In 2020, an unmarried woman was pregnant unexpectedly, her biological father became a mystery, and the wealthy businessman begged for the heart to be fraudulent.

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Beautiful love is yearn for everyone, but when we are greedy, we often hurt those who love us because of the temptation of outside things.Driven by the desire, we will make an impulse to do things that harm others and disadvantages. When our hearts regret, guilt, and self -blame, it is late.

The story took place one night in 2020. The unmarried woman Chen Yan found that she was pregnant, but she frowned because she didn’t know who her child’s biological father was.

Everything starts when Chen Yan graduated three years ago.

Chen Yan came from an ordinary rural family. In 2014, she was admitted to a college in a city in a city in the south.

Chen Yan, who walked out of the house, witnessed the prosperity and hustle and bustle of big cities. She intends to stop in the bustling first -tier cities in the south, break out of the world, and change the destiny of herself and her family.

After graduating from Chen Yan in 2017, with his good appearance and good eloquence, he stayed in a certain tier cities in the south to start a business.

However, after more than a year of hard work, Chen Yan’s career and life did not improve much.

Chen Yan was deeply weak, but she was unwilling to return to the countryside.

Whenever she saw Mrs. Kuang walking on the street, she couldn’t restrain the envy in her eyes.She knows that the only way to change her destiny is to marry a rich person. Only in this way can I take root in this big city with no worries.

During a work, Chen Yan accidentally met the wealthy businessman Li Guangcai. He was 45 years old and about one meter seven. He wore a pair of golden glasses, which was very elegant.

Li Guangcai’s excellent conditions instantly attracted Chen Yan’s attention, and on the other side, Li Guangcai also took care of Chen Yan.For this sudden care, Chen Yan did not refuse, and even took the initiative to cater to Li Guangcai.

In this way, one or two, the two gradually became familiar.

During a dinner with Chen Yan, Li Guangcai saw the time mature, took the initiative to express his love, and claimed that he was a single middle -aged man, thinking that he would never see love anymore.

But when he encountered Chen Yan, he felt that when he returned to his 20 years old, Chen Yan’s practical, kind and sincere moved his heart.

When Chen Yan learned that Li Guangcai was unmarried, he happily agreed to the pursuit of Li Guangcai. That night, Chen Yan had a relationship with Li Guangcai.

However, Chen Yan has already had a boyfriend, named Zhang Ming, who is Chen Yan’s fellow, and worked as a salesman in a small company.

Although Chen Yan did not like Zhang Ming, she enjoyed the feeling of being pursued by Zhang Ming.Therefore, Chen Yan agreed to be Zhang Ming’s girlfriend in name, but secretly looking for others.

Until encountering Li Guangcai, Chen Yan believed that this was what he was looking for.So Chen Yan planned to show up with Zhang Ming immediately and marry the rich man Li Guangcai.

Since the establishment of a relationship with Li Guangcai, Chen Yan has been showing up every day.And Li Guangcai will drive a luxury car every day and pick up Chen Yan on time.

Li Guangcai’s carefulness and money met Chen Yan’s longing for all beautiful love, and the relationship between the two quickly heat up.

However, Chen Yan never expected that a crisis was approaching.

On one weekend, Li Guangcai took Chen Yan as scheduled, and the two stayed at a five -star hotel.

In the early morning of the next day, Chen Yan was awakened by a rapid ringtone. She thought that her mobile phone was rang, so she subconsciously answered.

However, I do n’t know. At a glance, Chen Yan seemed to be shocked.

It turned out that the mobile phone from Chen Yan was Li Guangcai, and the two words displayed on the mobile phone deeply stabbed Chen Yan’s heart.

She suddenly felt that Wu Lei bumped, sat up suddenly, pulled up Li Guangcai around her, and asked loudly, "Who is she, do you actually have a wife?"

Li Guangcai was also awakened by this. He did not dare to answer the phone, but quickly paid Chen Yan.

Li Guangcai confessed to Chen Yan. In fact, he had been married for seven years. Because his wife could not have children, the two had no children. His relationship with his wife had died, and divorce had already been on the agenda.

He loved Chen Yan and worried about losing Chen Yan, so he concealed his marriage history.He hopes that Chen Yan can understand him, give him a little more time, and will marry her in the future.

After Li Guangcai acknowledged the fact that he had married, Chen Yan’s spirit was greatly hit. She not only had a feeling of being played with, but more importantly, her dream was broken, and a third party was infamous.

Self -esteem let Chen Yan quickly clean up her things, and rushed out of the hotel without returning.

On that day, Chen Yan’s mood was extremely bad.

When she returned home, she was exhausted in body and mind, so she used alcohol to paralyze herself.

On the same day, Zhang Ming’s call from Chen Yan over and over, all the calls of the cold and cold call of you had turned off. Out of worry, he hurried to Chen Yan’s house.

As soon as he entered the house, he saw Chen Yan fell into the sofa drunk, and he was drunk.

Zhang Ming said nothing, took off his jacket, quickly poured a glass of warm water for Chen Yan, and brought a hot towel to put her face, and silently took care of Chen Yan.

