In 2013, a young woman in Shanxi participated in a classmate party to get drunk, but after pregnancy, I did not know who the child’s father was

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In life, if there is a bad possibility of a thing, no matter how small this possibility is, it will always happen. This phenomenon is called Murphy’s law.

Many people may not know much about Murphy’s Law, but what is the same thing with this law is the same, it is the fluke of most people who are very familiar.

Everyone has different degrees of fluke, but it is only more or less problematic. In serious cases, they may be buried in their own life.

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After the young woman in Shanxi, after attending her classmate party in 2013, she was pregnant after the accident, but she did not know who the child’s biological father was.

In view of this, Zhao not only did not protect himself in the right way, but lived with a chance to live with a chance, and was unwilling to face the truth.

In the end, the encounter was revealed. Zhao’s experience became a talk. The home she carefully maintained was fragmented.

Zhao is from Shanxi. She looks very beautiful. I remember that when high school, many male students turned around her, but she ignored no one, so that all the opposite sex could only be seen from a distance.

At the age of marriage, many people who came to say the media broke the threshold of Zhao’s family.

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Coincidentally, she met her current husband and married him, and her life after marriage was also very happy.

But sometimes, Zhao also feels a little regretful. After all, she has no children and her husband for three years. For this reason, she also went to the hospital to see it.

The doctor told her not to worry about everything. To raise a good body, it is a matter of two people to have children. As long as the body is raised, it is sooner or later.

If you are too anxious, you will inevitably have a bad mentality and a bad mentality. If you do things, you will make mistakes. In the long run, if you are a child with a child, it is difficult to add it. It is better to let it go.

Listening to the doctor’s comfort, Zhao was a lot more comfortable, but compared to conditioning her body, she hoped that she could conceive with her husband’s children as soon as possible.

Zhao’s husband may also feel the guilt in his wife’s heart, so he will do her ideological work from time to time to relax her, don’t be too nervous, everything is anxious.

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Due to the consideration of her husband’s consideration, Zhao also looked away slowly, and from time to time, he couldn’t eat hot tofu from time to time to comfort himself.

And her husband has always been seriously considered for her, so after marriage, although Zhao would be distressed from time to time, he was also glad that he was unable to conceive his child.

Because there is no child’s stumbling, Zhao has more time to run his own social circle.

In 2013, Zhao was 28 years old. High school classmates were preparing to hold a classmate party, and the party place was a hotel not far from home.

When the classmate called, considering the distance, Zhao said that he would participate on time.

On the day of the classmates, Zhao took his own care from head to toe.

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It is probably because there is no child, so her figure has never gone in a few years after marriage, and has been maintaining a good.

Seeing that the old classmates who hadn’t seen each other for many years were still young and beautiful, the classmates talked about many interesting things that year.

Seeing the color of several male students, they counting more than Zhao’s wine and preparing to implement the next evil plan.

However, Zhao, who was obsessed with the friendship of the same window, did not know the dangerous thoughts of the other party. She was confused by the classmates in front of her and couldn’t help drinking a lot of wine.

In her eyes, these classmates are still the same as before, or they are as friendly as before.

But what she doesn’t know is that after the polishing of society, many people are no longer like before.

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Knowing people know face and unknown. Under the paralysis of alcohol, Zhao couldn’t see the insignificant smile on the male classmate’s face.

A few times, Zhao had been drunk.

After being drunk, Zhao did not go home, but stayed directly in the hotel.

But she didn’t sleep on the bed, but stayed in the bathroom.

But Zhao, who was drunk into mud, didn’t know where he was, or when the waiter cleaned the next morning, he found out and woke her up.

Zhao was discovered by the waiter, and the pants on the lower body were even disappeared.

Because the waiter was strange, he knew about similar situations and did not ask more.

So the waiter woke the guests and left. After waking up, Zhao found that he was exposed to his lower body, and probably guessed what happened.

So Zhao hurriedly dressed and ran out of the toilet in panic.

After returning, Zhao was still desperately thinking about who he was bullied.

She thought that this was not a trivial matter. She went to attend classmates at a time. Not only did she not be taken care of, but she was also humiliated.

If you are known, how can you be a person in the future?

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There must be a saying about this, which is also the main reason why Zhao tried to remember the experience of the night.

However, on the night of the classmates, Zhao drank too much alcohol, and had already drank the film.

