again?

"Oh." Liu Qian was a little disappointed, thinking about what, greeted me in, "Jiajia came to take care of it."

I walked in with my head.

"This is?"

"Dr. Liu, your sister? So beautiful?"


A group of male doctors put down the box lunch instantly and looked at me.

I’m a little cramped.

"Hello, I am Chen Jia." I tried to introduce myself generously.

"Hello, I am Chen Jianwei." A male doctor stood up and shook hands with me.

I looked at Gu Xiao, his face was extremely dark.

"Go away." Liu Qian killed the male doctor’s hand."This is Dr. Gu’s college classmate."

"When do you have such a beautiful classmate, do you not introduce us?"

"That, my sister, I am …" Another male doctor stood up and introduced himself.

A group of people next to them coaxed.

Gu Xiao, who said nothing next to him, suddenly stood up, holding the lunch box from me and the male doctor, thinking about what, stopped again.

"She is pregnant, don’t think about it."


Pregnancy is not an embarrassing thing, but it is really embarrassing to say it like this.

I saw a few doctors shrink back, embarrassedly toes.

"No, I didn’t see it."

"We are so slim, we really didn’t see it."

"Don’t mind, sister."

"Yeah, it’s been more than three months." Liu Qian said with a smile.

Then he turned his head and quietly told me: "This group of old men is like this. Every day in the hospital, I see a beautiful woman who finds the new continent."


"What’s the matter with me, come out and say." Gu Xiao, who was standing at the door, was arrogant.

I:?Who wants to find him.

"I didn’t find you, just pass by." I returned to him with a smile.

His face was a little ugly.

But I don’t care.

After speaking, I said goodbye to Dr. Liu, "I’m gone first."

"You eat slowly, it’s hard." I waved my hand towards those doctors and turned out of the door.

Gu Xiao didn’t say anything, and threw the box lunch to the trash can outside.

I walked into the elevator, and he followed.

Don’t look at me or speak.

If you don’t talk, don’t talk, and I keep silent.

After a few seconds, he looked down and glanced at me, "What to check today?"

Oh, he finally remembered a child.

I sneered in my heart.

"NT." I briefly returned him.

"Is it okay?" He asked again.


The atmosphere suddenly fell into a deadlock.

I remembered that when I was in love before, he was like this.

Every time I do n’t have a cold, I am rack my brains to find topics.

It’s different now, I don’t want to force myself, it’s cold.

I have been beaten by society. No one thinks others are accustomed to you. I don’t live easily. There is no need to find torture for myself.

In this way, he always followed me to my bus station.

He followed me and didn’t speak.

"Isn’t it uncomfortable taking a bus?" He looked at the crowded buses and frowned.

"I think work is also very uncomfortable, and I don’t have to do it yet." I said calmly, and then turned to squeeze on the bus.

He is really a young master who doesn’t know the suffering in the world.

I don’t open BMW because I don’t like the Fourth Palace Grand?

My monthly salary is 4,500, and the subsidy is less than 7,000. My rent in one room is 1,500, and the daily expenses are also 2,000.

The remaining 3500, I also send my mother for 2000, and I have to do a birth check every month. It really is difficult to save hundreds of dollars.

He asked me why I took a bus?

Because of poor.

Since I was in trouble with him, I was not embarrassed to ask him for money.

Just thinking that the mobile phone received a WeChat.

Transfer 3000.

I watched the transfer that Gu Xiao gave me. He hesitated for a few seconds, and I still collected it.

I feel that the money he collects his money seems to have no bones, but life tells me that people have to survive first, and then talk about bones.

He can also abide by his commitment, and finally remembers that he will give me 3,000 every month.

I made a sentence, "Thank you."

He didn’t return to me.


In the evening, accompany the customer for dinner.

It’s a bit late, and I am tired again, so I went back to the one I rented.

The small room is a little small, but it makes me relax.

I was lying on the bed, and suddenly felt that the house I rented was living well. What big house to live in?

Tossed two or three hours a day, went there, the huge house, I was too lazy to clean it again, eating, laundering, and sleeping every day.

Why is this?

So I made up my mind to take things back tomorrow.

At 12 o’clock in the evening, I am still preparing the meal I will bring tomorrow.

Recently, the box lunch is not used to eating. I have done it at night and brought it to the company during the day.

After finishing lying on the bed, he found that Gu Xiao sent information.

"Why didn’t you be at home?"

The information was sent half an hour ago.

He came home?The sun came out of the west …

After thinking about it, I still went back to him: "Here, I haven’t passed."

His information almost returned immediately.


I took a breath, and now he is just a symbol to send only one symbol?

"Tired." I also learned that he only sent one word.

He didn’t return to me again.

I can’t think of it too much.

After get off work the next day, I took a woven bag and passed Gu Xiao’s house.

I simply packed it at home, and I was about to go …

The door opened.

It’s Gu Xiao’s mother.

"Auntie." I blurted out without my brain.

When I saw her face change, I realized that I was wrong.

We had never seen it that day after my house was unhappy.

Let me call my mom, I really can’t call it.

"Are you … are you going?" His mother walked in, changed his shoes, and sat down on the sofa.

"I, I think it’s a bit far here. I am a bit tossing every day, so I plan to move back to live." I said truthfully.

"Are you arguing with Gu Xiao?" His mother asked me.

"No quarrel." I closed the door and put down the woven bag.

"No quarrel, how can he call me?"


I am a little covered.

Gu Xiao asked his mother to come over?Why do you call it?

"It’s really noisy." I had a headache. "Actually he didn’t come back. You rest assured that I didn’t interact with him at all, and I didn’t have to make noisy at all."

But I found that the more complicated, the more complicated.

Because his mother looked at me with a weird expression.

"Have you been able to get a certificate or two for a week or two, he hasn’t come back?"

Look, the problem is.

Thinking about it, he didn’t come back, and I couldn’t tie him back. What happened to me.

"Well, he is busy." I lowered my head.

His mother frowned deeply and took out her mobile phone to call Gu Xiao’s father.

I was not embarrassed to hear, so I had to stand next to pretending to clean.

"Never came back.

"I said …

"What kind of marriage do you say?

"Forced the child’s house without returning."

I heard a few words faintly.

What she said is right, what marriage?

I don’t know either.

I seem to be no different from being single. Except for vomiting every day, it is uncomfortable, except that I don’t seem to worry about the blind date.

What does marriage look like?I really do not know.

But do you want to say that this marriage is worth it?

I think it ’s worth it. I keep my child. The marriage target is what I want. When I lived in a big house, my parents did not seem to be so sad for me.

It’s just that when a person walks at night, when one person cooks and wash dishes, he occasionally feels missing something.

Gu Xiao’s mother called and called me out.

"How about your body recently? Why do I think you have lost a little bit?"


"How many pounds before pregnancy?" She asked again.


"What now?"

I hesitated and replied, "92."

Yes, I lost 2 pounds for more than three months.

Because I ca n’t eat it, and I vomit and vomit.

In addition, I ran at major stores every day, and I was tired half dead.

"Are you pregnant and lost two pounds?" She looked at me in surprise.

What can I say?Is it my fault to lose weight?"I guess it will get fat later."

"You call me your mother." She said to take out her phone.

No way, I had to give her the number.

They added friends and opened the video.

I sat next to my side and listened to the training.

"Who is the child’s pregnancy, the thinner and thinner? Can this child keep up with?" His mother seemed a little anxious.

"Always call her to eat more, why are you thin?" My mother was anxious there.

I sat next to me and had a headache.

"If you are free, come to take care of Jiajia alone." His mother proposed.

"No! Really." I quickly refused.

But the two of them couldn’t listen to me at all.

"That’s it. Our old man is not too young. He is still busy in the hospital. I can’t get up. Gu Xiao is too busy in the emergency room.Take care of her. "

"This is the truth. We understand that her sister can’t do without people." My mother was also very embarrassed.

Yes, Chen Yu looks like it. He has to stare at people 24 hours a day. She cannot take care of herself. She fell into the ravine or fell into the pool without paying attention.

My mother must not be here.

My dad work on the construction site every day. It is the source of the family. Chen Yu’s cost of medication per month is 2,000, and he must not work.

I have long thought about this, and I even want to deposit more money. After the child is born, I will go to a cheap confinement center by myself.

"What about that Jiajia? Look at her alone, so thin like this, can the child be born in the future?"

"Auntie, I can take care of myself, don’t …" Don’t embarrass my parents.

It’s called the wrong person again, I’m a little annoying.

"Okay, each family has the difficulties of each family. I think you are still holding things to leave, Gu Xiao does not come back, and still with pregnancy. What do you say? In this case, why did you still stay desperately at the beginning?Next … the child is innocent. "

"I am old, I can’t control you and Gu Xiao. What do you do if you love." She sighed, stuffing some seafood brought into the refrigerator, and left.

I stood in place dumbfounded.

I left desperately?Is it the Civil Affairs Bureau that I pressed your son, or what?

For more than three months of pregnancy, Gu Xiao did not accompany me with a check -up once, and he was still wronged?

I sat alone on the sofa alone.

Life seems to always be against me, and I can’t find it again.


I haven’t moved anymore, I still take a few hours of tossing every day.

One day after get off work, returned home, walked to the door, and saw a worker holding a plastic bag and standing at the door.

I approached and looked at my dad.

"Dad?" I thought I looked at it.

He wore long -dressed trousers and smiled at me a little restrained.

"Why did you get off work so late?" My dad hurried over and helped me over the dishes in my hand.

"Run the store, for a while."

I watched his head on his head, and it was completely like returning from the construction site.

After entering the door, he put the vegetables on the shoe cabinet and whispered: "I found a job in the city."

"Oh? What job?" I was a little surprised.

"Other people decorate the facade, I brush the wall. Not far away, just near this." He said with a smile.

"It’s nearby? Then you can come over often?"


He said that he had retreated to the door again, and stood at the door and started to take off his jacket and pants.

"Dad, come in and change, what are you doing outside?" I quickly stopped him.

"I wore a set inside." He pointed at the T -shirt inside, "The clothes on the construction site are dirty."

"It’s dirty." I was a little anxious.

He put his clothes directly into a plastic bag and placed at the door.

"It will stain the ground." He pointed to the dust in the house.

"No!" I was anxious and angry. "You put your clothes outside like this, what should others do?"

"Not worth, no one takes it."

He said that he took off his shoes and walked into the room barefoot.

"The house is quite big."

"Don’t bare your feet, you change your slippers."

"Okay, I’ll go to your feet first." He said he walked to the bathroom with his slippers.

I looked at the plastic bag at the door, and my mood was complicated.

I followed, he rushed a few times, wiped his feet again, and put on the slippers.

Then I went to the kitchen with the dishes I bought and started cooking.

"Let me do it."

In fact, in my hometown, my dad rarely cooks.

Unless there are many relatives at home, my dad will go out of the horse.

Therefore, I think he was not so skilled in washing vegetables.

