In 2019, the woman did not conceive her child for ten years, and went to the hospital to see a doctor with abdominal pain. Doctor: You are about to give birth

A ambulance screamed and stopped in front of the emergency building of Ningbo Women’s and Child Health Hospital, Zhejiang Province.

The door opened, and a woman with a pale face, sweating, and moaning was lifted into the hospital.

"How many months are pregnancy?" The doctor on duty asked her stomach.

"I’m not pregnant, and I don’t want to conceive for 10 years!" The woman justified for herself, and she was mixed with grievances in her tone.

The woman’s mother also testified that her daughter had a polycystic syndrome of ovarian cysts for many years and could not get pregnant.

The doctor was surprised and immediately arranged for the patient to enter the B -ultrasound.

From the B -ultrasound display, it can be clearly seen that a full -moon fetus is in her belly.

At 21:44 that night, the woman gave birth to a baby boy who weighed 3180 grams.

At the beginning of 2009, 23 -year -old Xiaomei strongly ended with junior high school students who had been in love for many years.

He is the eldest son of the family. There is also a younger brother who is 8 years younger than him. His parents have long envious of others have grandson.

After Xiaomei entered the door, her mother -in -law often hung her grandson on her mouth, and various fancy urging in turn.

Because she had no daughter, her mother -in -law vowed to say that she would treat Xiaomei as a pro -daughter.

Xiaomei was 1.65 meters tall, 102 pounds, and her mother -in -law was distressed that she was too thin. She tried to do everything for her.

She even called Xiaomei’s mother for this and asked Xiaomei what she liked to eat.

Xiaomei looked at her mother -in -law’s hard work, and every meal worked hard to let herself eat more to prepare for a healthy baby.

After a year, I still didn’t see Xiaomei’s stomach.

"Eating more is to raise the body." The mother -in -law is a person who is a matter of mind. She does not want Xiaomei to have any psychological pressure and always speak like this to comfort Xiaomei.

Xiaomei also understands it. In addition to making up for her body, she also read a lot of books on maternal knowledge, and is ready to welcome a small life at any time.

In the morning, Xiaomei got up and brushed her teeth, ready to go to work after breakfast. Suddenly, her mother -in -law rushed out of the kitchen, and was opposite to her eyes.

I asked the unit for leave. On the same day, I took Xiaomei to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital and did various inspections and waited for the report.

In the process of waiting for the results, the two were sitting on the chair in the waiting area, which seemed nervous and excited.

They began to name their children, and there was a beautiful agreement: whether there was a boy or a girl, the little name had to be called "Panpan".

Seeing that the report was about to get the report, it was almost here, and she carefully helped Xiaomei from the chair.

Seeing Xiaomei holding her belly with both hands, her belly was quite good, she looked like a pregnant woman. She supported her with one hand and held her bag with one hand.

Five reports of reporting paper were printed and one after another. The two saw the end from the beginning.

This made the family feel inexplicable. Early the next morning, they changed another hospital for examination. The doctor’s conclusion was chronic pharyngitis.

It’s really happy!

In order not to make such a joke, Xiaomei deliberately hoarded a few boxes of pregnancy test sticks. If she felt that there was any abnormality in her body, she would take out to test it.

On the road to preparing for pregnancy, Xiaomei has always been confident and never slacken.

In order to give birth to a healthy baby, she decided to go out and not be afraid of gaining weight.

Gradually, the body became rounded, and the clothes wearing on the body became tight.

The day goes away every day.

In October 2013, Xiaomei was preparing to welcome her 27th birthday.

The delayed menstruation brought her inexplicable surprise.

From childhood to large, Xiaomei’s physiological period is very on time. Around the 2nd of the month, it will be reported on time, and the difference is within three days.

But at that time, seeing that the National Day holiday was over, her menstruation had not yet come.

Moreover, the whole person did not want to move lazily, and was drowsy during the day, exactly the same as the symptoms of pregnancy seen in the book.

Although all kinds of symptoms make people feel uncomfortable, Xiaomei could not help but be happy.

When I went out of the 9th home, she couldn’t wait to take out the long -accumulated pregnancy test stick, but waited, but did not find the traces of the two bar red lines.

She took out another box and changed one, but she still found no traces.

Xiaomei felt that there was a problem with the pregnancy test stick, and was going to the hospital for examination.

I asked the work unit for leave and accompanied her.

