In 2019, the 67 -year -old aunt in Shandong was pregnant and insisted on giving birth. He said that he would not bother his children. What happened later?

In 2019, a news suddenly became hot."Not only do we have to give birth to this child, but we will never bother my children." In the interview, Aunt Tian from Zaozhuang City, Shandong said.

It turned out that Aunt Tian became a mother again at the age of 76!This is really unheard of news!

Once a woman has no fertility after menopause, how can Auntian "like to be a mother" again with such an old age?Everything starts with a disease born in four years.

Figure 丨 Aunt Tian

Let’s turn our eyes to 2015. At this time, Aunt Tian and Uncle Huang have retired.Just like all retired elderly people, they are nourishing flowers, children with children, or traveling with the elderly.

However, Uncle Huang, a couple, has more leisurely elegance than other elderly couples.Therefore, the two feelings are still painted even in their sixties.They spend every day sweetly.

But after all, people can’t hold the traces left by the years. When they are older, there will always be some diseases to come to the door, and Aunt Tian is no exception.

One day, Auntian Tian, who was leisurely in the community, suddenly felt dizzy for a while. Then, her limbs began to be weak, as if they were not involved.For a while, chest tightness is short.

Figure 丨 Auntian and Uncle Huang

After a while, Aunt Tian finally came slowly. She slowly got up from the ground and moved to her home step by step.

The two elderly people who have always attached great importance to their health attach great importance to this. The next day they came to the hospital for a whole body examination.After investigation, I knew that Aunt Tian was dizzy caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis.

In this regard, the doctor prescribed some Chinese medicine to Aunt Tian and told her to take it regularly.After drinking the Chinese medicine prescribed by the doctor, Aunt Tian felt that her complexion was much better than before, and she felt more powerful.

After a course of treatment, Aunt Tian’s body recovered as before.Unfortunately, in 2018, Aunt Tian was found to have a gap in a gap in a medical examination.

Figure 丨 cerebral stalk

According to Aunt Tian’s illness, the doctor prescribed some drugs that softened blood vessels.Unexpectedly, this time after Aunt Tian went home to take the medicine, it didn’t take long to find out that I came to the holiday!

How can he come to the age of 66 when he is 66 years old?This is too abnormal.So the old couple immediately ran back to the hospital and hurriedly asked the doctor.

But doctors say that this is the normal reaction of the drug. It may be because he took Chinese medicine before, and the drug that softened blood vessels this time, the system disorders caused by the comprehensive factors, as long as it will return to normal as long as it is waiting for a period of time.

Since then, Aunt Tian has come on time on time for several months.Why is the side effects of this drug doubt that the side effects of this medicine are not yet passed?

Figure 丨 Hospital

Finally, one month later, Aunt Tian found that she could stop the holiday, and the side effects of the medicine thought that the side effects of the medicine finally ended.But after another month, Aunt Tian found that her body began to discomfort again.

Sometimes in the morning, there will be unspeakable nausea, and occasionally feels uncomfortable.This time, Aunt Tian got an amazing result when she went to the hospital, and she became pregnant.

Not to mention how huge difficulties to face the elderly maternal children in the future, how can Aunt Tian pregnant with children?

Therefore, Aunt Tian and Uncle Huang were not surprised but suspected of the first response to pregnancy. They felt that the doctor must be wrong.

Figure 丨 Instead of examination in gynecology

After all, I have lived for more than sixty years, and I have never heard of being in their sixties.

However, no matter how Aunt Tian and Uncle Huang repeatedly confirmed to the doctor, there is only one answer given by the doctor: you are indeed pregnant.

The doctor took out the film and accurately pointed out the child’s position to Aunt Tian."We really didn’t lie to you. You see, this is the child in the stage of germ."

After getting this answer that was certainly not sure, the two elderly people fell into contemplation.Do you really want to give birth to this child?

Figure 丨 Children

At this time, although Aunt Tian and Uncle Huang were well -maintained among their peers and had a good physical condition, if they wanted to have children, they could not be compared with those young people in the golden age of pregnancy.

Moreover, even a child in his twenties is enough, not to mention Aunt Tian, 67, who has always suffered from high blood pressure and diabetes?

Regarding this concern, Liu Chengwen, chief physician of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Zaozhuang City, also found Liu Chengwen, who was specifically for pregnancy risk screening and evaluation.

The results they got did not surprise them, and they were really red high -risk pregnancy crowds.This also means that as long as it decides to give birth, the risks are much greater than ordinary people.

Figure 丨 Uncle Huang

In addition to the risks that no one can predict, the two elderly people have a concern, whether they can accompany the child to grow up?

Because Aunt Tian and Uncle Huang are in their sixties this year, they want to stroke the child, and they have to live at least in their 80s.Who can say such things in life?

When I thought that if the child had not grown up, he couldn’t stay with her, and the second old man couldn’t help crying.

When all doctors think that Uncle Huang and Aunt Tian will give up the child, they give an amazing answer."We decided to give birth to this child."