What happened that night, she couldn’t restore it in her mind.

The only thing to remember is that she was put on the toilet by several male classmates after being drunk. What happened afterwards, she had no memory.

But she was the only certainty that she was definitely occupied after being drunk.

Zhao Mou thought more and more scared. She wanted to call the police and let the police preside over her justice.

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But when she thought that she couldn’t remember which one was or which male classmates violated her, she began to hesitate again.

The idea of finding a statement for the insult he had suffered before has begun to become looming, because this time, her identity has changed.

After all, he is a family, not a little girl who can find a fair girl who can cry from family or friends.

However, what Zhao didn’t understand was that no matter what she was, the police could find out the monitoring to find out the truth, and at the same time, she could interrogate relevant personnel to obtain more clues.

The most important thing is that she can take out the DNA in her body and use it as a strong evidence.

In this way, you can quickly determine the suspect. Whether it is a person or a few people, it will be sanctioned by law.

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However, Zhao was worried that once the police were reported, the whole thing would be known by her husband and mother -in -law.

Not only that, she was even afraid to be known by colleagues and friends.

She thought that even if she recovered her fairness, she would be stained. As for her subsequent marriage life, she would be affected.

A series of possibilities made Zhao even more scared. Compared to being raped by male classmates, she seemed to be more afraid of being damaged by the festival. In panic, Zhao gave up the police.

However, the carelessness Zhao also forgot a very important thing. She did not take timely measures afterwards. When she remembered, it had already passed the best time.

So she could only pray that this accident would not make her pregnant, but life is often like this. When you don’t want one thing to happen, this worry often becomes a reality.

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Fortunately, Zhao did not allow Zhao to pay for it. Just when she warned herself not to drink more on the wine bureau in the future, she found that she was likely to be pregnant.

So she bought the inspection tool and took a test while her husband went out.

She was pregnant.

Seeing the test results, Zhao was frightened, and she was worried that the child was not her husband.

Although she does not know who the child is so far, she thinks it is more appropriate to kill the child first.

So Zhao found time and quietly came to the hospital alone to prepare for abortion surgery.

But after consulting the doctor, she hesitated again.

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Because the doctor told her that for a person with poor physical fitness and weak physical fitness, once she had a fetus, she could no longer be pregnant.

As a woman, becoming a mother is an innate privilege. If this right is deprived, it has to be said to be extremely painful.

Moreover, three years after his marriage have been sufficiently suffocated, can you still accept forfection?

And it ’s now that it’ s hard to conceive one, but it ’s going to be killed, and it seems to run counter to his original ideas.

So after Zhao Mou thought again and again, he decided to leave this child.

After all, she and her husband have always maintained a harmonious and stable husband and wife life. If the child born is the husband’s biological and flesh, all the worry is not a false alarm?

Thinking about it this way, Zhao was much more comfortable. She knew that as long as this idea had 1%of the possibility of becoming a reality, it was worth trying.

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Moreover, Zhao also planned to be pregnant but October. After the child was born, he immediately took the DNA test.

If you are a husband’s child, you will leave it carefully. If not, you will be sent to the orphanage.

After making the idea, Zhao thought that his stomach should appear after a while. If he was asked by his husband, he was afraid it would be bad.

So think about it, Zhao decided to raise a tire in another city.

Zhao deliberately took advantage of his husband’s good day, and found an excuse to tell him that he was going to take care of his younger sister’s pregnancy. He had to go abroad to take care of his sister’s clothing and food.

Zhao’s husband heard that his wife was going to take care of her sister. She didn’t think too much, but just told a few words to take care of her to take good care of her body.

Seeing her husband’s things more about himself, Zhao was secretly rejoicing in his heart, thinking that he could finally give birth to the child silently.

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Immediately after, Zhao pretended to clean up his luggage and left his home.

The thoughtful husband was worried that his wife was not convenient to hold his luggage, so he drove her to the International Airport overnight.

After a while farewell, I saw her husband left, and Zhao secretly left the international airport again, pushing the bulky luggage to other cities alone.

The city she chose by Zhao did not have someone she knew. She thought that she should be able to wait until the date of delivery. Then, she rented a house to start raising a fetus.

The good times didn’t last long, and the accident happened before Zhao Mou had a good child.

One day, a friend of Zhao’s husband came to the city where his wife was located.