Under the arrangement of a doctor, it is blood drawing and doing B -ultrasound.

In this diagnosis report, the doctor gave conclusions: endocrine disorders.

"Why is there no baby?" Xiao Mei murmured.

It looked more calm, but a trace of disappointment floating on his face failed to escape Xiaomei’s eyes.

In 2014, attending a classmate party, I heard that a previous classmate had just given birth to a test tube baby, and Xiaomei was very interested.

That year, she was 28 years old. If she was not pregnant, she would miss the best age of childbearing, and the elderly mother would face various risks.

Xiaomei got in touch with the classmate. On the one hand, he expressed contact with the feelings of the classmates, and more importantly, he wanted to learn from the people who came.

Soon, Xiaomei urged to go to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination together and evaluated the health of both parties.

Everything is ready. With the stability of sex hormones, go to the hospital for anesthesia surgery for egg retrieval again, cultivate into embryos, and transplant at the right time to make the embryo bed in the body.

In order to improve the success rate, Xiaomei will listen to some brisk music every day and strive to relax and optimize herself.

After surgery, she was worried that the embryo was unstable. She obediently stayed in bed. She couldn’t turn her at home, and she was afraid to affect the development of the embryo.

Xiaomei was closely concerned about her body, and she didn’t feel any discomfort in the abdomen within 10 days.

When I went to the hospital for examination, the doctor expressed regret that it was not successful.

Xiaomei and strong did not give up, they continued to prepare for the next time.

In March of the following year, they changed a authoritative hospital and did it again. Unfortunately, they still failed.

In order to strengthen his body, he took Xiaomei to exercise every day, go to bed early and get up early, and eat a balanced diet. They plan to go to the third test tube baby in 2018.

But before going to the hospital, Xiaomei found that she began to have dysmenorrhea, and often felt that her abdomen was swollen, and she had frequent urination at night.

After the examination, as a result, like a thunder, Xiaomei suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome.

The doctor prescribed some drugs for Xiaomei and told her to review it regularly.

But this was tantamount to her "infertility" sentence.

After that, Xiaomei’s life is accompanied by medicine every day.

In order to let Xiaomei rectify the disease, she strongly suggested that she quit her accounting work. After all, the accounting of accounts will bring some psychological pressure.

Xiaomei has always wanted to open a online shop to sell clothes.

After quitting her job, she didn’t go out of the house and worked at home, but occasionally went out to get the goods.

Highly wages rose, and his income alone was enough to support his family. All the bank cards were delivered to Xiaomei.

Economically, Xiaomei has no pressure.

After resigning, I slept until I woke up naturally every day. I did not go to work to work, and my life lost the previous laws. I started to start casually in my diet, and my weight suddenly increased.

Once, Xiaomei went out to find the source with the subway. As soon as she walked into the carriage, a young man opposite rushed up to give her a seat.

Xiaomei felt inexplicable, why would anyone give himself a seat?

Standing on the side was also shocked. When they were at a loss, the middle -aged women next to them stared at Xiaomei’s belly and persuaded her to say, "You can sit down.Strong! "

Xiaomei finally understood that she was mistaken for pregnant women, but she didn’t know how to explain.

In order to alleviate the embarrassment, he expressed his gratitude to the other party with great politeness, and at the same time signaled Xiaomei to sit down.

Xiaomei sitting on the chair was uncomfortable, and finally reached the next stop.

When I finished dinner that day, Xiaomei proposed to control her diet, and told my mother -in -law on the subway.

My mother -in -law felt very interesting, but she didn’t agree with Xiaomei to eat less.

In her opinion, how fat is fatter to have resistance.

I racked my brains every day to make Xiaomei eat more, and my mother -in -law regarded this as her own responsibility.

Xiaomei was very understanding. In order to prevent her mother -in -law from disappointing, she had a face to eat every meal, and she was dare not picky, so that the stomach was more and more supported, and the amount of meals also increased.

Time passed so fast, and the strong younger brother Xiaoli also ushered in the marriage period. Relatives gathered together. Watching Xiaomei’s body gradually reached 150 pounds, but he couldn’t conceive the child and talked together.

The older relatives said that Xiaomei suggested that Xiaomei adopt a child first, and will she conceive to the child in the future, relying on fate.

Xiaomei listened to these, and felt a little cold inside.

It seems that in this life, I really ca n’t have children by herself, but if you want to adopt the children of others, she has not been prepared for ideas, and may have considered some annual conferences.

