In 2018, 19 -year -old girl in Jiangsu was "drug abuse" and revealed the true face of invisible drugs.

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I don’t know if everyone has heard of Han Anran:

On the transformation, cosmetic surgery, tearing, multiple collapses, etc., this series of dramatic incidents frequently rushed to hot search, constantly refreshing the lower limit of people’s cognition.

Some people like this kind of drama style and like to eat melon. It is also her own thing that Han Anran to do a surprising thing, but one thing is worthy of being vigilant, that is, she is suspected of using invisible drugs.

As a public figure, Han An Ran Mingzhuo jumped on the edge of the legal bottom line.When she increased her popularity with more exaggerated events, she also brought "laughing" invisible drugs to the public.

Han Anran is from Nanjing, Jiangsu. He was born in March 1999.

In April 2015, 16 -year -old Han Anran harvested a wave of heat with the "Transformers". She took the opportunity to register for major social platforms and opened the road of Internet celebrity by relying on a large wave of bloggers’ eyes.

Han Anran can be said to be a person living in front of the camera. Every bit of life will be made public. It is too small to show love, hacking each other after breaking up.

After breaking up with the scumbag’s ex -boyfriend Ma Wenchao, Han Anran kept talking with the cosmetic anchor, Mr. Xiaowei, talked about love.

Most people think that "show love and die fast", and rather enjoy the sweetness of love low -key. For Han Anran, falling in love is a "business opportunity."In this love, Han Anran was also restless and made a matter of making traffic.

Han Anran, Mr. Xiaowei

In 2018, Han Anran spoke on Weibo: I gave you twice for you, otherwise I broke up for a long time, and no one would be so cowardly. Let’s die.

She broke the news that she had a miscarriage. Regardless of her mother -in -law, Mr. Little Pig stood on the side and dealt with her in partnership.

Today, in the awakening of women’s consciousness, the weak and humble daughter -in -law in the relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law are always sympathetic, and Ma Bonan always makes her population.

Han Anran’s breaking news successfully won the sympathy of netizens, and public opinion accused Mr. Pig, not even her mother -in -law.Looking at the turbulent anger, Han Anran was ecstatic behind the screen and proud.

But this little pig is not a worry -free master.In a live broadcast of the two on April 5, 2018, Mr. Piggy took out his mobile phone to play a video of Han Anran’s smile and said, "I will ask you what you are doing at this time."

In the video, Han Anran was lying on the bed, his eyes closed, his face was stunned, two transparent balloons were placed beside him, and the balloon was filled with a smile.Han Anran held a balloon that was almost sucked, and was in a state of hi.

Mr. Little Pig himself felt that he had grabbed Han An Ran’s handle, but did not expect that she did not take it seriously at all, but asked, "When is this thing, you take it out now."

Mr. Little Pig further, exposed that she smiled in front of her child, and saw him open WeChat to show his chat history with Yue Yue.

Yueyue said: Come here, if you don’t come, the pig sister will accompany her outside, and the mother will cheer.Among them, "cheering" means laughing.

"Do you have conscience?" Mr. Pig accused Han Anran.

Let the innocent children hurt the softness of the netizen’s heart: you hurt yourself, but don’t drag your child.Fans on both sides quarreled.

After the incident was big on the Internet, some people continued to expose Han Anran’s smile.

Some netizens showed a screenshot of Han Anran’s circle of friends. She wrote "Hangzhou selling air -selling air" in the circle of friends, and she has become a seller from a smiley buyer.

In addition, some netizens picked up Han Anran to cheer up everywhere. The chat record showed that Han Anran sucked for several hours at a time and sucked from the early morning to the morning.

However, I want to prove that Han Anran’s laughter can’t use the news, because she herself admits it.

She even smiled even during her child Huai Xiaoweu’s child. In June 2020, she posted a Weibo complaining that Mr. Pig did not care about her:

"Pig, every time I need you, you are not by my side, and I left me … I might know the child’s biochemical when I blow 4 or 5 days with a smile?"

As a prospective mother, Han Anran knew that she was damaging to the fetus, but she still knew that the offender had no sense of responsibility. For the sake of the eyeballs and her for a moment, she had no bottom line, and she eventually led to her two abortion.

The combination of Han Anran’s performing personality and lens has produced a huge tension. Successive laughter involves the sensitive topic of drug use.