He ate in the mall that day, and just saw Zhao Shopping in the mall with a big belly.

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At first, my friend thought it was too tired to look at it, but it turned out that he repeatedly confirmed that he was the wife of a friend.

As soon as he saw this scene, the man’s heart was surprised. He thought that he was very good at his husband and Zhao’s husband. How can his wife’s pregnancy never mentioned him?

Thinking of it here, the man was a little bit couldn’t figure out, so he quickly called his friends.

On the phone, he was full of ridicule of Zhao’s husband and asked the other party why he would not share such happy events as a father.

Zhao’s husband was very puzzled when he heard his friend’s inquiry. He didn’t understand how his wife appeared in another city. Didn’t she have gone abroad to accompany her sister to produce?

The unspeakable husband hurriedly asked his friends to come to the address, and asked his friends to secretly follow Zhao.

After knowing the location of Zhao’s rental house, my friend informed Zhao’s husband to the specific location.

After getting the address, Zhao’s husband became more and more incorrect, and he couldn’t be calm and calm down.

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So he hurriedly asked the company for leave, and set off at the city where Zhao was located overnight.

After arriving at the destination, Zhao’s husband quickly contacted his friends, and then found Zhao’s address under the guidance of his friend.

After knocking on the door, he saw his wife with a big belly.

Originally hearing the knocking of the door, Zhao was also worried about who would knock on his door at this point.

But she thought that maybe the express delivery in the past two days, and she didn’t want to open the door directly.

But suddenly seeing his husband appeared in front of him, Zhao’s head was blank.

Her heart was unprepared, and she knew that no matter how she explained, she couldn’t hide the truth.

Looking at her husband’s face full of doubt, Zhao was full of guilt and distress. The two lines burst into tears, and the whole body had no energy, and she was paralyzed to the ground.

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Zhao’s husband is not an unreasonable person. Although his heart can’t help but suffer, he thinks that she is a person with six Jiajia after all.

So Zhao’s husband quickly stepped forward to support his wife’s arm and took her to the sofa and sat down.

Then he patiently comforted his wife’s emotions and let her say something well.

Unexpectedly, to this day, the husband was still so gentle about herself. Zhao’s heart seemed to be siblished with a salt and sobbing.

As Zhao cried, he talked about the matter intermittently. The husband was naturally distressed about his wife’s encounter, but he loved someone and could not accept his wife to give birth to other people’s children.

In view of this, Zhao’s husband said that if the child is his own, this matter is not blamed in the past, he can still live well and grow up the child together.

But if the test results show that the child is someone else, then he can only be separated. After all, he cannot share his father’s love with other people’s children.

When she heard her husband said so, Zhao’s heart was full of gratitude. She naturally hoped that the child in her belly was her husband, so she not only kept her home, but also fulfilled her dream of being a mother.

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A few months later, Zhao was about to be in the basin. When the child was born, the parent -child identification results also came out.

However, the results show that Zhao’s painful children are not husband.

After seeing the result, Zhao’s husband sighed towards the ceiling, and it was a pity that the child was not himself.

But after all, he could not disobey his mind and decided to divorce Zhao.

After Zhao’s recovery was discharged, her husband placed the divorce agreement in front of her.

At this time, Zhao knew that all the cause and effect had to bear it by herself, so even if she was unwilling again, she finally signed.

Since then, Zhao and his ex -husband have a width, and have become the most familiar strangers.

Imagine that if Zhang was able to ask the police bravely at the beginning, he would not have such a result, at least he would not have the absence.

Unfortunately, after Zhao was selected once, she couldn’t come again. She was judged twice in a row, which was enough to push her into the bottom of her life. It was difficult to pursue happiness according to the previous trajectory.

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First of all, after she learned that she was violated by male classmates, she did not choose to use legal weapons to safeguard her rights and interests. Instead, she used the attitude of swallowing to handle everything, so that the disaster was hidden in the outbreak.

Furthermore, after the incident, Zhao did not confess to his husband, but did not happen without a word.

Even after pregnancy, I went to the city to raise the tire, and the truth was announced until the end.

In fact, Zhao’s classmates are indeed a beast, but she is the helm of her own destiny.

No matter how difficult a person is, as long as you still have a rest and hope, your vitality will become more and more vigorous.

It’s a pity that time will not flow back, and there is no in the world if you can say!

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