"You go to rest." My dad stubbornly stopped me from intervening, and had to do it alone.

I couldn’t hold him, so I had to chat with him in the kitchen.

"Dad, you come to the city, Chen Yu, is it fixed alone?" I asked him.

His movement paused.

"She has been obedient recently, your mother can."


"How long do you have to stay in the city?"

"A few months."

How many months?In the impression, my dad was renovated in a nearby place to take care of the family.

The city is no better than the countryside, and you have to toss for a few hours to go back.

How can he take care of it?

In the evening, I ate my dad’s dishes, and I was quite happy, but at the same time, I felt uneasy.

I called my mother before going to bed, and my mother told me the truth.

"What coincidence? Your mother -in -law called us to take care of you. Your dad didn’t sleep well for several nights. He entrusted many people to find a relationship and contacted the decoration in the city.Convenient to take care of you. "

Hearing this, I stunned in my heart.

"I said all, I can, you don’t listen."

"Being a parent, who doesn’t worry about your child, your dad is afraid that you will be wronged there, and run over to cook for you. Your mother and I have never eaten your dad’s meal several times in this life."

"What do you do at home?" My voice choked a little.

"What can I do? People always have to live, don’t worry about your family, raise your fetus well."

Hanging the phone, I was lying on the bed, thinking of going home at night, seeing my dad standing at the door, and I didn’t know how long he had waited for something.

Thinking of his stubbornness to change clothes outside, he was afraid of staining the ground.

I suddenly realized that although I lived in this big house, I was the owner of the house, and my dad was clearer than me.

That’s why he is so uncomfortable, and he can’t do whatever he wants.

He tossed to work in the city and wore a dirty work clothes after get off work. How much should he suffer when he squeezed the subway.

He just hurts me …

Thinking of this, my nose was sore, and my tears couldn’t help it anymore.

I suddenly felt that I failed.

I don’t know, I insist on leaving this child and insist on marrying Gu Xiao. What is my obsession over the years?

I am too selfish.

I cried for a while, and it was almost 1 o’clock at first glance. I was scared to stop my tears immediately.

You have to get up at 6:30 in the morning and take the subway to catch up with the attendance at 8:30.

I got up and washed my face, and immediately fell asleep.

Adults are not even crying, what I am overwhelming.


In the next few days, I was moisturizing.

When I came back from get off work every day, my dad basically made the food. I just eat it, and I don’t even have to wash.

I screened on Friday.

Thinking of Tang Si on Friday, I waited for my dad to return to my hometown together in the afternoon.

When I went to the hospital, I met Gu Xiao again.

However, this time he didn’t wear a white coat, standing in the obstetrics and gynecology department, more like waiting for me.

"Listen to my mother, say you have lost a lot?" He looked up and down, "I don’t feel thin?"

He said it was right, because my dad made several dishes a day, and I obviously felt a lot of good looks on my face these days.

I originally wanted to say a word, but when I thought about it, there was no need to make the relationship stiff and let my parents worry. I still held back and bypassed him directly.

As soon as I went out, I was pulled by him.

"I don’t want to see me like that?" He asked me expressionlessly.

"I’m going to check, can you not delay my time?" I don’t want to talk to him.

"Okay." He put his hands and finally eased his voice, "You go in and open the list, I’m waiting for you here."

"Why are you waiting for me? Are you not going to work today?"

Isn’t he busy?Why is it so idle today?

"Holiday today."

No wonder …

"Then wait a minute." I turned around and walked inside.

Some people run in line to pay for the queue, and I can’t commit it with him.

Tang Si only needs to draw blood.

Gu Xiao went to pay the fee and accompanied me with blood, his colleagues in his hospital looked at him with surprised eyes.

"Dr. Gu, who is this?"

"Relatives? You still bring it yourself."

"Dr. Gu didn’t go to work today?"


Everyone was ridiculed him, and I was waiting nervously for his answer.

He was like a crowd, and he didn’t answer at all, just smiling.

He doesn’t want to disclose our relationship …

I’m a little sad, but it’s just a little bit.

"Unhappy?" When he used a cotton swab to help me stop bleeding, he asked me without lift his head.

"No." I lie.

"Don’t ignore them."


He threw away the cotton swab and looked at me seriously, "The doctor’s job is very distressed, gossip a lot …"

I didn’t speak.

This is not that he did not disclose that he was married, and I was his wife.

I know, he just wanted to set up a single person.

"What do you want to eat?" He asked me.

"I go home and do it myself." I dumped him, "I’m leaving."

"You …" He followed up, finally sighed, pulled my hand, and wanted to soothe me.

"What do you pull me?" I struggled to shake off his hand, but he held tighter.

"What do you say?" He asked me.

"I’m not afraid of your nurse sister now?" I didn’t show mercy under my mouth.

I didn’t dare to hold it in the hospital just now. Now I arrived at the underground garage, no one, dare?

He looked at me and suddenly laughed, and didn’t speak, just laughed there.

I felt that he was laughing at me, so I was so angry that I raised his foot and stepped on him.

He loosened my hand painfully.

I’m too lazy to care about him and keep going.

He didn’t keep up behind.

When I walked away, there was a sound behind me.

"Chen Jia, almost …"

I turned back, he stood proudly and looked at me.

In fact, I was hesitant. I should get along well with him in reason. After all, I have received a certificate. After all, he is also the person I like.

But the reality is that I just gave birth to him and couldn’t control it.

Seeing that Dr. Liu was interesting to him, I would be angry.

Seeing those nurses and sisters who behaved well in front of him, I would be angry.

I was angry when I saw that he didn’t want to disclose our relationship.


Marriage was forced by my child.

He doesn’t like me either.

No matter which aspect, I ask for it.

I can only be angry with myself, and I can’t blame anyone.

Thinking of this, I turned around.

Suddenly, as soon as I was light, the whole person was empty.

"Gu Xiao, you …" I found out that he didn’t know when he came, and hugged me directly.

"Why is it so light?" He lowered his head and asked me regardless of my struggle.

Because my breathing was too close, my heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

"You let me down." I wanted to say a word of fierceness, but I didn’t know why, and I changed the tone as soon as I came out, which was a bit coquettish.

I am a little annoyed.

He heard me coquettish, and it seemed to be panicked. The whole person was there, holding me without talking.

After a few seconds, I held me slowly towards the black Mercedes.

He ranged one hand, opened the door of the co -pilot, kicked away with his feet, then bent down and put me gently.

I didn’t leave after putting it down, and the whole person came over.

I held my breath nervously.

But he just pulled the seat belt from behind me and carefully helped me tied it.

Roll up when it is tied!

I opened my face and didn’t look at him.

He didn’t move.

"What are you looking forward to?" He stopped there and asked me with a smile.

"I didn’t expect …" I refuted, but I almost touched his lips when I turned my face.

I was so scared that I immediately closed my mouth and didn’t dare to speak out.

He still didn’t move, but just down his eyes and glanced at the position of my lips, looked at it for a second, and took it back.

"Go home first." The moment he opened the distance, I saw his throat rolling.

I didn’t speak, my heartbeat was about to come out, and my fingers tightened my clothes.

Every time I think of this picture, I laughed at myself.

It’s not the first time to kiss, I have done everything, and I am nervous like a little girl who has just fell in love. I really look down on myself.


On the way home, we still didn’t speak.

He drove, I played a mobile phone, and the division of labor was clear.

But in my mind, he reported that what he said before, "Go home first."

Going home, what about then?

No more, as soon as he went home, he lay down to the sofa, took a book there, and waited for me to cook.

I’m so angry.

"I don’t eat coriander." He frowned when I brought out two bowls of noodles.


"Then you finish your noodles, and the coriander is left." I gave him the chopsticks, and he became an uncle.

He stared at him for a few seconds, sighed, "taste."

He was really hard to serve.

I didn’t want to be annoyed by him, so I had to pinch all the coriander with chopsticks, put it in my bowl, and pushed him to him.

He still doesn’t move.

"Also onion."

"Don’t want the green onion?"

"Yes." He smiled at me.


Want him to say a fart there.

I buried my noodles and no longer ignored him.

He ate very slowly, chewed carefully, and for a long time, he was still eating.

"Eating slowly can help digestion." He looked at me explain.

I was speechless, why didn’t he find that he had so many problems before.

When he finished eating, he took the initiative to wash the bowl.

He is a bit conscience!

"Is this cabinet a bit higher for you?" While washing the dishes, he watched the layout around the kitchen.

Well, he said I was short, I know.


"Why don’t you have a green plant in the house?" He looked around again.

"You want to buy it yourself, I don’t have time." I said the truth.

I only get off work every day, and I don’t have thought to buy plants at all.

Of course, I probably did not treat it as my own home, and I didn’t think about it.

"There is no book in the study," he said again.

"I don’t read a book." I went back directly.

I found that he was strange today and had nothing to find a word.

"Children always read a book in the future?" He asked me with a smile.

I was there.


To be honest, I didn’t think so far, and I didn’t expect him to sit on the carpet and read a book, and I was cooking.

It was just that he suddenly mentioned that the picture came, and I felt a little different emotions in my heart.

That emotions gently brushed through my heart, and the places where they passed were not as soft.

For 15 weeks of pregnancy, for the first time, I really felt that I was pregnant, and I had a small life in my stomach.

It is growing up slowly.

"I don’t know what book to buy." I said awkwardly.

He reached out and touched my head gently.

"Let’s go shopping together."

I dodge him a little uncomfortably, "OK."

After speaking, I went to my own room.

As a result, he washed the bowl and came in.

"Why did you choose this?" He looked at the room and frowned.

"I am alone, I like a small space."

Special security.

"One person?" He snorted a little dissatisfied, "What am I going to sleep?"

"Where can I sleep …" After saying that I felt like I was too tone, I changed another sentence, "The master bedroom over there, the sheets have been replaced by the sheets, I can sleep directly."

I guess he was tired too. Every time I saw it, his dark circles were heavier.

He looked at the direction of the master bedroom and finally sat down by my bed.

"Squeeze." He said so easily, but I was nervous.

"It’s too small, go to sleep there."

This is a 1.5 bed. His height of 188 is worried that he is not enough to sleep.

He didn’t speak, took off his jacket, sat up, and finally looked at me with funny way.

"What are you afraid of?"

"I’m afraid? What am I afraid of!" I said angrily.

I don’t know what I’m afraid of.

When we fell in love six years ago, we pulled a hand and kissed. Without substantial progress, we broke up.

When my classmate met, I drank some wine, the dark light was blind, and with an impulse, I devoted it to it.

During the day like this, it’s really awkward.

"I will return to my hometown with my dad later." The moment he lifted the quilt, I blurted out nervously.

He paused, "When?"


He raised his hand and looked at the mechanical watch of his wrist. "That time is enough, it’s only 2 o’clock now."

Time is enough?My scalp began to get numb.

"You sleep for two hours, I’ll call you later." He said sitting beside me and covering me a quilt.

"Oh, what about you?"

"I," he took a medical book at hand, "I read the book for a while."