Chen Yan, who was drunk, saw Zhang Ming’s busy figure.At this moment, Chen Yan was finally moved. She fell in Zhang Ming’s arms.

Chen Yan, who was injured, was determined to forget Li Guangcai and lived with Zhang Ming for a lifetime.

Chen Yan knew that even if Li Guangcai had money, the taste of the lover was uncomfortable, and he might as well retreat and marry Zhang Ming who was steady.

Things are always so coincidental. When Chen Yan decided not to see Li Guangcai again, she found that she was pregnant.

Chen Yan quickly calculated the days, and the relationship with Li Guangcai and Zhang Ming did not exceed one day.In other words, both may be the child’s father.

Just when Chen Yan was panicked, she suddenly thought of a sentence that Li Guangcai said before, "My wife can’t get pregnant, and sooner or later she will be divorced."

It is this sentence that made Chen Yan start to re -consider the relationship with Li Guangcai.

At the same time, she sent a message to Zhang Ming and Li Guangcai, "I’m pregnant, you are going to be a father!"

After Li Guangcai and Zhang Ming listened, the two men couldn’t suppress their excitement at the same time.

In order to stabilize Li Guangcai first, Chen Yan told Li Guangcai that since you have not divorced, then only when you marry Zhang Ming can the child be born brightly.

In this way, Chen Yan and Zhang Ming married in his hometown, and the two held a grand wedding.

When she was pregnant in October, the child finally came, and Chen Yan gave birth to a big fat boy, which broke the Zhang Ming family.

At the same time, Li Guangcai was also happy.

Li Guangcai dreamed that his child wanted his child to return to him.

However, Chen Yan said that the Zhang Ming family is very good for himself and his children. If he now somehow proposes to divorce, it will definitely be doubtful.

Although Li Guangcai was reluctant to hear, he could not do it, and could only temporarily agree.

On the contrary, Li Guangcai was not talking by Chen Yan’s words.

Chen Yan asked Li Guangcai: "The divorce has been done for so long, how is it?"

Li Guangcai did not answer Chen Yan’s question positively. While comforting Chen Yan, he asked Chen Yan: "How much is the bank card number? I transfer to you 200,000 yuan as a reward and compensation."

From Li Guangcai’s vague resignation during the divorce, Chen Yan confessed that Li Guangcai did not intend to divorce at all, which made Chen Yan more firm to retaliate against Li Guangcai.

However, there is another problem that has always troubled Chen Yan. She still does not know who the child is.

Just when Chen Yan was unable to do it, she thought of "DNA technology".

Chen Yan took Zhang Ming’s hair and sneaked Zhang Ming’s parent -child identification.The result proves that the child was Zhang Ming.

The child’s father was not Li Guangcai?

Chen Yan was a little lost.

Thinking about it, Chen Yan decided to make up a lie of the child to be seriously ill. He cheated Li Guangcai a large medical expenses as compensation, and then broke with Li Guangcai.

So how will Chen Yan implement this plan?Is Li Guangcai be fooled?

Without doing it, Chen Yan immediately sent a message to Li Guangcai, lying that the child had acute leukemia, and she was found to have liver cancer. She sent the test sheet and the child and herself’s photos on the ICU to Li Guangcai.

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When Li Guangcai saw the information, he panicked in an instant. He couldn’t wait to claim the child immediately and took the child to the large hospital for treatment.

But Chen Yan was rejected. She believed that the Zhang Ming family knew that she would only make trouble.

She told Li Guangcai that all the medical expenses added up to nearly one million yuan, and their ordinary families could not afford it.

Li Guangcai on the other side of the phone also stunned when he heard such a high medical expenses, but he hesitated for a while, saying that he would use medical expenses before the operation and comforted Chen Yan not to worry.

Chen Yan saw Li Guangcai finally hooked, and finally relieved.Within a few days, Li Guangcai really hit Chen Yan’s card.

When Chen Yan saw the numbers displayed on the mobile phone text message, her heart was blooming.

After more than a month, Chen Yan told Li Guangcai that the child’s condition suddenly deteriorated, without rescue, and he didn’t want to live anymore, let him forget their mother and son and re -live.

Later, Chen Yan simply replaced the mobile phone number and completely cut off the contact with Li Guangcai.

But is the relationship between Chen Yan and Li Guangcai really cut off?Will Li Guangcai be so good?

One day after two months, Chen Yan teased children to sleep at home as usual.

Suddenly there was a rushing knock on the door, and the sound of knocking on the door became more and more rapid. Chen Yan had an unpredictable hunch, and she ran out of the door reluctantly.

Chen Yan opened the door and looked at it.

It turned out that it was not others, and it was Li Guangcai, and there were two more policemen and a middle -aged woman around him.

Chen Yan knew that things were revealed.

It turned out that after Li Guangcai couldn’t contact Chen Yan, he slowly realized that he was deceived.

However, Chen Yan expected that Li Guangcai’s mouse taboo device, worried that things were troubled and turned out of derailment, so he would not find himself.

However, although Li Guangcai did not investigate, there was no wall in the world. The news that he borrowed a large amount of money everywhere passed to his wife’s ears.

