In addition to pregnancy, you can also know if you are pregnant

Many expectant mothers know that they are pregnant because of the symptoms of pregnancy.Moreover, the behavior of pregnancy is generally proved by the behavior of pregnancy, and expectant mothers may be pregnant.Indeed, one to three months after pregnancy, due to the impact of hormones in the body, expectant mothers will have a reaction of pregnancy vomiting.

However, the pregnancy reaction is only a symptom of pregnancy. Some expectant mothers’ pregnancy reactions will be much better, and they will not show it in the early stage, so do not feel that you do n’t feel pregnant because you do n’t have pregnancy.In addition to the symptoms of pregnancy, there are four other signs, which can also let expectant mothers know whether she is pregnant.

– ❶ –

Feather, no crackling

If the expectant mother found that her aunt was postponed for a week, her body had more weak symptoms, and fever would occur.Then if these problems occur without cold, they are likely to be pregnant.Do not delay time, you should go to the hospital immediately for an examination.If the expectant mother is pregnant, then you need to do a good job of physical conditioning, and at the same time, you need to arrange your work to carry out a good child.

– ❷ –

Breast pain

Many girls may have breast tenderness a week before they come to auntie. That is because of the secretion of body hormones, which causes breast swelling and pain. After menstruation, this symptoms will fade.But if the expectant mother finds that her aunt hasn’t come, there will be symptoms of breast pain at the same time.

Such pain is more serious than before, and yellow juice will appear on the nipples, so it is likely that you are pregnant.You can go to the hospital in time for a examination to condition your body. Do not eat casually.

– ❸ –

Lower abdomen pain

Many girls will have lower abdomen pain during their auntie. The pain when her aunt comes, sometimes it is serious to take painkillers to survive.However, if the expectant mother finds that her aunt does not come, and at the same time, there is a pain in the lower abdomen, then they should first go to the hospital for a check in time.

Because it is likely to be the pain caused by the uterus being involved, and the aunt did not come, it may be pregnant.Therefore, you should verify whether you are pregnant, and you need to pay more attention to taking care of your body.

– ❹ –

Menstruation does not come on time

Many girls’ menstruation will be around or delayed in advance, and it is a normal phenomenon within a week.If the expectant mother finds that her aunt is postponed for one week to half a month, then expectant mothers should go to the hospital for examination in time to see if she is pregnant.Be sure to worry about your body, otherwise it is likely that the baby has just begun to develop.

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