Reading?He just wants to read a book?

I think too much.

I held the quilt and couldn’t wait to get into the whole person.

"Or do you want to do something?" He laughed outside the quilt.

"I don’t want to, I sleep, don’t talk to me." I covered my head.

"Well, I wake up and go back with you. Sleep." His voice became gentle.

I tangled for a few minutes, my head began to blur, and my sleepy struck, and I closed my eyes.

In the dim, someone kissed my forehead and sighed, "Only three months, not too stable."

I thought about who was talking, but I fell asleep without thinking about it.


When I woke up, there were no one around me.

I walked to the living room, saw the living room punch some plastic cushions, and looked at it along his eyes. He was barefoot, squatted on the ground, and fighting one by one. The sun in the afternoon fell on him, and I was a little embarrassed.

Time seemed to return to the days 8 or nine years ago.

At that time, I was a freshman because of my sister’s affairs, I quarreled with my family.

"The child is going to give birth, now she is like this, what’s the use of crying, why do you give birth to her?" I roared on my mother on the phone.

"Mom doesn’t know what’s going on. When she was born, how cute she was, why … how could it be epilepsy?" My mother cried on the phone.

"You ask me what to do, how do I know? I am only 19 years old, how do I know?" I sat by the basketball court and cried while calling.

"The doctor said that he couldn’t cure it, and he was like this for a lifetime. Jiajia, my mother regretted it, the mother really regretted that the mother should not learn to have a second child to have a second child. The doctor said that your sister would not live 20 years old."

"Regret it? It’s late!" I hung up the phone.

Sitting alone, I was anxious and angry.

Life is despair.

I still remember that when Chen Yugang was born, I hated her and couldn’t wait to strangle her.

But she was so young that every time I wanted to pinch her, she smiled at me.

I scolded her in my mouth, "fool."

But this little fool, when I saw me, I laughed, and the fleshy hand grasped me without letting me go.

I said that she hated her, but she always laughed in her back, always secretly picking her all kinds of small flowers, and when she went to see beautiful things, she wanted to bring her.

I hate her to take away the love of her parents, but I also want to wait for her to grow up and compete with her fairly.

But how do I know that she was really a fool, how do I know she was 20 years old.

That afternoon, I cried beside the basketball court for a long time, so I couldn’t figure out this fate.

Then I saw Gu Xiao as soon as I looked up. At that time, I didn’t know him.

He and a few medical students seemed to have just come out of the laboratory and passed the court.

They didn’t notice me.

Somewhere, Gu Xiao stopped and squatted.

Immediately after several medical students came around.

After reading it for a long time, I knew that they were making cardiopulmonary resuscitation for a bird that fell from the tree.

I am a little curious and funny.

The bird didn’t know how long it had fallen. Can they still get back to life?

As a result, there was a cheer over there.

I saw the bird on the ground stunned and stood up, stood for a long time, and suddenly it flashed wings and flew away.

I was stunned by this scene.

The miracles created by this group of medical students made me look bright.

Life seemed to be so desperate again, and began to have a hint of expectations.

Later I knew his name.

His name is Gu Xiao.

I often see his name on the confession wall.


Recalling this, I found that I was wet.

I hurried back and wiped my tears.

"Wake up?" Gu Xiao also saw me, and did not come over, and continued to pave the ground.

"What are you doing this?" I adjusted my emotions and kept him from seeing strangeness.

"The ground is too smooth, and your stomach is not safe in the later period." He said calmly, "When the child is young, it is not safe."

His temperament is still very cold, but in this sentence, I hear the warmth.

"Not so fast." I walked to the sofa and sat down to play with my phone.

"I know." He responded to me, "But I don’t necessarily have time, so I have time to do it first."


He is busy, I know.

I don’t actually want too much.

I didn’t tell him that I didn’t need him to accompany me all the time and turn around me. He just came back once and did something, and I was moved.

I didn’t tell him either, I actually wanted to have a daughter, look like him, and it would be good to accompany me.

I didn’t tell him either. In fact, I couldn’t forget him in these years.

I’m afraid to scare him.

Just as bland and pretty good.


My dad was surprised when he came back to see Gu Xiao.

"Dad." Gu Xiao’s dad was very crisp.

"Um." My dad’s expression was unnatural, but when I came to help me get the package, I saw that his eyes were wet.

He should be happy.

On my way back to my hometown, my dad was quite restrained at first.

Gu Xiao is very cold, but it is just cold and not unable to find topics.

"The family’s house is pretty good." He pointed to a house like a villa next to the villa.

"I repaired a few years ago, before the soil house, after the earthquake fell, I repaired it again." My dad was interested. "In recent years, it has changed too much. You see, there was a pond.Children are bathing there in summer, and now they have been built into a road. "

"Oh?" Gu Xiao was interested in setting his gaze towards me. "Did you have been?"

"Go, how old is a girl and ran to wash. As a result, the clothes were picked up. After soaking in the water for a long time, the villagers were discovered, and then I notified me to give her clothes." My dad talked about me.When I was a kid, I was unambiguous at all.

My face was red instantly.

"Really? How old was she?" Gu Xiao’s smile was quite restrained.

"5,6 years old." I said casually.

"Grade 6 in elementary school, why are 5 or 6 years old? It’s 12 years old." My dad corrected me seriously.



"12 years old, it’s quite big." Gu Xiao, who was driving in front of him, smiled.

I can’t wait to find a ground sewing.

Okay, I don’t want to speak anymore.

Along the way, the two of them were chatting, and it was said that my dad told him endlessly about my childhood, and he listened quietly, or nodded, or laughed, or asked a sentence or two.

I think I seem to be a little superfluous.

Talking about my embarrassment, they can talk about one night.

When I got home, my mother had been cooking for a long time, but the shadow of Chen Yu did not see Chen Yu.

"What about Yuer?" My dad asked.

My mother dodged, "Where is in the room?"

"It’s almost eating, what are you waiting for in the room? Call her out and prepare for dinner." My dad said that he was going to call.

My mother was difficult to show.

I noticed something wrong.

"You go to wash your hands first, I’ll call." I took a bottle of Wangzai and walked to the room with my mother.

"Chen Yu, open the door, is my sister." I patted the door.

The door was open for a long time, and only one seam was opened.

If I bought Wangzai back, she would definitely laugh.

Because epilepsy hurt her brain development, although she was 10 years old, IQ was still only one or two years old, and she could not speak.

I pushed the door in and saw her shrinking in the corner. She was very scared. I gave her Wangzai, and she didn’t reach out to pick it up.

I have never seen her like this.

I looked at my mother, "What’s the matter?"

My mother didn’t say a word, glanced out, and whispered to me, "The single man in the village … hit your sister."


I glanced at Chen Yu. Although her IQ has not risen over the years, she has already had 160 height.

Suddenly what I thought of, I stunned in my heart.

"Did you just fight, or something happened?" I asked my mother lowly.

My mother was obviously scared, and quickly covered my mouth, "Just … just …"

"To be honest!" I endured my temper.

"She compared with me and touched it." After my mother said, her tears came out.

My flames suddenly collided.

"Don’t tell your dad, your dad’s temper, this is big, how can the child live, how can she have a face …"

"Don’t tell Xiao Gu, how do he think of your sister, how do you think you …"

My mother pulled me and cried begging me to keep secret.

Listening to her meaning, it seems that the man really just touched it. Next time she is optimistic and guarantees that there is no second time.

Looking at my mother like this, my daughter was bullied, I was distressed to die, and I didn’t dare to speak, and I hurt.

I pressed my emotions, took a long time before going out to eat with my mother, and then packed the table.

From beginning to end, I haven’t said a word.

After dinner, I took a bath and told my dad that I went out alone and took a walk on the road at the door.

When I left, I took a wooden stick from the doorstep.

I used to be afraid of going at night.

But at this moment, from my house to the single Han family 100 meters, the black light was blind, but I was not afraid at all.

That single man is over 50 years old.

Before that, I always felt that he was a hard -working and simple uncle.

So, every time he passes by my door, I greet him politely.

At his house, he saw me standing at the door, and chopsticks were scared to the ground.

"Jiajia, come back." He smiled on his face.

"Um." I smiled and walked slowly, "What are you eating, it’s really fragrant."

"Just stir -fry a pot of green pepper and fried meat. The place is too small, you sit." He politely brought me a stool and wiped me.

I stood there without moving.

He looks so simple.

I can’t think of it. How can I do that kind of thing that I once respected just subverted my imagination.

"A few days ago, Chen Yu ran here?" I opened the door to see the mountain.

He suddenly stunned.

"Well, come over and entangle me with sugar." He dodged.

He was very short. I was 165 cm tall. He stood beside me and was not tall yet.


I raised my hand and slapped him.

He was so obsessed that he didn’t respond at all.

When he reacted, his eyes widened, and he looked at me angrily.

"Jiajia, what are you doing!" He roared me.

"Don’t do anything." I said with a smile, "She will be sugar next time, don’t let her enter the house."

"You’re sick, I give your sister sugar, and do it wrong, right?" He looked like to do with me.

I understand, he felt that I was beaten, and I was very faceless.

"Do it wrong, you know, I warn you, you dare to do it with her again, I will send you to jail."

"What do you say crazy! You can’t talk nonsense. Do you believe it? I call everyone in the village over to comment." He stared at me angrily.

"I’m crazy! You provoke me, I will burn your room with a fire." I was so angry that you were still a low -guarantee household and let the government support you. You should be a social dregs.Go to death! "

"You are against you!" He rushed over to do it with me.

There was a force from my waist. I was pulled into a arms, stretched out my head, and easily caught the hand of the single man.

The familiar breath spray behind me–

Gu Xiao?

"Who are you?" Single Han grinned, but he didn’t ask for mercy.

"Her husband." Gu Xiao used a little bit, and his single Han tears came out.

"You let go first, you get up together …" He flushed with a face, "It’s your wife hit me first."

"I didn’t see it." Gu Xiao said calmly, "I only see you hit her."

"I haven’t hit it yet!" He jumped with anger.

"If you hit it, your hand is broken now." Gu Xiao pushed him coldly.

He sat on the ground all of a sudden.

Immediately afterwards, he began to cry and sell miserably, saying a lot.

I don’t want to give him a good look.Pick up the stool and throw it directly, "No next time."

After saying this, I turned out of the door.

Gu Xiao also followed.

I didn’t talk to him, I was afraid he would ask me.

I don’t want him to know those humble, shameful, and dark side.

I was low enough in front of him, I don’t want to … I really don’t want to.

He followed me all the way, didn’t speak, and didn’t ask me.

It was just halfway, and he suddenly pulled my hand and pulled me into his arms. It was useless to struggle.

He didn’t let me go, just pressing my head into his chest, stroking my head over and over again, it was comfort.

"I don’t ask you, don’t be afraid."

"You don’t go out alone, I’m afraid I didn’t arrive in time."

His cold voice sounded above my head, and my tears couldn’t help it anymore, and it flowed down.

