In addition to seeing the case leave, there are 6 signals that can tell you that you are pregnant. Do you have any pregnancy?

In addition to seeing the case leave, there are 6 signals that can tell you that you are pregnant. Do you have any pregnancy?

The cousin has been married for more than a year, and the husband and wife have been busy with work. Recently, she has finally been idle and goes out to travel by self -driving.At that time, I felt that my stomach was uncomfortable, but I felt similar to my aunt’s stomach pain. I always urinated frequently and slightly harder breasts. I was not interested in eating.At that time, I thought it was dissatisfied with the soil and water. After a long time, I had not yet come, so I found that I was pregnant for two months after the formal inspection!Many women are not sensitive to their physical condition after pregnancy, and it is difficult to know if they are pregnant.Although you want to have a crystallization of love, you also need to rely on luck.One of the main basis for many women to judge whether they "win the prize" is that the holiday has not come.But it is not accurate to judge only this symptom, because when she was pregnant, pregnant mothers did not feel much.Three weeks later, women will feel some discomfort.However, everyone’s physical condition will be different, and the response is not the same.In addition to seeing the case leave, there are 6 signals that can tell you that you are pregnant. Do you have any pregnancy?

First: I often feel backache

This is because of the early pregnancy that fertilized eggs reach the uterus. In the process of growing up slowly, it will stimulate the uterus and cause some slight back pain.However, the uterus will also have false contractions due to stimulation.But if there is no abnormal symptoms such as small abdominal pain and brown secretion, then expectant mothers need not worry too much.

Second: breast pain

This is also an obvious situation in the early days of pregnancy.However, because there are similar situations when the holidays come, it is difficult for women to be pregnant for the first time whether they are pregnant or for example.At this time, you can observe whether the isola color is deepened, the nipples are abnormal, etc. to judge.

Third: nausea and vomiting

Nausea, nausea, and drowsiness. Because of the often performers on TV, the heroine is pregnant and vomiting, so many people know.But basically appeared six weeks after menopause.Everyone’s duration and the intensity of the reaction are not the same, and they will consciously retreat after a few weeks.But sometimes if vomiting is too severe, it needs to go to the hospital to see it.

Fourth: frequent urination

If women always go to the toilet frequently for a while, and they are endless. In fact, they do n’t drink any water. This may also be pregnant.This is because the pregnancy uterus compresses the bladder, and it is prone to frequent symptoms.

Fifth: Non -menstrual bleeding

Because the fertilized landscape is wading in the uterus, it is easy to cause the pregnant mother to guide minor bleeding. At this time, women who have no experience will think that it is a holiday.Generally, the bleeding status will last for three days, which is not the same as the holiday.

Sixth: increased body temperature

The body temperature of ordinary people is 36.5 ° C. If it lasts half a month, it is 37 ° C, and the regular vacation at this time has not come. It may be the winning prize!Women’s body temperature will rise a little during pregnancy. Three weeks before pregnancy, the normal body temperature of women is about 36.9 ° C -37.2 ° C, and this value has been maintained.After about three or four months, the temperature will be reduced, but the change is very small.Therefore, the body temperature is normal if it is between 36.9 ℃ -37.2 ℃.

Women after pregnancy are no longer alone, and pay attention to everything. Don’t have the habit of staying up late and drinking. You can know more about parenting knowledge and help themselves and children.

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