In 1982, Diana was playing with her pregnant belly at the seaside, and Charles looked at her eyes full of pets.

With the death of the Queen of Britain, Prince Charles, who has been the Crown Prince for more than 70 years, finally sat in the position of the Commonwealth King.

The long -seized story has once again become a hot topic in people’s mouths.

In order to cut off her son’s connection with the second marriage ugly woman, Queen Ying personally planned a wedding of "the rules of the royal family" for Prince Charles.

In 1981, a conspiracy pulled a naive girl into another tragic life that was completely not her.

Diana, who was immersed in happiness at the wedding, did not find the groom’s hearty horse and the unwilling woman hidden in the crowd.

She did not understand why the romantic Prince Charles stopped staying in this green harbor.

She is not interested in how much help from her family can help.

What Diana only cares about is that the man named Charles loves her deeply.

After the honeymoon period after the wedding, when the reporter interviewed whether Diana felt happy, she answered shamefully that such a marriage was what she imagined.

It cannot be denied that Charles after marriage has also thought that she must protect her little family wholeheartedly, and the young couple also had a very sweet marriage life.

About half a year after the two, Diana was pregnant with their first child, Prince William.

At that time, the relationship between Charles and Diana was still in the sweet honeymoon period after marriage.

In order to make Diana happy during pregnancy, Charles also went to the Bahamas for five months of pregnancy.

It was just that Charles did not expect that a private trip with a high degree of confidentiality was stared at by the paparazzi unknowingly.

The two moves on the Bahama Islands, both of which were recorded in paparazzi cameras.

At that time, the naive and cheerful Diana, played in the sea like a child, played and played in the sea, life was rich, and her marriage was happy. She thought this was the perfect life she wanted.

From the photos taken by paparazzi, it can be seen that when Charles looked at Diana, her eyes were full of affection.

When sitting on the beach chair, Diana’s legs naturally put on her husband, and Prince Charles also enjoyed the sea breeze with a free look.

At this time, the two of them were completely without the seriousness of usual on weekdays. They seemed to be a little couple who was in love.

It may be that the paparazzi was sneaking in the two people. Charles responded quickly and blocked the sensitive parts of his wife.

He used only a simple action to complete the warning of paparazzi. The sexy sexy of his wife could only be exclusive to Prince Charles himself.

And Charles gave her a special "preference" more than once for Diana’s rules for breaking through the royal family.

Prince Charles loves equestrian, and Diana at that time occasionally accompanied Charles to his favorite racecourse to ride.

She watched her immediately of her husband with her waist, she looked like a child who was very coquettish without giving sugar.

Since then, Charles was immediately picked up with the little face of Jiao’s wife.This kind of love that exudes from the bottom of my heart cannot be fake anyway.

He will put down the prince’s body to accompany her to laugh and play, and she will be a qualified "princess" for his tenderness for him to converge.

They often appear in front of the media without ten fingers. When they are deep, they can’t kiss each other in public.

During that time, the people of the entire Commonwealth were envious of the pair of Langcai women’s appearance. They felt that the fairy family members in heaven were just the same.

If time stays at this moment, it is undoubtedly the most beautiful ending for Diana.

But there is no if in this world after all.

Prince Charles was the British royal family and was the first prince to be sent to public schools to study.He has both the traditional education of the royal family and advanced modern education in his head.

Therefore, there are often some thoughts in Charles’ minds. He hopes that the lover at his pillow can also be the same as himself to understand and support himself.

But Da Anna is not in her heart like Charles. She is just a little girl who wants to love and being loved.

The different frequencies in the soul have led to various small problems in the marriage between the two.What followed was the gradual collapse of emotion.

Everyone likes beautiful faces. Even if they look gorgeous, they will feel tired after watching it for a long time. The reason for the two people must be the same frequency in the soul.

Dana has only a junior high school degree. When Prince Charles and her tell the feelings in her heart, Diana can only return to innocent eyes.

On those nights that were hard to sleep, Charles remembered the Camilla who had experienced various kinds of Camilla.

It seems that there is only Camilla in the world, and it is Charles’s only explanation flower in this world, so the two hearts of eager to move together again.

Diana, who learned that the two people, became irritable and sensitive. The dogma in the palace restrained her. Even if it was sad, she could not show her emotions on the surface.

She started insomnia, anorexia, and even an extreme way of falling in the staircase to want to regain her husband’s concern.

Facing a person who is determined to leave and doing more struggles, it is just a clown that is petted.

After depression to the extreme, Diana found the seemingly kind queen mother -in -law.

She cried to her mother -in -law’s misfortune, hoping to use the Queen’s hand to pull Charles’ hearts back to her.

But the queen’s indifferent response made Diana’s heart completely cold.The indifference of the royal family is even more terrible than she thought.

People think that how many mistresses can there be a king of the dignitarian king?Dana cannot accept this crowded marriage.

So gradually discovered that the pair of loving people no longer held hands when they appeared in front of the media, and they also looked at each other’s eyes.

Many years later, when Diana thought that she could completely escape the indifferent and luxurious cage, my doom came to her head.

A blooming flower suddenly withered on an ordinary night, so there was a naive and bright soul in the world, and a tough "British rose" in heaven.

Until many years later, when people gradually came out of the grief of Diana’s death, Charles dared to hold Camilla’s hand and marry her home.

Perhaps to restore the people’s grievances. At the beginning of the two of them, the Queen said that Camilla could only accompany Charles as a concubine, and the future queen would also missed her.

Unexpectedly, the Queen also acknowledged Camilla’s identity at the beginning of this year, and announced that after her 100 years, Camilla would be the new queen.

The woman who once destroyed Diana’s dreams, all longing for, is now standing in her original position.

It’s just that this news, if Diana, who was sleeping in the island of Lake in the Spencer family, knew, would her anger directly overturned the coffin of the 600 pounds.

But no matter how the world tells, we are willing to believe that there is indeed a very love time between Charles and Diana.

It’s a pity that the love staying is too short.

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