Later, I was tired and time was late.

He squatted and walked home with me.

I didn’t struggle, nor did I struggle.

Just lay on his back like this and walked home step by step, reminding me of the childhood, getting sick, and the hospital too far away from the hospital. My dad carried me in the evening and circled around at home.

Later, our family had Chen Yu, and my dad couldn’t move me.

Chen Yu quarreled at night, and my dad walked at home again and again with her.

One back is one night.

Now I am 28 years old, Chen Yu is 10 years old.

My dad was old and couldn’t carry it.

I sighed.

Unfortunately, time can’t go back.


Going home, Gu Xiao’s sleep room alone.

I didn’t sleep well again a night.

He had to rush back to work. When I walked in the morning, I was still sleeping. He came to my room and kissed my forehead gently.

"I’m gone, I’m waiting for you at home."

A simple sentence made me sleep anymore.


Hearing the sound of the car downstairs, I knew he was gone.

He only started to leave, and I started missing.

I started to be tangled, I should say one more thing just now, "Be careful when driving."

In that simple, I didn’t say it.

My sad self -esteem.

After a while, I got up and helped my mother clean the room.

I looked at Chen Yu, my mother took out the quilt at home and washed and exposed. My dad went to the ground to pull the grass, and checked the natural gas and water pipes at home.Liang, replaced the door lock more strongly.

Seeing that in the food, Chen Yu finally came out of the house slowly.

She still loves to catch a variety of bugs in the yard, and then put it in my hands, "Sister."

"This kind of worms don’t bite people. Such bite is just painful and not poisonous." I pointed at a few bugs and let her distinguish.

"Like this, toxic, you can’t catch it." I pointed at the horn bee.

She thought about it and looked at the bugs I finged.

I thought she understood, but she grabbed all the bugs and stuffed me in my hand, and smiled at me.

I wanted to scold her again, but I stretched out my hand, and finally touched her head. "In the future, the place where the clothes are covered, you must not let others touch it. Who dares to touch, my sister comes back to interrupt his hand."

She seemed to understand and didn’t speak.

The next second, I continued to play worms again.

I sighed and sat quietly.

The next day, my dad and I returned to the city.

Life is as usual.

I get up every morning, run around the subway, go to work, eat, go home, sleep.

I feel like I am on the alarm clock, and I will do whatever.

Gu Xiao still didn’t return.

However, he would call me at night, and sometimes he sent a clockwork information too late, and simply asked my situation.

Because of this small difference, I suddenly felt hope for life.

I started to learn about pregnancy online and started shopping websites to model all kinds of baby products.

List everything you want to use.

What to buy this month and what to buy next month … After all, my deposit cannot afford to buy all equipment at one time.

It ’s just that I do n’t know what to buy a book. I thought about waiting for Gu Xiao to come back and ask him his opinion.

One ordinary afternoon, I was rushing to the subway to another store to attend the attendance.

Suddenly received a call from a hospital.

"Is it Chen Jia?"


"Tang’s screening high risk, come to the hospital to get a report form."

(Note: Tang’s screening high risk, indicating that the fetus may have congenital genetic diseases.)

Similarly, like a clear thunderbolt hit me like a sunny day.

I stood in the subway and let the subway pass by the ground, I didn’t move.

The crowd around me squeezed me and passed by my shoulders, and I was still in a daze.

I don’t know when the hospital’s phone was hung up.

When I returned to God, I found that the bag in my hand dropped.

I seemed to have lost my soul and picked up things with numbness.

My heart has never been so panic.

I ran out of the subway and went to the hospital for the first time.

In the car, I have always hoped that the driver will drive faster and faster.

In fact, I understand it very much, and no matter how fast it is, I can’t change that fact.

But before getting the report, I still had a hint of hope.

I finally arrived at the hospital and tossed it. I finally got the report.

Seeing the report, it reads: "The risk level of Tang’s screening, high"

My heart was torn away.

The name is right, the result is right, everything is settled.

Sitting on the stool in the hospital, took a report to slow down for a long time. I went to the emergency room to find Gu Xiao.

"Is Gu Xiao there?" I asked the nurse.

The emergency room was chaotic.

The nurse hurriedly said to me, "What do you find a doctor? He is rescue the patient in the operating room."

I saw everyone running, one by one was carried in, and the crying sound was mixed.

"No, it’s okay."

The nurse didn’t care about me, and was busy again.

I only knew that a serial accident happened in Xinqiao Road.

He estimated that he had to be busy for a few more days.

I dragged my steps and took my car home by myself.


When I got home, changed my shoes, I sat there in a daze.

Until my dad came back and saw that I was sitting on the ground, he hurriedly helped me and asked me what happened.

"in argument?"

I shook my head.

"Gone work?"

I also shook my head.

"What’s the matter? Don’t scare your dad." My dad couldn’t care about changing his clothes, just hug me.

"Dad, the child’s screening result is a high risk." I cried and said to him.

"what does that mean?"

"The child may be a fool, just like Chen Yu."

My dad was stiff, and he sat down for the first time.

He sat beside me dumbly and didn’t speak for a long time.

In the end he took off the hard hat and put it aside.

"Dad …" I called him.

He ignored me.

I saw him wiped his tears and looked up, and found that he was crying with tears.

I am shocked.

In the impression, since childhood, my dad was frown at most, and I never saw him crying.

Because of Chen Yu’s illness, he divorced him, and he never cried.

Even the doctor said that Chen Yu had not saved his life, and his life could not take care of himself, and my dad had never cried.

He is like a mountain that will never fall, and he stays there in the year.

However, now, he cries like a child because my child is crying.

I am so sad.

But I have no way, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to comfort him.

The two of us are sitting quietly …

After crying for a while, my dad wiped his tears and stood up.

"Get up." He helped me up.

I refuse to get up.

He bent down and hugged me.

"Jiajia, there is no hurdle in life."

I didn’t speak my head.

"Now the medical technology is very developed, it really doesn’t work, this child … you are young, you can have many children."

I still didn’t speak.

My dad pulled me to the sofa and sat down, and went to the kitchen alone.

I don’t know how long, he pulled me to the table and asked me to eat.

"I can’t eat it." I looked at the meals at the table.

My dad sighed and got up to call on the balcony.

I don’t know who he played with, and he didn’t know what he said.

After the call, he returned to his seat and looked at me.

"Jiajia." He called my name.

"You have experienced it, and your mother and I have experienced it."

"At that time, your mother and I were doing their own decoration. Dad had no culture, and your mother had no culture. How many of the previous pregnancy in rural areas did it?"

"We just looked at your mother’s belly and grew up day by day. I felt that the adults were eating well, and the child could grow well."

He paused and said again.

"Later, your sister was born, and she was fat, who did not like it when I saw it."

"However, when she was half a year old, she always fell asleep, just like a mobile phone suddenly crashed, but it was not tens of seconds, and she was normal.

"Dad, didn’t care, didn’t go to the hospital for examination.

"Until one day, everyone felt that her" crash "was getting longer and longer. She took it to the hospital for examination.

My dad reached out and covered his face, and I couldn’t see his expression.

"Do you regret it?" I asked him calmly.

When I was in my third year, my parents went out to work and left me alone to follow my grandparents.

Grandpa and grandma told me that my parents went out to make money for me to go to college.

But neighbors said that my mother went out to have a second child.

I didn’t believe it. As a result, on the day of the college entrance examination, I saw my mother lying on the bed, next to my sister who was just born.

At that moment, I felt betrayal.

I hated them for a while.

"Regret." My dad was sure.

I felt a little surprised and surprised my dad’s frankness.

"I later heard that the disease could be checked when I was pregnant. The child could not. I also heard that the disease went to Beijing’s large hospital in the early days of the disease. The cure rate was very high.

"Jiajia, I don’t regret taking care of your sister for a lifetime, no matter what she looks like, it is my child.

"Dad just regrets it, and missed several times the opportunity to grow up healthy.

"Dad, less reading, dad don’t understand, so make your sister pain and make the family pain.

"It’s my dad wrong."

One sentence was that Dad was wrong, and I heard me uncomfortable.

I waited for this sentence for a long time.

I have always felt that my miserable life was caused by my parents’ second child.

So I have always had a puppet in my heart.

I thought that when I heard this, I would feel better.

No, I was ashamed of myself.

My dad is a good father and has always been. I am too selfish.

I don’t speak.

I think I should comfort my dad. He is diligent for a lifetime, but is tricked by fate, and it is not easy to live.

However, I can’t say it.

"When you get married, Gu Xiao’s parents may think that you have a purpose, embarrass you, guess you, dad understands it. But my father believes that you are not like that. Our Chen family is a righteous person, no matter how difficult it isLive it positively.

"None of their family came to take care of you and care about you. This is what Dad is the saddest.

"Daddy is bitter and tired, and take care of you."


"Dad, don’t say it." I was crying into tears.

After so big, my dad talked to me for the first time.

"Okay, Dad doesn’t say anymore, the last sentence."

"Dad can take care of you for more than ten or twenty years, but after Dad leaves, who will take care of you? Although you are smart, you are confused. Xiao Gu is good. The two in the marriage must support each other., Only go long -term. The person who lives with you for a lifetime is him, not a father. "

I listened quietly and started to think carefully about my relationship with Gu Xiao for the first time.

twenty one

As a result, I just thought about a few seconds, and the unlocking sound sounded at the door.

I turned my head and looked at it, I didn’t know what was going on.

"I called Xiao Gu." My dad stood up and opened the door to him.

Gu Xiao rushed in directly, and the shoes had not had time to change.

"What’s wrong?" He saw me crying into tears and couldn’t stand.

My dad patted his shoulder and put the rice into the kitchen.

Gu Xiao pulled me into the room, closed the door, and stood by the door and hugged me without talking.

"Okay, okay, don’t cry, I’m back."

I thought I cried all afternoon, and my tears were crying.

However, he said, "I’m back", I still ca n’t hold back. I pierced the whole person into his arms, crying with tears and snot, and all wiped him.

It was useless to comfort, and my tears couldn’t stop.

He lowered his head to kiss me.

I kissed my mind and fainted, and the whole person had no strength, and he took me to the bed again.

"Don’t cry, it’s uncomfortable here." He held my hand and pointed at the position of his heart.

He said to help me wipe off her tears.

"Say, what happened?"

"The sky collapsed, and my husband’s life would also support you."

I leaned my lips, "Child … Tang’s screening high risk."

He stunned for a few seconds, and he reached out and touched my head.

Lowing the voice and coaxing me, "Wait a minute, I call Liu Qian."

"Um." I nodded.

He touched his phone, wanted to go to the balcony, looked at me, and continued to hold me, "Hush, just fight like this."

"Um." I nodded obediently again.

The phone was connected quickly.

"Dr. Liu, I am Gu Xiao, I want to consult you one thing."

"Dr. Gu, what do you say?"

"Is this indicator of high risk of screening at Donaldia?"

"Saying danger is also dangerous."