After the Spring Festival in February 2019, Xiaomei’s life faced huge changes.

On the one hand, it is time to work abroad by the company for one year.

On the other hand, her mother -in -law is going to take care of her pregnant second daughter -in -law.

Xiaomei lived a livelihood, and eating became her problem. The fast food became her staple food, and a lot of snacks piled up at home.

In May, the temperature rose, and Xiaomei felt dizzy.

It is strange to say that it hasn’t been eating well for a few months, her body is still gaining weight. She couldn’t wear her clothes before, and she simply turned her hard clothes out of her body.

Worried that she would not take good care of herself alone, Xiaomei’s parents soon came to Ningbo from their hometown in Anhui and lived with her daughter.

Although under the same roof, Xiaomei only walked out of the room to meet her parents only when she ate. Other times, she was sitting in front of the computer.

The mother found that she was not in good mental state. She often got up to the toilet at night, and there were more and more spots on her face. I wanted to take my daughter to the hospital for examination.

But as long as it was mentioned to go to the hospital, Xiaomei was hurt.

Since getting married, she can’t remember how many times she went to the hospital, but every result made her sad.

In order to forget those unpleasant things, she spent time and energy on her own online store, and looked particularly busy every day.

Her parents couldn’t bear her, and couldn’t bear to mention pregnancy with her.

On November 5th, Xiaomei felt a little abdominal pain after having breakfast. She didn’t care too much.

When her mother called her for lunch, she found that Xiaomei was lying on the sofa with pale face, cold sweat on her forehead, and liquid flowing from her lower body.

Xiaomei said that her ovarian cyst may break, and her parents hurriedly called the ambulance.

After the B -ultrasound did, the doctor told Xiaomei that she was about to give birth, but the fetal hip positions, and there were fewer amniotic fluid in the palace, and she was still a little low -heat.

Listening to the doctor said so, Xiaomei and her parents were stunned and surprised. Watching the children in the B -ultrasound image, she fell into nervousness and fear.

The contraction of the position was fiercely carried out, and listening to Xiaomei’s moaning heart, everyone didn’t know what to do.

There are fewer and fewer amniotic fluid in the Xiaomei Palace. If the baby is taken out of the cesarean section immediately, there is a great danger.

Dr. Zhao Jianzhen, who was diagnosed with Xiaomei, has accumulated rich clinical experience in obstetrics and gynecology, and has accumulated rich clinical experience, but he also fell into a dilemma.

At the critical moment, she calmly rational, analyzed Xiaomei’s situation in many aspects, and made a comprehensive assessment.

After seeing Xiaomei’s pelvic conditions completely normal, after Dr. Zhao Jianzhen obtained the consent of his family, he decided to let her try to give birth.

At the same time, all the relevant departments of the obstetrics and gynecology operating room are on standby, and they are prepared at any time.

At 17 o’clock in the afternoon, Xiaomei was pushed into the delivery room. The doctor and the midwifers were accompanied by her. They observed closely throughout the process and monitored fetal heart. Everyone was sweating for Xiaomei.

Under the careful guidance of the midwifers, Xiaomei gradually relaxed, stabilized her emotions, and followed the rhythm that shouted, and cooperated with the doctor high.

At 21:44, a loud baby cry came out of the delivery room, breaking the tension atmosphere inside and outside the delivery room.

The mother and son are safe, and everyone rushes to tell this major good news.

After receiving the call, I couldn’t wait to fly to Xiaomei next second.

Nothing was prepared, and she gave birth to a child. Xiaomei looked at the baby in the puppet, just like dreaming, and felt that this happiness came too suddenly.

It’s really "the heart of planting flowers can not be opened, and the willow will not be inserted in the shadow!"

"Do the child have fetal movements in the stomach?" All the reporters who came to interview her curiously asked this the same question.

"Move, I always thought that the intestine was moving!" Xiao Mei, who was closed from the ghost door, was frightened, but answered this question but was happy, and he laughed at his mouth, all of which were hidden in the smile.

The reporter sighed for a while, saying that Xiaomei was a strange woman.

After asking for leave, he came back from abroad. He was surprised and annoyed. What was surprised was that his wife was safe. What was annoyed was that he could not accompany her when the wife had trouble.

After taking care of Xiaomei after confinement, he had to continue his work again.

In February 2020, he was finally sent back to China. The family had a happy Spring Festival and the children were healthy.

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