In 2019, the 67 -year -old aunt in Shandong insisted on the birth of the child, and it was proud to raise it!Now the blood pressure has soared

"If you want to give birth to her, I will break the relationship with you." The family who was still in harmony just now, only because the 67 -year -old aunt Tian Xinju told her daughter that she had to give her a younger brother or sister again, and her daughter shouted angrily.Essence

Tian Xinju curled up on the sofa, and said with tears and said, "Broken, I must give birth to this child."

This decision also ushered in the two old people who have been in ancient times to usher in a new hope and challenge.

But the malicious comments of netizens made this 67 -year -old woman, regardless of family’s opposition, insisted on having children, and was maliciously ridiculed by many people.

In order to protect the child, Tian Juxin has endured a lot of pressure and has experienced a lot of pressure.Even threatening: We have retirement salary and we will not drag our children.After a lapse of three years, what are they now?

How could a 67 -year -old man suddenly get pregnant?This starts from a "strange thing" three years ago.

Tian Xinju and Huang Weiping are ordinary retired couples in Zaozhuang, Shandong. They were free in love when they were young.

At that time, Tian Xinju just graduated from the health school and was assigned to a local hospital to become a Bulian doctor at the maternal and child health hospital. Huang Weiping was a lawyer.Huang Weiping fell in love with Tian Xinju at first sight and began a fierce pursuit. He took the initiative to ask Tian Xinju to go out for dinner, walk, and took Tian Xinju to wander the street with a bicycle.

It didn’t take long for the two to get married.After the marriage, their children are all in both and their families are happy.

Now that the two are retired, they usually walk dogs, all kinds of dishes, and take care of their granddaughter.A sudden "strange thing", disrupted this quiet and harmonious family.

In 2018, Tian Xinju suffered from cerebral infarction. At that time, the doctor prescribed a lot of blood circulation drugs. Although the condition improved, in less than a year, Tian Xinju found that he had come to the moon.

The 66 -year -old Tian Xinju understands that this is impossible. How can it be coming to the month at this age, which is not scientific.As a doctor, she intends to observe for a few months to see the situation.

Come on time a few months ago, and then stopped again.She and Huang Weiping decided to go to the hospital to check it, but they shocked them."You are pregnant." The doctor said to her holding the test sheet. Tian Xinju grabbed Huang Weiping’s sleeves tightly and repeatedly confirmed the results. She couldn’t believe her ears.

The two returned home with the test sheet first, watching the test sheet for a long time and could not accept this matter for a long time.Two months later, Tian Xinju did not have a pregnancy reaction. They planned to go to the hospital for examination again, but the result of "four months of pregnancy". The B -ultrasound image in front of him can see the child’s leg bone, which is indeed not misdiagnosed.

Tian Xinju is trapped. If this is spreading in the local area, it will definitely be laughed at the big teeth; can children accept it?Do you really want to give up this little life that has not yet come to the world?

Huang Weiping looked at Tian Xinju on the bed. He understood his wife’s hesitation, and even felt a little embarrassed.But in the end he gave Tian Xinju courage, and the two decided to give birth to the child.

You can only hide your children in the early stage, and talk about other things."We haven’t given birth to it. Every month, our retirement salary is enough to raise a child." Huang Weiping sat in front of the bed, holding Tian Xinju’s hand, and said firmly.

In this way, the two old men who were nearly 70 years old made a decision to shock even a doctor.The doctor also said that women over 35 years old do not recommend production, and it is easy to occur in many cases such as complications, and the risks are too great.

The two elderly people were also afraid of it, and at this moment, they chose not to fear.Because they don’t want to give up such a small life, even if they have great difficulties, they decide to overcome them together.

Reality is more cruel than imagined. Tian Xinju’s belly is getting bigger and bigger. Things can’t hide it immediately. What should I do next?

Tian Xinju’s summer was spent in difficulties, holding a big belly, and hypertension. Fortunately, Huang Weiping bought her watermelon, fan fan, and changed pattern every day to make nutrition meals.

The neighbors next door just felt that Tian Xinju was fat. After all, no one would think about the 67 aunt.Occasionally, her daughter went home to see, but found that Tian Xinju was a lot fatter. Out of worry, her daughter had to take Tian Xinju to the hospital.

Tian Xinju understood that the paper couldn’t hold the fire, so he discussed with Huang Weiping and confessed to his daughter. Perhaps the result was not so bad.

Tian Xinju sitting on the sofa, looking down at her daughter, finally telling the truth.At first, her daughter still felt that Tian Xinju was joking. She looked at her parents with a serious look and understood that this was a true thing.

Tian Xinju’s daughter, the first reaction was to persuade parents not to do this child."How can there be a child who is almost 70 years old, and we have never heard of it. At that time, the neighborhood neighbors must not have discussing it, so embarrassing!" After the output, his parents were indifferent.

"If you want to give birth, I will cut off the relationship with you!"Tian Xinju’s daughter jumped from the sofa and stared at Tian Xinju fiercely. Tian Xinju only returned the sentence, "Broken, I will insist on giving birth."

Tian Xinju’s daughter turned away and left, and the door fell heavily. With a bang, Tian Xinju’s tears dripped, full of wrinkles, wiped tears repeatedly.

In fact, only Huang Weiping can understand the reason.When they were young, they were busy to work, and a pair of children brought grandparents, and finally reached retirement. The children were busy working again.The family lived a parallel line, and they were too lonely.

This little life is an accident and gift.So in any case, they have to keep him.