When I heard this, my heart sank again.

"Who, your patient, or a relative?"

Gu Xiandang for a second, a low -hearted sentence, "My wife."

There was no sound at the beginning of the phone.

"Dr. Gu, are you getting married? When? Why don’t we know?"

"Um." Gu Xiao was silent for a second, "You talk about this disease first …"

"That is actually a preliminary screening. It is very inaccurate. High risks do not mean that there are really problems. Most high risks are okay. The accurate results must be detected by DNA or amniotic fluid puncture to be determined."

"Dr. Gu, I don’t know if it is … it’s your wife. Don’t worry too much. Let your wife come to the hospital for a DNA test, or wait for a few weeks to do a amniotic fluid puncture, just fine."

"At present, many factors are considered. For example, if the family has a genetic history, Tang Si will prompt high risk. In fact, as the age is getting older now, many factors are considered.Risk, but after further inspection, it is okay. "


Later, Dr. Liu also explained a lot. My heart seemed to go through the roller coaster and finally landed smoothly.

After listening carefully, Gu Xiao asked more detailed questions. Finally, after expressing thanks, he hung up the phone politely.

After hanging up the phone, I remembered that I could check it online.

As a result, because I was too panic and worried, I got an oolong like this. I cried for an afternoon without saying, and I was involved in crying with me.

Now I still retrieve Gu Xiao from the hospital.

He is so busy …

I feel guilty inside.

Gu Xiao put me down, "I will go to tell my dad first, so as not to worry about him."


After about a few minutes, he came in again.

If you come in, you will be leaned at the door and look at me.

Looking at it, both of us laughed.

Well, I was laughed at myself.

"Do you still have to go back to the hospital?" I asked him.

"Don’t return." He walked over with a smile.

"Ah …" I was more guilty in my heart. "I heard that there was a car accident today, and your emergency room was too busy. Don’t you go back, are you handsome?"

He came over and touched my head, and held me in his arms again.

"There is no one day in the emergency room." He sighed bitterly, "I’m gone, and there are other doctors on the top, but you have only one husband."

I don’t speak anymore.

"Dad called me, I was scared to death." He kissed my hair, "I won’t accompany you tonight, my heart can’t be relieved."

"I’m sorry." I did a big question, and the family was worried about me.

"What are you apologizing?" He paused and stood up again. "Come here, I will help you wash your hair."

"What do you do?" I pulled my hair and smelled it, "Is it tasteful?"

"No, incense." He pulled me up, "I just want to help you wash."

So he really washed me.

He pulled a few stools to make a simple lounge chair, let me lie down, he took his hair seriously and to wash my hair seriously.

"Is it comfortable?" He asked me.


I think he was washed too slowly, and I didn’t like to wash my hair. I was busy at work. I bowed my waist and washed it in a few minutes.

How can I have time to wash slowly, so troublesome.

"I have to get used to uncomfortable." His fingers gently made me a head massage. "In the later period, your stomach is big. You bow your waist and wash your hair. What should I do?"

He turned out to be for this, and it was so far -reaching.

"Dr. Gu, is not sutured by the surgical line, do you not need to be so careful?" I was speechless, washed for half an hour, and hadn’t finished washing.

"Sorry, career habits." He smiled, "I always want to give you a knot."

"Okay, please make a bow."

I closed my eyes, and since I couldn’t resist, I enjoyed it.

twenty two

At night, Gu Xiao and I moved to the master bedroom.

He suspected that he could not open the small room.

Don’t think about crooked, we are chatting purely.

We talked when we were young, talked about the students, and the future.

"I think of the baby’s name." He suddenly looked at me.

"Ah? It’s too early."

"I don’t know if it’s a man or a woman."

"Both men and women can be universal," he said with a smile.

"Huh? What is it?"

"Gu Jia."

"Isn’t this the name of a girl, you are eccentric, what if your son should do in the end?" I was speechless.

"It is the family’s home. Thousands of households, household names, Shuxiang family …" He read his words.

Listening to him, I also started to think that the name was pretty good, and men and women could use it.

"What about the nickname?" I asked him.


"Home?" I repeated one side, "Jiajia?"

How do I feel wrong.

"Gu Xiao, do you take advantage of me, isn’t this now that I have become your child?" I wanted to shoot him when I raised my hand.

He was caught by him.

This atmosphere was ambiguous. I wanted to shrink back, but he didn’t let go. Finally, I pulled my hand to his lips and kissed.

I also pulled me over and coaxed me in a low voice, "Is the baby falling asleep?"

"It is only the size of the fist, how do I know that I fall asleep?"

"Well, that’s better." After speaking, his kiss was covered regardless of it.

"Gu Xiao … You …"

"I have it."

twenty three

I woke up the next day, and there were no one around me.

Leave a small note on the bedside table.

"I’m going to work, come back at night. Remember to help me buy pajamas, pay attention to the body at work, don’t be so tired."

I looked at the note and couldn’t help scolding his cat to cry for fake compassion.

But his mouth was scolding so much, but his heart was sweet.

My dad left me breakfast and went to the site.

I asked the company for a long time and rest at home.

I went to the supermarket downstairs and went to the supermarket, bought him pajamas, and bought pajamas for my dad.

Then I met Gu Xiao’s mother.

Don’t think about it, it must be Gu Xiao called his mother, otherwise she would suddenly come.

"Jiajia, why are you holding a big bag alone and give it to mom." When she saw me, she picked up something.

I was a little embarrassed and had to give her all.

The two of us went shopping in the supermarket for a while. She bought chickens, bought fish again, and went back to the refrigerator for a while.

"Why didn’t seafood move?" She asked me.

"I don’t have time to do it." My dad is usually cooking. My dad hasn’t eaten seafood much, and he doesn’t know much about it.

"Hey … it’s okay, my mother will do it." She thaed the seafood out.

I was a little shocked and stood there without moving.

She probably noticed my surprise and explained: "Gu Xiao’s father’s side, I found a housekeeping, someone waited for him to eat, don’t worry. BesidesEat in the hospital cafeteria. "

"So, mom still come to cook for you."

After speaking, she started to get busy again.

Choose vegetables, wash vegetables, cut meat, skilled, unambiguous.

"Actually, my dad is cooking for me every day." I whispered.

I am a little bit embarrassed, my dad is here, and my mother -in -law is there, isn’t that easy to cause contradictions?

"Ah, Gu Xiao didn’t say that the job of your dad was almost close to the end. Is he going back to his hometown?"

"I don’t know." I haven’t heard my dad mentioned yet.

Is he discussed with Gu Xiao yesterday?

"Hey, Jiajia, you have to understand your dad, there is no man in the family, he will go back after all." She paused for a while, and said, "It was the situation where mom didn’t understand you and Gu Xiao."

"Yesterday, Gu Xiao’s father heard that you were sad because your child was crying and scolded me.

"If I am here, this will not happen. You are still young, and your mother is here.

"This woman is pregnant like a breakthrough. The child stays in his stomach a day. The breakthrough did not stop for a day. I was pregnant with Gu Xiao and the umbilical cord around her neck for three weeks. The doctor said that there was the risk of suffocation and scared me.

"As a result, after a month of worry, he checked again, and he went out again."

"Ah, there is such a thing." I can imagine that if the child in my stomach is the case, I guess it will not be more calm than yesterday.

Pregnancy is really a life experience.

"You talk about how naughty Gu Xiao is in my stomach. This is not stopped. In the second trimester, I was constipated, the amniotic fluid was broken, and the child was only more than 7 months, so I was anxious …"

His mother sighed, and then came to pull me.

"Jiajia, you have experienced too much in the future, and you know that the child’s vitality is much more tenacious than we think, not so fragile, so don’t worry, if you ask me in the future, you know how much you are."


After listening to her, maybe I was infected by the identity of my mother, and some of the mustard in my heart slowly dispersed.

Gu Xiao’s mother is a cheerful and optimistic person who chats with me while cooking.

I even felt warm.

In the evening, my dad told me that he went home this weekend.

"Although your mother -in -law is from the city, there is no shelf.

"The reaction of her family before can understand that she was all parents. She must be worried about his son.

"Truthfulness, if you treat her well, she will treat you well, and the hearts are long.

"Dad is back."

"Um." I nodded.

On the weekend, Gu Xiao trains returned to his hometown with us.

Gu Xiao’s mother also followed.

In my mother’s vegetable field, Gu Xiao’s mother was so happy.

"This dish is good, naturally pollution -free, pregnant women have eaten well."

Saying that she had to pull the vegetables by herself, made a mud, or laughed.

"The rural areas are good, the rhythm of the city is too fast, and I can come to the countryside from time to time to relax from time to time."

"You can relax, don’t bald in the vegetable garden." Gu Xiao frowned at the searched Caiyuan Zizi.

"Oh, it’s okay, the most lack of dishes in the countryside. Several places on the mountains are all vegetables, do you want it?"

My mother is really.

"What else?" When his mother heard it, his eyes were shining.

Gu Xiao glanced at his mother.

"Next time, in time, I will come again next time."

"Okay, welcome at any time, you tell me what you love to eat, I will give you, you just drive back and pull."

The family said and laughed.

Later, every time Gu Xiao and I came back, his mother followed, and the snacks, meat, and daily necessities of Gu Xiao were moved to my house, filled my mother’s refrigerator, and then pulled a car back.

He also developed a habit. Every time he returned, he brought a box of Wangzi for my sister and gave her a specimen of various small bugs.

twenty four

I watched my hometown full of refrigerators, and looked at the vegetables that were full of trunk.

"Dr. Gu, your vegetable is very expensive."

"What is expensive, it is difficult to buy someone with a smile." He took a walk on the road in the village with a smile.

"You are so good to me, what are the attempts? Say!"

"I have an attempt?" He smiled at my face, "Obviously some people have an attempt, hook me, and have no conscience."

"Who has no conscience? Am I let you sleep on the sofa, or let you sleep in the children’s room?"

He sighed helplessly, "Where is the important thing to sleep? How is the important thing to sleep?"

How to sleep?

He is not serious.

"Do your colleagues know you like this?"

I am really speechless. Who knows that Dr. Gu, who is usually cold and arrogant, has another look after class.

"They aren’t you, how do you know?" He kissed me, "I only show you another face of my face. The increase is not increased, so good for me, huh?"

"Who is rare …" I scolded him inaccurate.

"I changed the department and was about to be transferred to the internal medicine clinic."

"Ah? When?"

"next week."

"What’s wrong?"

"The outpatient clinic is not so tired. The key is that you have more time. You are about to give birth. How can I take care of me?"

He said, squatting down, and listening to the baby’s movement again.

"I can take care of myself, and there are your mother."

I never thought that one day, Gu Xiao would change to the department for me, after all, he had blood on the emergency department.

"It kicked me." He frowned suddenly.

"Stink little boy, kick me, you can’t kick your mother, honesty." He stretched out his hand and took a picture.

"What are you doing?" I took his hand, "How do you know that he is a son?"

