In 2011, the man in Hunan dreamed of the dead mother for 7 consecutive days. After digging the grave and opening the coffin, major cases were carried out.

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In Hunan in 2011, a man dreamed of his late mother for seven consecutive nights. This incredible dream triggered a series of amazing incidents.

In order to understand the mystery in his dream, he decided to dig out his mother’s grave.However, he never expected that this simple operation even opened a prelude to a major case.

In Hunan in 2011, a man named Tang Shiqiu accompanied by a large group of people to dig out the grave of his mother who had just buried recently.

The villagers have persuaded him to stop, because in the local area, this behavior is considered to be unhappy.Someone asked him: "Are you crazy?"

However, the man looked up and continued to dig the grave resolutely, and no one could stop him.

In the afternoon, Tang Shiqiu and the crowd finally opened the coffin, but were surprised to find that the mother’s body was gone!The scene suddenly aroused the panic and retreat of the people present.

Tang Shiqiu was paralyzed in place. He claimed that he dreamed of helping him for help in his dream for seven consecutive days, but he did not expect that the dream became a reality.

Tang Shiqi is a honest peasant in Zhongfu Village, Hunan Province.Before the Spring Festival in 2011, his mother suddenly died, which was a huge blow to Tang Shiqiu, who depended on his mother, and he was deeply sad.

For her mother, Tang Shiqiu made his best to her funeral in accordance with the local traditional customs and gave her the respect and solemnity to her.

However, in the middle of the night, Tang Shiqiu’s emotions were stimulated and the thoughts of mother became stronger.What troubles him is that he clearly heard his mother’s call in the dream for a few consecutive nights, and she said what she wanted to go home.

At first, Tang Shiqiu might interpret these dreams as his strong thoughts on his mother, and did not care too much.

However, the same dream appeared for seven consecutive days. The mother had tears in her dreams and said sadly, "Son, I want to go home!"

Tang Shiqiu got up in a dream, hoping to figure out what happened to his mother, but was awakened at the moment of turning.

Tang Shiqiu’s wife saw her husband had nightmares at night, speaking of dreams, and was uneasy and worried.Is there really a secret that the mother really has?

Tang Shiqiu was convinced and decided to go to the mothers’ cemetery to check it.However, his wife advised him not to be too tangled and rest well, but in any case, he could not stop his determination.

Tang Shi decided to dig a new grave.According to the habits of their village, after a person died, it would take seven days to be buried.However, Tang Shi couldn’t wait. He had to open the coffin immediately, and had to see if his mother was really in the coffin."

On the way to his mother’s new grave, his wife accidentally kicked a sharp object and screamed.It turned out that it was a hat.Tang Shiqiu bent his body and picked up the hat on the ground, his face suddenly became pale.

Isn’t this the most favorite hat during my mother?The hat was originally buried with her mother’s body.So why do this hat appear on the way to the new tomb of my mother?

Tang Shiqiu strengthened his determination to dig the grave, and then he summoned several workers and took tools to the graveyard.

The folks were surprised when they saw Tang Shi’s action: "Is there something wrong with him?" They persuaded Tang Shi to calm down and not do such a thing.

However, Tang Shiqiu did not obey the advice of others, and he just wanted to figure out what happened to his mother.When dug the coffin board, Tang Shiqiu jumped off and removed the coffin board, but the mother’s body was gone!

This scene made Tang Shiqiu’s face pale. He was paralyzed to the ground, and he couldn’t speak.

The people present began to discuss uneasily. Where did the corpse that had just been buried?Is it a resurrection or a supernatural thing that happened?

The folks have speculated that they are puzzled.If it is a grave robbers, the Tang family is just an ordinary farmhouse, and there is nothing valuable to steal it.

The bottom of the coffin’s bottom is intact, which is closely related to the mother, and does not look like a grave robbing behavior.All this is puzzling.

Tang Shiqiu was unimaginable, and such a bizarre thing happened to himself.Even the deceased is not let go, what kind of humble behavior is this?Someone reminded Tang Shiqiu whether he had offended someone at some point and was retaliated?

Tang Shi asked for thinking, shook his head.He recalled that he had no resentment with others on weekdays, and his mother was treating others with kindness and almost impossible to have enemies.

Regarding the claims of borrowing corpses, Tang Shiqiu did not believe it at all.Tang Shiqiu knew that his mother was old, and had left the world forever, and it was impossible to resurrect.

He squatted on the ground, and his heart was full of pain.At this moment, a villager patted his head and suddenly remembered that when he was working in the field the day before yesterday, he saw a ghostly run into Deng Jiashan.

"Do you see his face clearly?" Tang Shiqiu seemed to grab the last hope.The villagers shook their heads and said that the sky was too dark at the time and could not be seen clearly.

Some of them suggested calling the police, and Tang Shiqiu realized that he should call the police.After receiving the alarm, the police quickly arrived at the scene and according to the clues provided by the villagers, the group began to search in the direction of Dengjiashan.

There are many cemeteries in Deng Jiashan, and the mountains are also steep, giving people a terrible feeling.The police led Tang Shiqiu and several villagers to start looking for clues.

Suddenly, they found fresh footprints on the mountain.Everyone became nervous, holding his breath, and continued to search with his footprints.