Under the inquiry of his wife, Li Guangcai could only put things out of things.After learning the truth, his wife jumped like a thunder and reported the police immediately.

Soon, the police found Chen Yan’s whereabouts.

The police took Chen Yan back to the police station, and Chen Yan confessed to the facts of her crime.

She acknowledged that the child was not Li Guangcai, but also acknowledged the fact that fraud Li Guangcai’s money, and said that he would actively refund the money.

Although Li Guangcai had a certain psychological preparation, he heard that Chen Yan said that his child was really not his own, and he was still very sad. In front of his wife and Chen Yan, he explained the reason why he wanted the child.

It turned out that Li Guangcai also went out of the countryside. Because of his handsome appearance, he was seen by a wealthy woman who was eight years older than herself, which was his current wife.

After getting married, his wife took out the cost of home to support him to do business. In this way, Li Guangcai’s career slowly improved until he had today’s achievements.

However, Li Guangcai’s greatest heart is that he has been married to his wife for many years and has not been able to conceive his child.

After inspection, it turned out that his wife’s physical reasons caused him to have children’s unable to have children for life.

Under the idea of feudal tradition at home, the old father in his family felt that he had broken the incense, sorry for his ancestors, sighed all day, and washed his face with tears.

Li Guangcai many times to discuss his wife to discuss as a test tube baby. As a result, he was scolded by his wife. This made Li Guangcai very distressed and thought of divorcing his wife many times.

However, Li Guangcai is very clear in his heart that the wealth and status he now owns are obtained directly or indirectly by the energy of the wife’s family.If you divorce your wife, everything you have.

Thinking of this, Li Guangcai had to be full, but he was unwilling, so he planned to use Chen Yan to help him have a child.

According to the facts provided by Chen Yan, the public security organs believe that Chen Yan still fictional children are still fictional children who are born to Li Guangcai, and asked Li Guangcai to pay for money.

As a result, Chen Yan took criminal detention measures.

However, when the case was transferred to the procuratorate, the procuratorate filed a public prosecution on Chen Yan for fraud and extortion.

The Procuratorate believes that Chen Yan’s behavior of deceiving Li Guangcai’s 50,000 yuan on the grounds of the fetus constituted a crime of fraud.As a result of exposing Li Guangcai’s derailment, the behavior of extortion of Li Guangcai’s one million yuan constituted a crime of extortion, and Chen Yan’s criminal responsibility should be investigated in accordance with the two crimes.

However, when the court tried, Chen Yan’s defense lawyer believed that Chen Yan did not extort Li Guangcai.

So, is Chen Yan’s criminal act or two sins or two sins?

The crime of extortion refers to the purpose of illegal possession and the use of intimidation, threats or threats to the victims to illegally occupy the victim’s private property, which constitutes a crime.

The crime of fraud refers to the behavior of illegal possession, using the method of deception to obtain a larger amount of public and private property.

Although these two sins have the behavior of obtaining property from the victims, the way of obtaining property is different.

The crime of extortion is to make the victims be delivered to the criminals out of fear.

However, the crime of fraud was believed by the victim’s fictional or concealed facts, and was willing to deliver property to the criminals.

In this case, Li Guangcai gave Chen Yan a million yuan, not because of fear of exposure, but to rescue his children.In other words, Li Guangcai was not coerced.

In fact, from subjectively, Chen Yan did not want to deceive Li Guangcai’s subjective intentional intention. Chen Yan’s thoughts in the whole case all hoped that Li Guangcai believed that this child was his own, and he used this false facts to use this false fact.To cheat money, this fully explains that Chen Yan’s behavior should not be identified as a crime of extortion.

Finally, the court combined with the evidence of the entire case to determine Chen Yan’s crime of fraud, and the amount was huge, and he was sentenced to seven years in prison.

After the sentence, Zhang Ming watched Chen Yan’s leaving the court and left the court silently with the child.

Later, Zhang Ming and Chen Yan got married and took their children to their hometown to start their own business.Li Guangcai did not get his wife’s forgiveness in the end, and embarked on the road to divorce.

On the surface, Chen Yan was killed by Li Guangcai, but she was actually killed by her greed.

When she faced the pursuit of Li Guangcai and Zhang Ming, Chen Yan would eventually fall into the trap of Li Guangcai only to be greedy for material and enjoyment.

When it was confirmed that the child was not born of Li Guangcai, Chen Yan could live with Zhang Ming and the child with peace of mind, but Chen Yan also continued to greedy Li Guangcai’s more money and eventually sent herself to prison.

In order to continue the incense, Li Guangcai seemed to be sympathetic on the surface. In fact, this is also greedy to hurt himself.

He is not only eager to bring his wife’s social status, but he is unwilling to accept the defects of his wife; he is both greedy for Chen Yan’s beauty and fertility, but he is unwilling to give up his wife’s wealth and status to him.

Both fish and bear’s paw wants to have both. In the end, they lost their wealth status, and the dream of asking for the child was shattered.

What is the desire?In the end, after all, "the bamboo basket is empty."

Life is not easy, and cherish.

May we all have a innocent love, and hope that our lives are better!

The future is available!

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