Can’t focus on men and women.

"If my daughter … I dare not scold. I can’t bear it." He looked at me with grievances.

How can this Gu Xiao live smaller and smaller?

"By the way, I have a thing, you can keep it for me."

"What?" As he said, I stuffed a bank card in my hand.

"What do you mean? Dr. Gu?" I asked him with a smile, "I want to buy me? Tell you, my sister is in love. Unless …"

Unless 8 yuan of abdominal muscles buy me.

"Then you see if it is enough."

Just look at it.

I took out my phone and logged in to the bank.

Seeing the amount of the car, I was glory in my eyes.

"Why are you … why do you have so much money?" I couldn’t say clearly.

"The bonuses when studying, the salary of the hospital, the bonus, I have no use, no time, and no one used it … all are stored."

God, listen, this man’s Versailles.

Why didn’t he take it out earlier, and it hurt me to buy a baby supplies.

I thought he had no money.

This, excited me …

"Gu Xiao, I seem to be urinating?" I felt a bit wrong.

He hurried down and looked at it, and there were some water on my pants.

"The amniotic fluid is broken." He said, and ran away when he hugged.

"Hey, don’t run so fast." I was already panicked.

So Gu Xiao drove the car anxiously and took me to the hospital and went directly to the hospital.

When I went to the inpatient department, his mother and my mother stayed at me. He took an inspection report to discuss the plan with colleagues in the inpatient department.

In the end, his opinion was to directly cesters.

"The fetal position is not right, the fetal head is too large, the birth canal is narrow, and the child’s umbilical cord is around the neck …" He calmly told me, "I don’t want to give you the life of you and the child to the unknown risk. I believe that the surgery knife is low,You have to believe me."


Of course I believe him.

I believe him than ever.

He is a doctor and gives him his life to him, I am very relieved.

The caesarean section was semi -section at 10 pm.

During the operation, the anesthesiologist has been chatting with me to relax.

"Your husband cheated us miserable, and said that the good brother was single for a lifetime, and he secretly gave birth to a baby."

"Ah, this …" This can’t blame me.

"You have me miserable?" The surgeon was unhappy.

"Gu Xiao’s stinky boy, after being a doctor for a few years, let me make the wound look better. I have to interrupt my legs for a millimeter. I also ask me if I can be a bow?"

"Play? Bow?"

The doctors and nurses of the operating room were amused.

"Really, his wife is mad."

"Xunzi, Gu Xiao, only you can cure, you go back to govern him, he is arrogant and we have no way to live."

"Ah good."

I nodded silently.

About half an hour, a baby’s cry broke through the operating room.

My heart fell suddenly.

"This child looks so white. Gu Xiao’s stinky boy made."

"Pay attention!" Someone reminded.

"Xunzi, I mean that the child is healthy as a boy." The doctor showed me with a smile.

"Um." When the child was posted on my face, I suddenly wet my eyes.

Gu family, family, my baby.

The operation was smooth. I was launched. My mother, Gu Xiao, and Gu Xiao’s mother stood at the door to pick up me.

"Look at your baby, fat boy, more painful." My mother -in -law showed me the child.

"Do not hurt?" Gu Xiao pulled my hand and asked me.

"No pain." It didn’t feel much to get anesthetic.

"That’s fine." He turned his back and wiped his tears.

"Seeing that he didn’t go out. Before you didn’t come out, he was walking there, and I was annoyed." His mother talked with me.

I didn’t say anything, I just reached out to pull his hand.

He turned around, always pulled me, and went to the ward.

All night, he stayed in front of my hospital bed.

The child was crying, and the urine was not wet. My mother -in -law changed. He studied there.

After a while, the two elderly people couldn’t help but go to the hotel to sleep, and Gu Xiao left with me and my child.

"Are you tired? Will you sleep?" He asked me by the bed.

I am confused, and the hemp medicine has not yet passed.

"A little, how about you?"

"I’m not tired." He said with a smile, "After so many overnight, I finally boiled it for myself."

"Um." I was a little confused and didn’t speak anymore, so I heard him say.

"Jiajia, thank you."


"I have a home, I have you and Gu family."


My heart was moved, why not?

Because of him, I also have my own little family.

I saw hope again.

Every day in the future, it will only be better a day than a day.

"I love you." He kissed gently on my forehead.

I didn’t speak.

Tears fell out of my eyes.

"Yes, me too."

Jiajia also has home.

1. Gu Xiao’s perspective outside


On the 28th birthday, there were many relatives at home.

Several relatives are introducing the objects to me.

I just smiled and said, "Busy."

Sending all my relatives, my mother pulled me, and she was worried, "No matter how busy, you can’t delay into a family. You see your dad has been a doctor for a lifetime, and you don’t have you."

I took my mother and laughed, "It’s not because my dad has encountered you. If I encounter a girl like you, I will also get married."

"You will flicker your mother." My mother glanced at me with a good look, and looked at my dad, and complained, "Blame you, you can also let your son learn medicine by yourself.I am busy, I am alone at home, your son can not find it now. "

"There is nothing bad to learn to treat people to save people." My dad didn’t expect that the fire had burned to himself. He only said one sentence and stopped saying it.

I looked at them with a smile, and there was no emotion in my heart.

My mother said my dad, but her family, cooking, laundry, she rushed to do it by herself, because she felt that my dad was tired in the hospital and never let him touch these.

My dad came back from the hospital, and my mother always pressed him and neck, fearing that he would be uncomfortable for a long time.

My dad has never said a serious thing to my mother.

For decades, the relationship between the two of them is so good that I can be sprinkled with dog food every time I go home.

On this day, my dad called me to the study and talked about some work.

Talking, he suddenly asked me, "Do you have any connection with her?"

I froze for a moment.

In just a second, I knew who he said.

After six years, I thought that I had been too busy to forget her. I thought anyone would mention her, and I would have no waves inside.

But my dad randomly mentioned so casually, but I was uncomfortable.

"No." I said casually.

My dad glanced at me, "Then your mother introduced you, why don’t you know it?"


My dad glanced at me deeply and sighed, "You are 28 years old, and you still don’t understand."

I didn’t say anything.

My dad didn’t say anything.

But at night, I lay alone and spread my loneliness. I still thought of her.

Her name is Chen Jia.

The whole school knows that she has chased me for four years.

At first I really didn’t feel her about her. She chased me every day and made me feel annoying.

Later, there were rumors that I didn’t like her because she was slightly fat, and then she began to lose weight desperately. I watched her lose weight every day, and it was even more annoying.

When she lost weight, I had less time to come to me, saying that she was going to lose weight before looking for me.

At the beginning, I felt that I was finally liberated.

Finally, don’t worry about her suddenly appearing on my way to the library, and don’t worry about sitting in the playground to watch me playing, and don’t worry about me suddenly behind me when I ate in the cafeteria …

It’s just a few days later, I feel that it’s wrong, as if I lack something …

But I don’t know what is missing.

Back to the bedroom that day–

"She goes to the playground every day to run to lose weight."


"Following the little girl."

"God, so perseverance?"

"Gu Xiao, you still have from others. If you work hard, your brothers can’t stand it anymore."

The topic of roommates every night is about Chen Jia.

I am really speechless.

"Don’t pull me."

Every time they joke like this, I ignore it.

"Gu Xiao, are you sure not to see? Chen Jia is getting better and more beautiful, she has lost a lot."

"Chen Jia is good -looking, it looks better when it is fat, and now it feels different."

"Are you sure not to see? Recently, it seems that many boys want her to WeChat."

"What’s the matter with me?" I sneered.

"Walking, it’s not your business."

"I heard that the Neptune of the Institute of Physical Education, the girlfriend changed the one on Monday, and also asked her to WeChat."

"Brother is not afraid of that Chen Jia, she suddenly goes astray …"

I didn’t speak silently, "others want her?"

"What a little girl understands is the easiest to be cheated."


What a little girl understands is the easiest to be deceived.

This sentence was annoyed in my mind overnight.

The next day, early in the morning, I went to the playground.

I ran down a few times and did not see the shadow of Chen Jia.

Later, I went for several weeks and I didn’t see her.

Shouldn’t …

She was really deceived by the scumbag?

It’s not that I really care about her, but I just think she has chased me for so long. Finally, if she was deceived by the scumbag, I was very faceless, and I think I need to remind her.

But I didn’t see her one or two months in a row, I was a little distressed.

I didn’t even have WeChat, and I didn’t know how to remind her.

When I was troubled, my roommate asked me, "Do you hate Chen Jia so much? She runs every night, and you run in the morning every day to avoid her?"

I was covered.

No wonder I can’t touch her.

"Forget … is it." I reluctantly said.

Although I said that, I still moved the running time to night.

I finally saw her.

She really lost a lot.

When she greeted me, I pretended to be cold and didn’t recognize her. In fact, my heartbeat was fast.

It’s so coming that I forgot why I came to her.

I ca n’t figure it out, obviously annoyed her, why did n’t I meet for so long, at first glance, I had an inexplicable heart. The anxious emotions have been soothed before.

I ran a few laps with her, and she finally asked me for WeChat. I should have refused, but I didn’t.

After returning to the dormitory, she sent me "Good night."

I shouldn’t reply, but I returned "Good night."

I was lying on the bed and didn’t think about it overnight.

What’s more, I went to the playground for a few days and met her.

What curse did she give me?

After thinking about it, in fact, if she had to like me so much, I wouldn’t have it, and she was cheated better than her scumbag.

Thinking like this, I slowly tried to accept her.

One night, she asked me to watch a movie. When the male and female owners of the movie broke through all the blocking, the atmosphere was ambiguous, and the couple on the seat next door began to kiss.

She turned his face and stared at me with black eyes, and the posture was to kiss me.

I was startled.

Just when I was nervous, what should I do next, she smiled and asked me, "Gu Xiao, can you be my boyfriend?"

Be a boyfriend?

Just be a boyfriend, don’t you kiss me?

I am fortunate.

Otherwise, I really don’t know, if she really kissed me, should I push her away.

Isn’t it impossible, but will it be too fast?

After all, I and she didn’t even pull her hands, just …

I suppressed my inner mood and said calmly a "Okay."

I thought it would end, and the result—

She raised her head and kissed me.

That was my first kiss.

I immediately felt that my head was empty, and I didn’t know how to put my hands and feet.

Why is she so bold?I just promised to be her boyfriend, she would treat me like this. If I promised her three years ago, it might be what she would do to me …

However, her lips were so soft, and I was shameful, and I hope she would continue.


The days with Chen Jia are quite bland.

I have a cold human nature, she is lively and cheerful, as if I can make a piece with anyone.

So, taking her out, I never have to worry about her cold.

In fact, not only that, she is really a worry -free person and is independent.

Other people’s girlfriends, every day with her boyfriend, call and porridge, and have a boyfriend to solve any trivial matters.

But she won’t.

When you go out to play, she will plan the route by herself, find a travel guide herself, and prepare everything I need.

When she was sick, she would go to the hospital by herself. She would not cry or make trouble.