Figure 丨 Auntian

It turned out that Aunt Tian was a doctor. She couldn’t be clear about the process of abortion and induction of labor.She really couldn’t imagine that the child of her own child would eventually be treated like that.

Although there is no adult type, everyone knows that it will be a living life in the future. If this child who should have come in this world is deprived of this opportunity for his reasons, it is unfair to him.

In addition, the second elder who studied some of the study of Buddhism attaches great importance to fate.At such a big age, you can still get pregnant because of some chances of coincidence. This is the great fate arranged by God!

Two old people want to see what exactly does it look like such a child!

Figure 丨 Fate

Therefore, even if you know how much the risks are, and experienced the persuasion of children and doctors, Aunt Tian and Mrs. Huang decided to try to give birth to this child -continue to observe and take fetal preservation measures.

The hospital also quickly established an expert group that specializes in this "fertility action" to escort Aunt Tian. After all, it is not every doctor who can do it for the elderly mother.of.

With the professional judgment of the medical staff and the careful care of her family, Aunt Tian’s child grew up safely in her belly.On the surface, Aunt Tian, like other pregnant women, has a high stomach and a happy smile on her face.

Figure 丨 Auntian and Uncle Huang

As Aunt Tian’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, everyone is looking forward to the birth of the child.

But this does not include two people, that is, the son and daughter of Uncle Huang and Aunt Tian more than forty years ago.It turned out that when she learned that her mother was pregnant again, Aunt Tian’s son and daughter strongly opposed her to give birth to her child.

Because they are also very clear, how much risks will they face if they insist on having their own mother?As children, they will never let the nearly 70 mother risk because of their passion.

At this time, the children were in their forties, and they had completed their business.Before Aunt Tian did not get pregnant, their family got along very well. Children had their own families and often came to visit the elderly, and the elderly also had a lot of time to do what they liked.

Figure 丨 Auntian and Uncle Huang

Children do not understand why, why do you want to break the current balance and take such a big danger, and welcome a "third child" that should not appear in this family?

Moreover, if the child is born, how do you face the younger brother or sister who is so many years old?And how can children who are already 20 years old come in contact with elders who are so much younger than themselves?

However, the discourages of the children did not come in handy, because the attitude of the two elderly people was really determined and insisted on giving birth to a child.

If it is soft, the children will come hard.After repeated communication, Aunt Tian’s eldest daughter could only make a strategy: she threatened her parents. If she insisted on having children, she would cut off her parent -child relationship with them!

Figure 丨 Opposed big daughter

Seeing the second son, he hurriedly stated that he said that he and his sister were consistent. If you still insist on, even if you give birth to a child, we will not help take care of your feelings!

Regarding such a threat, Uncle Huang still gave a resolute answer: "We are deciding to have children. As for money, we don’t need to worry about the two. The retirement salary of our old couple is sufficient."

Seeing that their parents were so decisive, the children were angry and helpless. After some quarrels, the anger’s eldest daughter couldn’t stand it.

Figure 丨 Severing relationship

"Okay, don’t want me to care about it, I just like your wish, you want me to care about me. I will not care about you.I don’t have the surname of Huang when I step into your house! "Since then, the eldest daughter is really as she said, and I never asked the second old one.

Finally, to the due date.

Prior to this, Uncle Huang, who was excited before the child was born, had already spent a lot of money to find a famous master named his third baby child.

After telling the master about the story of getting the child after the hard work, the master of the name quickly gave the most suitable name: if it was a boy, it was Huang Shikai.If it is a girl, it is called Huang Tianci.

Figure 丨 Name master

In October 2019, the moment of excitement finally came.Aunt Tian was promoted to the operating room for a caesarean section according to the plan arranged in advance.

Uncle Huang outside the operating room can be said to be soaked by sweat.Since knowing that Aunt Tian was pushed the operating room, he prayed over and over again, hoping that adults and children were all right.

Such a torment did not last long. After a while, there was a loud cry in the operating room.Uncle Huang’s hanging heart finally let go, this must be a child who has gained it after thousands of hardships.

But at the same time, Uncle Huang also worried about his wife.Therefore, when Aunt Tian was launched in the operating room, the first thing he did was not to see the child, but to ask the doctor how his wife was?

Figure 丨 Enter the operating room

After getting the response he wanted, Uncle Huang was finally relieved.At this time, the nurse told Uncle Huang."Uncle, Huang Tianci, not Huang Shikai!"

After the operation, Aunt Tian may be because the elderly usually pay attention to maintenance and fitness, recover quickly, and there is no wrong body in the body.

This can be said to have experienced a catastrophe, whether it is to his wife or to himself.But as long as everyone is safe, their persistence is worth it.

Since the birth of children, all kinds of news have spread throughout the Internet.Some news titles are positively reported, and some news has made very unsatisfied speculations for the old couple.They were ugly, ugly, the image of the two elderly people, and described them as the dark parents who wanted to borrow this child to earn traffic.