I do n’t know if the two sides planned the acting in advance or just happened. Mr. Piggy exposed that the day of Han Anran was just a world anti -drug day.Planning capabilities, the hotspot of the World Anti -Drug Day can also be caught.

However, the two of them have always followed the black and red line, of course, this news is used as a negative textbook.

The scholarship name is dioxide. It has a slight anesthesia and is very addictive. Because it can cause people to have hallucinations and unknowingly laugh, it is called "laughing qi".

It is used as analgesics in the medical field and used as an oxidant in the mechanical field.

The scope of laughter has a wide range of applications, and it is not easy to regulate. It is a kind of thing that can be exposed and bought at will in the society. It is not included in the category of drugs.With the law.

For the first time you touch the smile, you may not be able to touch it, but when you mention the cream bubble, you may smile.

That’s right, laughing is cream foaming agent, cream decoration on the cake and the "snow top" on coffee milk tea are inseparable from it. Perhaps everyone has eaten laughter more or less indirectly.

A few years ago, keywords such as "cream bomb" on a certain treasure e -commerce platform can be bought casually.However, as the police supervision increased, the smile was banned on a treasure.

The huge market gap and huge profits attracted the risk of merchants, and they shifted the "front line". From Baidu Tieba to the final sales on WeChat, it gradually formed a complete industrial chain.

Han Anran belongs to a category of attracting and sucking. It uses his own fame and interpersonal relationship to sell laughter in the circle of friends to rich people. These rich people often buy in batches, because the more you buy, the cheaper.Can easily suck a bottle.

Rebellion and pursuit of novelty are the labels of young people.Because it is easy to get and addicted, laughter floods among some young people, becoming a "new fashion".

Just like Han Anran in the video, they smiled by blowing the balloon. After sucking, they were numb and stiff, and the laughter would stimulate the endor of the endorpins to rise sharply, making people thrill, and she couldn’t help smirking.

However, sucking a balloon can only maintain the pleasure of about 30 seconds. In order to maintain this feeling, some young people with poor self -control will keep sucking until the wallet is empty and the body is dry.

In the video, there are multiple balloons around Han Anran. According to her "from the early morning to the morning", the balloon in her family is afraid that it will be piled up.

Although laughing is not a drug in the legal sense, it is a dangerous chemical product. It is included in the "Dangerous Chemical Catalog".Even faint and paralysis appeared.

More and more young people take a laugch with a straw from a small cylinder. When enjoying the short pleasure of fluttering, the physical function begins to degenerate, and the irreversible limbs are damaged, memory decreased, and abnormal behavior are all all are all.Common consequences.

During the two sessions of this year, Zhou Shihong, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of the Anhui Lawyer Association, said that the abuse of "laughing" in young people will bring great harm, and the consequences are no less than alcoholism and drug use.

A laughter among some young people is an important reason for the so -called "good friend" recommendation. They flickering the smile is not the same as drugs, and they will not be addicted.

I couldn’t bear the strong persuasion of "good friends", and lack of understanding of laughter, some young people began to laugh.

Of course, the role of net celebrities in the flood of laughter cannot be ignored.

Han Anran has five million fans, and most of his fans are minors.Their values are still forming, and their ability to identify good and evil is limited.

With the blessing of Han Anran’s net red halo, they felt that Han Anran’s smile was cool.

Driving a luxury car in a luxury mansion, talking about the handsome boyfriend’s monthly entering millions, Han Anran became the object of envy and imitation, and affected them in a subtle way.

Han Anran’s laughter will inevitably cause a wave of people to follow.They didn’t know that this was a drug, but tried out of curiosity, or could not stop the recommendations of friends, so that they had embarked on a pathless path.

Smiles quietly circulates in nightclubs, bars and WeChat, weaving a huge young group of laughter.

The harmfulness of the Internet celebrity effect and the harmfulness of new drugs is enough to produce strong destruction.

Internet celebrities should lead by example and use their influence to spread positive events. The platform and regulatory authorities should also increase regulatory efforts, severely crack down on the gray industry, standardize the behavior of net reds, and do not let hype break through the moral and legal bottom line.

More importantly, individuals should improve their judgment and resolutely resist various drugs, which can protect themselves and assume family and social responsibility.

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