She was always smiling in front of me, making me feel very relaxed.

Many times I am thinking that she will be her in this life. With her, I feel a kind of quiet and good years.

Near graduation, I heard her say that she was going to work in her hometown. I discussed with my dad and chose to go to her city.

"When will I take my girlfriend home for dinner?" My dad respected my choice.

Before that, my dad always hoped that I would go to his hospital to work, so that my mother would take care of me and him.

Because of this, I chose to go to her city, and my mother was so emotional.

"Hurry up, let’s talk about it when my interview is successful."

"Well, long -distance love is not a way. I don’t stop you. Since I decide to go to her city, I should meet with other people’s parents and set everything." My dad is much more open than my mother in this regard.

"You are there, the hospital is definitely busy, but my mother can’t help you at all." My mother was a little worried.

"Children are big, and they will become a family in the future. Naturally, some people are distressed. You are really …" My dad blamed my mother and regarded me as a child.

After talking to my parents, I was particularly fulfilled.

When I think of a family with Chen Jia in the future, I am extremely at ease.

On the day I got the interview results, I was very happy.

My life has always been smooth, and I think there is nothing that can make me so excited.

But when I thought of being able to work and live in her city, and finally set up a family with her, I still couldn’t wait to tell her the news immediately.

As a result, before I told her about the news, she sent WeChat and said she would break up.

The two words broke up and splashed me a pot of cold water directly.

I reflected it. Recently, because of finding a job, the interview was indeed ignored.

I let her not make trouble.

She said she would break up when she thought about it.

At that moment, my heart was torn away.

I think I was betrayed by her.

Want to say I hate her?

I have no idea.

Just then, when others mentioned her name, my chest hurt.

The girl I really treated for the first time, she played me and stepped my sincerity at my feet. I might not believe in love anymore in my life.


I broke up with her.

However, the work has been signed for 5 years.

Work still has to continue.

I stayed in her city and felt her existence, but she didn’t love me anymore. When I thought of this, I had difficulty breathing.

In order to paralyze myself, I voluntarily went to the busiest emergency department.

Sitting, rescue, surgery … I was so busy that I was so dizzy every day, and I finally stopped thinking of her.

I don’t even return home, I live in the hospital dormitory every day.

I didn’t understand, I’m so busy here every day, what …

However, when all kinds of patients were pushed in, I didn’t have time to think about why. I was like a machine that was on a clockwork. Without stopping the clockwork, I couldn’t stop.

When my classmates sent a WeChat to remind me that when I participated in my classmate, I just went to work at night.

I can’t go to any classmates to meet, it’s boring.

However, when I saw the names and photos they posted, there was a familiar person, and I couldn’t help but beating.

It’s been six years, and I haven’t seen it for six years.

She still laughed so brilliantly, or so exciting.

The ghost was so bad, I still went.

When I went, I heard her classmates asking her.

"How many times have you been on a blind date?"

"I don’t know, dozens of times …" She looked at her face.

When she saw me, she was a little surprised, but she was just surprised.

"So many times, why have no boyfriend yet?" The classmate asked her again.

"It’s almost, it’s almost." She said with a smile, "There is still again next month.

I feel a little uncomfortable.

She said so easily, even when looking at me, her eyes didn’t stop for a few seconds.

For her, what is it?

I drank a lot of wine that night.

Thinking of what she said, my heart was messy.

Later, I was drunk.

Strangely, I saw her at my house.

She hugged me, gave me water, let me not sleep first, and take some hangover medicine.

I took the medicine obediently.

She sat there and watched me for a long time.

I was a little heartbroken, and I couldn’t help laughing in my heart.

I laughed at myself. Even in my dream, I still looked like watching her.

In my dreams, my feelings became more and more uncontrollable. I kissed her and wanted to possess her …

When I woke up in the morning, I felt unprecedented emptiness.

Is it a dream?

But why is it so real, real so that I woke up without her, my heart was so painful.

After a while, I saw her again.

In our hospital.

He and a man came.

When I heard that she was checked before marriage with that person, my heart seemed to be dug away.

The whole person lost his soul for a day.

She is going to get married, and that man.

I thought for a long time and fell into deep self -doubt.

From a young age, I have been the top students in the eyes of the teacher. The leaders in the eyes of my classmates, relatives and friends praised my career success, and the leaders in the hospital often praised my medical skills in private.

When I went to school, I took all the scholarships and worked. I worked, and I won the large and small awards in the hospital.

But what’s the use of these?

I didn’t know which point I lost to that man.

After a few days of decadence, she came again.

She sat in front of me and handed me a pregnancy report and told me that she was pregnant and said that I was the father of the child.

I don’t know how to describe my mood at the time.

In her eyes, what are I?

She is about to get married, she is pregnant with other people’s children, and she is in trouble, so come to see me for reunion?

When I calmed down, I was tangled again.

I don’t know if I should be happy or crying, and I am not going to marry that person?

I was scared by my own thoughts and quickly persuaded myself to be awake.

But I couldn’t restrain it, cared about her situation, and even went to her obstetrician and gynecologist, saying that she was my friend, but actually wanted to ask her more news.

I heard that she was in a bad condition, and I was worried about her again.

I didn’t expect she to come to me again, saying that that child was mine, that night, the classmate met, it was not a dream at all, but …

I was shocked for a while.

The current situation is that I have to marry her and leave this child.

I called her every night and asked the child’s situation, and she ignored me.

I am very entangled and don’t know what she meant.

Now I feel that she was going to marry others. It was a good thing that I was broken. She also came to me because of this child. No matter which possibility, she didn’t like me.

There is no bottom in my heart.

I took my parents to her family to discuss marriage.

Originally, I thought that when the marriage was settled, I could be at ease and not so panicked.

But I learned a more amazing news.

My dad is the attending doctor of her sister, and they met my dad 10 years ago.

Therefore, Chen Jia first met me and was desperately chasing me at first because she liked me, or because my dad was her sister’s doctor. She just wanted to use me to make her sister treat?

She chose me and abandoned me in college; now choosing me and choosing to leave my child is it true?

The marriage is very unhappy.

I want an explanation, I waited for her to give me an explanation.

Even if it was a lie, she said that she chose me because she liked me. Everything she did was only because of me. All this was just a coincidence.

I believe everything she says.

It ’s okay to deceive me, so I can at least deceive myself to let the relationship continue.

She said it again, so I convinced myself a hundred times.

However, she did not explain.

When I left, I was disappointed and even desperate.

No matter what the purpose she is, I have to be responsible for what I do.

Married, giving birth to a child, what she wants, I can agree.

But my heart is difficult to accept her in a short time.


Later, she moved to my house.

But I don’t want to go home.

I don’t know how to face her.

But I was worried about her and her children, and I could only learn about the maternity inspection through her doctor.

The department arranged for a half -month night shift. I occasionally called her at night, and she didn’t talk about it.

I also feel that I am not interested in myself, so I just send her only a message.

Later, the hospital was so busy with turning around, and I didn’t even have the time to reply to the text message.

My mother was also disappointed with my marriage.

She was happy and was happy to form a family for me, but the situation of Chen Jia’s sister was indeed tricky.

"Do you think? Her sister, if you marry her, you have to be responsible for a lifetime. This is not a relaxed thing. Besides, her situation will not know if it will affect the child in the future.My mother called me, and I was worried when I mentioned it.

I was silent for a while, "Chen Jia and I have been married, Chen Yu is also my sister, and I have to be responsible."

My mother was so angry that I couldn’t speak, and hung up the phone.

I can understand her concerns.

However, since I decided to get married at the beginning, I was ready to accept her family.

I can’t choose her without choosing her without choosing her family.

My dad is more optimistic about this.

"Sister Chen Jia, your dad and I have seen tens of thousands of cases, and I didn’t feel it." He paused, "The disease is everywhere, there is nothing terrible, as a doctor, you should not be afraid. We can onlyDo your best to treat each patient and do your best to listen to the destiny.

"Son, people will die. The important thing is that before dying, do you have a serious life and find someone who wants to accompany him for a lifetime. Live in the second half of his life, you will not come to this world.

"I am even more worried that Chen Jia has endured too much. Do you have a firm confidence to go on with her and not let her be disappointed?"

After hanging up the phone, I fell into thought again.

I was thinking, what exactly do I want in my life?

I have no idea.

However, every time I recall the days with Chen Jia, when I see her every day, I will feel at ease.

That day, Chen Jialai checked and also came to our department.

I am sleeping.

Opening her eyes and seeing her, I seemed to return to college, and I met her at the playground.

Obviously, I did n’t see it in half a month, but it seemed that the heartbeat accelerated after a long time.

I looked at her and laughed inexplicably.

Smile herself, so awkward with her for so long, at the moment when she saw her, those awkward turned into black.

I just want to see her.

I sent her to the station, and I was reluctant, and I never felt that I was so dependent on a person.

In the evening, it was very late after the night shift, and I still went back.

As a result, she went home with joy, but she was not there.

It is false to say that it is false.

The next day I called my mother, thinking that she might be too boring because a person was too boring at home, and it was really far from her company, so she returned to her original home.

As a result, my mother went to my house, and she told me that Chen Jia was thin and moved away from my house.

I was hit more.

After thinking for a day, I don’t think I can go on like this. I have to find a time to talk to her.

However, I have stayed up all night recently, so I have been upside down day and night.

Can’t find a chance.

After finally waiting for the rotation class, Chen Jia just came to check again. For the first time, I accompanied her for a checkup.

I am very happy.

For a long time, I have always felt that she was very negligent, and she had to bear too much by her own. I decided to take more time to accompany her for a production inspection in the future.

Watching her children grow up day by day, I have a sense of participation and more practical.

I bought a cushion for her and her children. I thought of the cushion and imagined. After that, she walked on it with a big stomach. After that, the child was born on it, and the corner of my mouth rose unconsciously.

When she ate noodles just now, although she read a few words on her mouth, she still picked coriander.

It reminds me of my mother like this to my dad.

My favorite girl, with my child, cooks me, I don’t know what I was gambling for a while.

Isn’t she obvious?

Don’t like me, she will conceive my child, do this for me, wait for me to go home?

I was laughed at myself.

I really had my mind, and my own.


I was determined to have a good time with her.

The problems that had not been solved before were put on the table, and I started to solve them one by one.

I accompanied her back to her hometown, observed the situation of her sister, and had a preliminary communication with her father. The problem could not be solved at once, but one by one, life would always develop in a good direction.

Her parents are also very good people.

I didn’t blame me for the indifference to her before, but I didn’t mention those things at all. It seemed that as long as I was good for Chen Jia, they were already satisfied.

The more they are, the more guilty I am.

However, Chen Jia never mentioned those things.

She seemed very little for me.

Sometimes, she does not seem to need me independence at all.

But I was wrong.

I received a call from Chen Jia’s father and asked me to go home.

I rushed home in a hurry and saw her crying like a tear, and I panicked.