Following the direction of the footprint, Tang Shiqiu even found a small cave on the mountain, and there were traces of living in it.Does anyone steal the body and hide here?

Several people continued to find, and in the dark in front of them, they found a piece of plastic cloth covered with something.Tang Shiqiu opened the plastic cloth and shocked that it was actually his mother’s body!

Everyone went around and confirmed that it was indeed Tang Shi’s mother.After inspection, the corpse did not be damaged.Several people planned to move their mothers’ bodies, prepare to transport them back, and bury them as soon as possible.

There is actually a layer of wooden board under the cave. When you open it, there is another corpse.This corpse has been rotten for a long time, and it has a bad smell.

The discovery was surprising. The villagers turned around in the nearby caves and found three more corpses.Who is this perverted, and does not let go of any corpse?

These corpses have been rotten to identify.In addition to Tang Shi’s mother’s body, one was recognized by the villagers, and the other three corpses were well known.

It is certain that these corpses are older female old people.What is the purpose of the person who steal the corpse?The villagers remembered that these corpses were protected so well and could not understand the person’s intention.

Police clearly recognized the severity of this corpse case.The stolen things of the corpses of Zhongfu Village were quickly spread nearby, causing more and more people’s fear and doubts.

The police began an investigation, and they kept visiting and found a suspicious character, Yang Mou, a nearby tramp.Yang was wandering because of mental problems, but his body was weak and did not look like a corpse thief.

The villagers are confused about this. Why is a mental problem stealing the corpse?Police took out the traces extracted from the bone to compare with Yang’s DNA, and the result was confirmed that the five corpses were indeed stolen by Yang.

This makes the folks even more puzzled. Why should a trampster want to move the body of others?

Police conducted in -depth investigations and visits and found that Yang’s schizophrenia was very serious.Since childhood, few people have been concerned about, but these old ladies have expressed their care and help to him.

After these old people died, Yang hoped to be with these corpses to find a sense of security.When Tang Shiqiu’s mother was alive, he often took care of this tramp.

Tang Shiqiu revealed the truth of the mother’s body through continuous dreams, which was incomprehensible.Is there really a "dreamer"?Such things, but no one said.

The truth behind this is helpless.The tramp has brought unprecedented harm to his relatives.In order to prevent Yang from stealing corpses in the mountains, the police contacted the mental hospital and asked him to receive treatment and supervision.

Tang Shiqiu’s mother was buried again, and the truth was great, hoping that the kind elderly people could rest in peace.Zhongfu Village also returned to peace, and people’s hearts finally settled.

one.In this case, what laws and regulations have the behavior of the tramp violated?

Article 302 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China [theft, insult, deliberately destroyed corpses, corpses, ashes] Theft, insults, deliberately destroyed corpses, bones, and ashes, and sentenced to three years in prison, detention or control.

In China’s legal system, the illegal interference and infringement of the remains of others, regardless of the reason and purpose, are considered serious illegal acts.

This behavior violates the basic legal principles of human life, respecting the deceased, and protecting the personal rights of citizens.

In this incident, the tramp took away the corpse of others without permission, which was legally defined as a corpse.

The corpse robbing behavior not only ignored the law and social norms, but also violated the dignity and burial right of the corpse.The burial right of the corpse contains a series of problems such as respect, treatment and disposal of the corpse.

These rights belong to the relatives of the deceased, and they have the right to decide the funeral methods of relatives and the position of the cemetery.Without the consent and authorization of relatives, the excavation of cemeteries and moving corpses without permission constitutes an infringement of their rights.

In addition, this behavior also violated the dignity of the corpse.Dignity is the basic right of equality for all life. This right does not disappear because of the termination of life.

The respect for the deceased is also the protection of the dignity of the life.Therefore, whether it is a living person or a dead person, their dignity should be respected and protected.

two.In this case, the tramp has violated the law, but why not need to bear the corresponding responsibility?

Article 18 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China [Criminal Responsibility Capability of Special Personnel] Psychiatric patients can cause harm when they cannot identify or control their behavior.Family or guardians are strictly managed and medical; when necessary, the government is mandatory medical treatment.

In this case, the police should have sentenced him to a term of three years in prison or detention based on the behavior of the stray man’s corpse.However, because the homeless guy suffers from mental illness, he does not need to take criminal responsibility.

In this case, the tramp was sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment, instead of entering the traditional criminal judicial system.

The goal of treatment is to help him restore his health as much as possible and treat his mental illness to prevent him from performing inappropriate behavior again in the future.

Unlike traditional punishment, psychiatric treatment may have the characteristics of compulsory and indefinitely, until doctors and courts believe they no longer constitute danger.

Although the tramp was guilty of law, his motivation was because of his thoughts on the men and seeking a sense of security.This undoubtedly revealed his inner loneliness and fear, and the nostalgia and dependence of the care of the men’s dead and mother.

This is a pain point that deeply inserted into his soul. He may have been struggling and troubled in wandering life for a long time, and psychologically suffer huge pressure and pain.

However, this cannot be an excuse for infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of others. The law will not be accommodated by the weakness and dilemma of human nature. He does not have legal rights to take the corpse.

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