In addition to menopause, these 4 characteristics are also pregnant.

Jiaojiao has been preparing for several months, but "Auntie" is like paying salary. Every month, she "gets the account" on time at the same time.I did not expect that at this time, Jiaojiao was pregnant, and with the arrival of pregnancy, she found that her body had begun to change.For most people, the main way to judge that they are not pregnant is to observe whether they have discontinued menstruation, but in addition to discontinuation, these four characteristics are also a manifestation of pregnancy, and those who are Chinese should pay special attention.

Increased body temperature

Under normal circumstances, women’s body temperature is still relatively stable. Only during ovulation, there will be some obvious changes. The specific manifestation is that the body temperature is relatively low before ovulation, and the body temperature will rise after ovulation.If you want to find your ovulation during pregnancy, you can insist on measuring your body temperature every day and find a rule, so that the chance of successful conception will be greater.If women have successfully conceived, their temperature will remain in a relatively high state and will not fall anymore. It is about 0.3-0.5 ° C than usual.If your body temperature has not fallen for more than 20 consecutive days, you must consider whether you are pregnant.

Chest abnormalities

After women’s pregnancy, various organs of their bodies will be re -mobilized to prepare for childbirth and breastfeeding babies. Among them, the most changing part is the breasts of the pregnant mother.Due to changes in hormones in the body, the breasts of pregnant mothers will develop secondary development. The most obvious change is that the breast becomes rich, faint, and painful, and the area of areolas becomes larger and the color will become darker.These situations will become more and more obvious as the month increases, and it will not begin until the end of breastfeeding. Pregnant mothers must be prepared.


After 5 weeks of pregnancy, some pregnant mothers began to have symptoms of pregnancy, especially when they just got up or eat in the morning, this situation would be very obvious.Pregnancy is a normal physiological reaction. Pregnant mothers should not only worry about it, but should be happy, because this is a manifestation of fetal health.Pregnancy usually disappears when 3 months of pregnancy. The pregnant mother should take care of themselves during this period. Because the fetus does not need too much nutrition at this time, the pregnant mother does not need to force themselves to eat supplements.

Frequent urine

As the uterine congestion becomes large and compresses the bladder, the pregnant mother will find that the urine storage function of her bladder has weakened, and it begins to become a little frequent urination.Pregnant mothers should not reduce the amount of water in order to prevent frequent urination. This will not only affect their physical health, but also be detrimental to the fetus.

Do you have all these pregnant mothers?If the status of early pregnancy disappears, it may be a bad news, everyone should pay attention.

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