I hugged her, listening to her worry about "Tang’s High Risk", and felt that she was shocked by the fragility she had never had before me.

I always thought she was a strong girl, but she didn’t know that her mouth was hard and indifferent, and she was just her disguise.

Because she was a mother for the first time, she was actually panicked.

In the face of the child’s problems, she is also at a loss.

She didn’t dare to show fragility in front of me, but it was just because I was too busy and ignored.

I am deeply blame.

I started to think, why did I ignore my family.

Why, I kept my patient’s illness in my heart, but I made my lover bears pregnancy alone.

She will be afraid.

In the evening, coaxing her fell asleep, and I went to call my mother.

"That Tang’s high risk is not scary." My mother also knew.

"She didn’t know, she was always alone, and it was the first time to be a mother. She was panicked." I was very angry in my heart.

My mother was silent for two seconds.

"Mom, did you panic when you were pregnant with me? Dad is by your side?" I asked my mother.

"Your dad was busy at the hospital at the time, and couldn’t care … It’s all your grandfather and grandmother helped me busy."

"But Mother Chen Jia couldn’t come over, and I didn’t want to think of my dad." When I thought of Chen Jia asleep, there was tears on my face, and I felt distressed to die.

My mother was silent for a long time and said to me, "Son, mother will pass tomorrow."

After hanging up the phone, my dad also called me.

I told him, I want to turn to a less busy department.

"I have owed your mother in my life. Not everyone has to contribute life to the hospital. If you want to spend more time to return to the family, dad supports you."

"Chen Jia’s child has also undergone too much. She is different from your mother. Your mother cares about it, but Chen Jiaxin thinks delicate. You need to take care of her."

My father said a lot to me.

He said that he owed my mother over the years.

When he was young, he wanted to struggle his career. He couldn’t care about his family. When he was old, he found that his children grew up.

He hopes that I will not repeat his mistakes.

That night, I was almost hard to sleep all night.

I thought of what happened to Chen Jia and me all the way.

I finally understood that in the hospital, I left, and there would always be other doctors on the top; but she only had me, I would not support her, she would really fall.

So I have more determination to change the department and take care of Chen Jia.

I hope everything is not too late.


Later we reviewed DNA, DNA was okay, and this child was fine.

The family finally relieved.

It is not so easy to change the department, and it is not so fast.

Every day, as long as the night shift is not worth the night, I will go back later.

Although many times I can’t help much.

However, watching her belly grows day by day, and more and more smiles on her face, I was satisfied.

I am going back to keep her, keep the house, and keep the little baby in her belly.

I finally had a stable in my heart.

Nine months later-

On the day of my child, I stayed outside the operating room and was restless for the first time.

My colleagues laughed at me. How many times have been on the operating table, and I have n’t seen me so nervous. Sitting on a bench, I could n’t help shaking my hands.

I also laughed at myself. Caesarean section surgery was very mature, and the probability of failure was very low.

However, only I know that once I fall in love with someone, no matter how small the failure of failure, I will be unlimited in my heart, torture me every minute and one second.

I am afraid of accidents, I am afraid that she will become one -hundredth of hundreds of millions of …

This state continued until she was launched in the operating room.

Seeing her out, I laughed at me and told me that she couldn’t help it, and I couldn’t help it, and the tears fell.

She is still so strong and so brave.

Still the girl I love.

The operation was very successful, and she gave me a baby for me.

I am a dad.

Pulling her hand and looking at the baby in the puppet, I think I have the world at this moment.

I love her, love this baby, I have a home.

I said in my heart: "I love you, Chen Jia."

She didn’t hear it, nor could she hear it.

Due to too many people in the ward, I told her at night.

Of course, not just this night, I will tell her in my life–

I love you, Chen Jia.

2. After Chen Jia’s marriage, bring baby Fanwai

I had to eat with the customer that night, and I called Gu Xiao, and he was emotional.

"On Valentine’s Day, do you have to eat with your customer?"

"Valentine’s Day?" My mind was busy, and I didn’t know that today is Valentine’s Day.

"This meal has been applied for a long time, it is not good to make appointments, and it’s not just me." I explained.

"Aren’t you resting tomorrow? Tomorrow we will take the Gu family to go out for dinner, okay?"

Gu Xiao didn’t know what happened recently, and I accidentally provoked him.

"Okay, then I’m working overtime, don’t go back." He dragged his tone, obviously unhappy.

"If you don’t go back, who will pick up the family from school?"

"He has been picked up by my mother for a weekend." He said angrily.

Did you go to grandparents?

Also, I really can’t take care of my children in the past two days.

Gu’s family is in kindergarten. Usually, his grandma has always taken him, and he is also very sticky.

After get off work, Gu Xiao has a lot of tube.

When I went home in the evening, I was about to take a taxi.

I always keep a distance from male colleagues and insist on not taking other people’s cars, because Gu Xiao does not like me to go too close to other men.

This vinegar tank can be ignored for a week.

But today, I think he is working overtime anyway, and it’s too late. I didn’t necessarily be safe for my own taxi. I took the car of a male colleague for the first time and asked him to send me to the door of the community.

As a result, when I got off the car, I was covered.

Gu Xiao obliquely leaned on the railing at the door and was waiting for me.

Isn’t he overtime?

I told my colleague thank you, and walked slowly, but he just stared at me and turned away.

He was angry again.

I think the atmosphere is a little embarrassed. I stepped forward, pulled his hand, and explained, "Have you waited for a long time?"

"Um." He responded softly, his attitude was cold, but he didn’t shake off my hand.

"Didn’t you say you want to work overtime?" I asked him in a stinging way.

He suddenly stopped walking, lowered his eyes, staring at me, "Why, I still plan to ask others to send you home?"

"No!" I quickly explained, "How did you?"

"Huh …" He snorted with a good way.

He pulled my hand and walked at home, obviously emotional.

"Gu Xiao, are you jealous?" I asked him with a smile.

"Old husband and wife, who is jealous." His face was unnatural.

Seeing him like this, I felt inexplicably a little funny and continued to tease him.

"Okay, my colleagues just asked me if I received a rose on Valentine’s Day, if not …"

"What do he do without him?" He finally had emotions on his face.

"No … no." I didn’t expect him to react so much. "He got married, and he put a rose in the car. He went home to send his wife. Which vinegar did you eat?" I looked at him with a smile.

"I … forget it." He stopped talking and pulled me out of the community."You go back first."

"Where are you going? Don’t go home? Go to work overtime?"

He looked back at me, "Well, you go back first."

Okay, I went home alone.

He is a doctor, and I have long been used to his sudden leave because of the hospital.

As a result, I returned home to take a bath halfway. I heard the sound of opening the door outside.

Is it the child and grandmother who brought the child back?

As soon as I opened the door quickly, I saw Gu Xiao standing at the door holding a large bouquet of roses and laughing towards me.

"Why are you … aren’t you going to the hospital?" I was a little shocked.

This year, I am 32 years old and the Gu family is 4 years old.

I had no feeling about roses, and I just teased him.

Unexpectedly, at night, he really drove out to buy roses.

"If I really went to the hospital, you wouldn’t run away by someone else?" He glanced at me angrily, walked over, and lowered his head and kissed me.

Half half, I found that my hair was still wet, and he went to the bathroom to get a hair dryer again to blow me hair.

Dr. Gu really, restrained.

My just jumping heart was pressed by him again.

"It’s so hot, it doesn’t matter if you don’t blow." I murmured in my mouth.

He glanced at me and couldn’t help laughing, "Chen Jia, what are you in a hurry?"

I’m in a hurry?Where am I urgent!

I just didn’t get used to blowing my hair so ambiguously, like a beast staring at his prey.

I don’t speak directly.

After blowing his hair, he took a brief bath, walked to me, removed my phone …

A pair of peach blossom eyes stared at me so much.

"Are you busy at the hospital?" I transferred the topic.

"Um." He obviously won’t be confused by me, still staring at me.

"Then you should be tired, sleep." I snatched my mobile phone, but he left the phone directly on the sofa in the distance.


He supported his hands on both sides.

"What exactly made you illusory, will I be so busy that this is lacking? Hmm?"

I shrunk a little back, "No … Dr. Gu, you want …"

"What do you want?" He looked at me patiently.

"Pay attention to your body." I started to jump in my heart.

He didn’t speak, just laughed, "I know."

"Happy Valentine’s Day, wife." After that, he kissed.

He knows what he knows.

I really don’t know that he was so busy in the hospital every day, how he was so energetic when he got out of work.

Kiss half …

The door was suddenly opened–

"Dad!" The voice of a little guy broke through the sky.

I was so scared to push Gu Xiao.

"Mom?" The Gu family ran to the bed, looked at Gu Xiao, and looked at me again …

"What games are you doing? Why not bring me?"

Tong Yan Wuji!

I took a breath.

"Why is it back?" I hugged him and touched his head.

"Grandpa said it would take a few days, so we came back together again."

The little guy was still full of emotions on Gu Xiao’s face, in short, it was very desperate.

After the little guy washed, he crowded me and Gu Xiao, and excitedly told me about the kindergarten.

There is no meaning to stop at all.

Gu Xiao kept watching the timetable on the phone dazed.

"Go to Grandma’s room and sleep!" He never had the patience, and picked up the Gu family and left.

The little guy hugged me.

"Why?" He refused to accept, "Mom saves me!"

"Why?" Gu Xiao relieved his emotions. "You see Grandpa just come back, there must be a lot of stories to tell you, you asked in the past."

"Oh, then I will let my grandfather tell me tomorrow."

Gu Xiao had no way to break, and changed the direction. "You see you are 4 years old, you should be independent, you can no longer sleep next to your mother."

"That dad, you are so big, don’t you sleep next to your mother?"

Gu Xiao:?

In short, the two sides have been seen for a long time, and Gu Xiao still failed.

The Gu family still hugged me and wanted to sleep in the middle.

I feel funny in my heart.

After a while, the little guy finally slept, Gu Xiao also fell asleep. I turned off the night light and was about to sleep-

As a result, Gu Xiao, who was asleep, suddenly picked up the Gu family and walked outside.

"what are you doing?"

"Send to my mother’s room."

He left after speaking.

I feel funny in my heart.Dr. Gu, you have today.

After returning, he was like a person.



"Don’t sleep."

"I am sleepy."

"Wait a while …"

"Half an hour ago, you said that …"

In the end, he had to hold my hand and said softly in my ear: "I love you, love you, love you."

I was speechless in my heart.

"Love me, can’t toss until three o’clock." Sleep. "

I don’t want to ignore him.

I woke up in the morning and my son was lying next to me.

He has a conscience and knows that he went back to hold his son back in the morning.

"Mom, good morning." The Gu family rubbed her eyes and kissed my face.

"Baby, good morning." I kissed on his forehead.

Good morning, my little lover.

"Mom, I have a dream …"


"I became Ultraman in the dream …" He Balabara kept telling me.

I listened patiently.

Holding his soft little body, I feel that my life is complete.


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