Tian Xinju was 36 weeks of pregnancy, and her daughter never came.When I went to the hospital for examination, the doctor discovered that Tian Xinju’s hypertension returned to normal indicators, and all inspections were qualified.Considering Tian Xinju’s physical condition, the hospital decided to have a caesarean section in advance.

On the morning of October 25, 2019, a 67 -year -old woman in Shandong was naturally pregnant with a sensation and became a hot search for local news.

Tian Xinju, a baby girl weighing 2560 grams was born. The nurse held her hands and gave it to Huang Weiping’s hands. At that moment, Huang Weiping’s slightly leaning body looked at the little daughter in front of her eyes., Name "God".

Tian Xinju’s son saw the news, only to know that he had another little sister, and quickly put down his work to the hospital.Looking at the little girl in front of him and Tian Xinju on the bed, he accepted it soon, and he also praised how cute the little girl was in front of his mother.

As soon as the news came out, enthusiastic netizens also began to come here.Some came to send blessings, and some also asked about pregnancy. Huang Weiping felt shy at first, and later asked more people.Huang Weiping generously shared the secrets of 67 -year -old pregnancy, healthy life, less oil and less sugar, eat more vegetables, husbands and wives maintain a normal sex life, and so on.

Other netizens sent a lot of blessings, which made the two elderly people relieved a lot.

The good times did not last long. Some netizens started to vomit online. Malicious comments. Tian Xinju, who had just been discharged, could not accept it for a while, suffered from postpartum depression, and almost jumped off the building.What should the old man go from?

Tian Xinju’s body was not as good as before, and it was not as fast as the young treasure mother recovered.

Although Huang Weiping starts to go to the vegetable market early to buy fresh vegetables, make chicken soup, and buy nutritional products to eat Tian Xinju, but Tian Xinju still feels very weak.I was always unhappy, and sometimes listened to "God" crying, and I couldn’t hold my daughter with some power.

Huang Weiping turned on the phone to understand that Tian Xinju really couldn’t repair the body, but also spirit.Anonymous netizens started malicious comments on the Internet and said they:

"Can I have children in the age, can I keep up with my energy? At that time, I still have to drag their children. I am not responsible for these children. I am too selfish."

He didn’t know that Tian Xinju couldn’t accompany his children for a lifetime, and the "irresponsibility" of this word made Tian Xinju suffer every day, and even began to reflect on whether he did wrong.

The weakness of her body made her unable to start to insist on her determination. In serious cases, she wanted to die.Fortunately, Huang Weiping discovered early and began to comfort his wife: "Don’t think so much. We maintain it well. It is no problem to live to a hundred years old. You can definitely look at God’s life.

After seeing the information of malicious comment on the Internet, Tian Xinju’s daughter also began to worry about her parents’ condition.In the morning, I pushed the door of the parents’ house with a bunch of nutrients, looked at the baby girl in the middle of the puppet, and hugged carefully, and kissed her face.Looking at my mother, I started to comfort.

Yes, when the family is a family, there are so many overnight revenge.The daughter’s understanding made Tian Xinju warm a lot. As he grew up slowly, the happiness of the family began again.

However, the real problem also followed. Although the two who were almost 70 years old did not have much expenses, seeing a doctor and taking medicine have also become a good maintenance. Thinking of the future of God has become a new problem.

The two elderly people were overwhelmed, and they were two years old and five months old. Tian Xinju and Huang Weiping ushered in new challenges.

After the birth of Tian Xinju, it seemed to be aging quickly, and the legs and feet began to be inconvenient. At home, the children were basically done by Huang Weiping.

In the community, the elderly who can often see a white hair and a waist stool tied with a waist, guarding the side of a little girl.The little girl ran forward every time she fell, and the old man behind was bent 45 degrees, protecting the child with both hands, for fear of falling.

It seems to be grandchildren, but in fact father and daughter.Huang Weiping takes her daughter downstairs every day, and then go home and continue cooking.But Tianci eats toys every time, which allows Huang Weiping, the dad, only chasing feeding.

After eating her daughter, Huang Weiping wiped the ground and changed clothes for her daughter. Sometimes, she fell asleep on the sofa.

On the next day, he went to the vegetable market early to buy food and take care of his wife and daughter, which has become his daily life.For the sake of his family, he slept at most 5 hours a day.Sometimes, his tired blood pressure rises, dizziness and brain swell, and take some medicine.

I took medicine to take medicines with a large part of the expenses at home. Although there are more than 10,000 pensions of the old couple, it is not enough. Nowadays, children’s things are several times more expensive than adults.

Huang Weiping also invited Yueyue, and then went to work in the law firm, and returned home to continue to coax his daughter.At that time, Huang Weiping was busy with the case every day and worked overtime to faint. You could watch the smile of thousands of daughters in the mobile phone, and began to start his head.

Parents are selfless, and their toughness can be beyond everyone’s imagination for their children.They treat all their children fairly, even if they are bitter and tired, they have never thought of disturbing their children’s lives.

Life is suffering, but most people are moving forward.As long as there is a direction in the heart, why not be difficult?

Those who know Tian Xinju and Huang Weiping are lamenting their courage, and some people are very good.But I want to say that they are a hundred times stronger than those who do not raise them. Raising and reproduction are personal will. They just make decisions that most people dare not make, but their efforts are worthy of respect for respect.of.

At this moment, I am full of respect, hoping that they will have a long life and hope that God will grow up healthy.


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Author: Qiu Shui

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