Figure 丨 Huang Tianci

There are many discussions on the Internet, and the lives of the two elderly people have not been affected much.

Because no matter what the Internet says, he will not regret your choice.And whether you feel true to your child, only the parties can know.

Since the birth of the child, the second old who retired. Although he is not as old as other young parents, they have a lot of time to accompany their children.The two elderly people did not have the trouble of work, and took care of their children in turn and did not feel particularly hard.

In free, they will also choose a clear weather to take children out to play.Interestingly, many people who do not know will think that this is the grandparents with their granddaughter.In this regard, the two elderly people just laughed and said nothing.Because even if they explain, the other party may not believe it.

Figure 丨 Uncle Huang

So the most confusing problem has not been resolved: Why is the 67 -year -old age who has been so old to land on Aunt Tian and Uncle Huang?

It was mentioned before that before pregnancy, Aunt Tian had drank Chinese medicine and took some medicines that might dislike the physical mechanism.

No one says that the role of these drugs is superimposed, what impact will it affect the human body?Maybe it was because of this aunt Tian that she was pregnant by accident.

However, eliminating the role of drugs, Uncle Huang and Auntian’s healthy living habits also have great contributions.Although the lives of the elderly now seem to be healthy, they do not eat takeaway, do not eat fried foods, do not eat high -fat snacks, and often participate in health lectures.

Figure 丨 Auntian and Uncle Huang

But the healthy lifestyle of Aunt Tian and Uncle Huang is far more than that.The way the old couple attaches great importance to health is to eat vegetables by themselves.

They bought a piece of vegetable field downstairs and planted some crops such as tomatoes, potatoes, beans and other crops.They usually cook, they eat their own dishes.In addition, they even fried by Aunt Tian."I can do it by myself," the second old man said.

The old couple’s usually did not fall. Aunt Tian loved to dance in the square dance.Therefore, among their peers, Aunt Tian and Uncle Huang are particularly young, and their bones are more tough.

Then then, does Uncle Huang and Aunt Tian Dang Zhen really cut off the relationship with them?

Figure 丨 Aunt Tian, Uncle Huang and Godci

That must be impossible. After all, blood is thicker than water, and the eldest daughter was also out of anger for the elderly.Although the eldest daughter has not visited the second old man on the surface, she secretly followed their news in private.

On the day Aunt Tian gave birth to a child, her eldest daughter’s heart followed, but she was very pleased that the news she finally got was that her mother and daughter were safe.At the same time, Uncle Huang was relieved, and the eldest daughter was relieved.

It didn’t take long since then, the relationship between the elderly and the children seemed to be agreed and reconciled.After all, as an eldest daughter, she saw her so cute sister, and it was difficult to say something unpleasant.

So the family was reunited happily again.

Figure 丨 eldest daughter and Godci

Let’s transfer time to the present. Two years later, Uncle Huang’s baby girl is two years old.And with the development of the Internet and the rapid spread of short videos, Uncle Huang began to use short video software to record the child’s growth.

Due to the previous uncle Huang, who had a certain reputation before, it didn’t take long for the video to attract the attention of many netizens.Everyone is also surprised that the child can grow so well, and the elderly’s body is fine.

With the attention of netizens, Uncle Huang also started trying to bring the goods live broadcast.Uncle Huang, who is cheerful and lively, is willing to share with you the bits and pieces of life with you on the Internet, and the original intention of sharing the video is just to record the child’s growth.

Because he knows that the future of their old couples has great uncertainty in the future, so we must cherish more good times for the current good time.

Figure 丨 Aunt Tian, Uncle Huang and Godci

Some boring people jumped out. They accused Uncle Huang of the behavior, undoubtedly treating the child as a tool for making money.In this regard, Uncle Huang said that letting everyone brush gifts is not his purpose of sharing, and it is not too reasonable.

Huang Tianci is now three years old.Perhaps the vision of the outside world makes him unable to grow up naturally like an ordinary child, but the essence of his parents loves him is constant.

Today’s Godci can be said to have loved his life. His brother and sister love himself, and his parents are meticulous to him.I hope that God can grow up healthy and healthy, and accompany parents for a few years, it is the common wish of the old couple.

After all, what they can do is to accompany God to accompany them, giving children more care and care.Therefore, it is not a good thing to get old.

Figure 丨 a family of three

It seems that the persistence of Aunt Tian and Uncle Huang was right. It was because of their persistence that they disregarded danger that they had such gifts that God gave them to them.

Uncle Huang lamented that he hoped that the days could continue like this, if he would not grow old.Because that, you can always accompany Tianci, see her adults, and see her getting married and having children.

Although these things are not accurate, the old couples now work harder to keep healthy and fitness. Needless to say, they must have been to accompany God for several years.

We should not disturb them too much.After all, the happiness of children who can be healthy and healthy, and the old couple’s life is the situation that everyone is most willing to see!

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