In ancient times, there were no painless flow of people.There are nothing more than these ways

The current medical conditions in my country are becoming more and more developed, and many of them cannot solve the difficulty of incurable diseases in the current hospitals.As for the problem of crashing tires from the previous equipment, to the painless abortion later, it can be seen that medical technology is becoming more and more mature.

People who are in modern times can use these methods to get fetal fetuses. What way does the people living in ancient times?

In ancient times, there was no such thing as pregnant without children, because the tribes were formed at first.For the tribal leader, the more population, the stronger the tribe, so people do not have trouble with this, and the tribe also encourages people to have more children, especially male Ding, and the more the combat effectiveness of the male Ding tribe will the more the tribe’s combat effectivemany.

In the Qin and Han dynasties, people’s minds have opened up and started collective life. It is slightly different from the previous tribal life, but the same is that there is still no control for the population of population.And although there are no contradictions between the tribe, there are conflicts between the country and the country. In order to strengthen the country’s strength, the base of the population is also the most important. Therefore, it was still a policy of breeding.

When the human civilization was formed, there was no fertility control at first, but at that time, if it was fetal, it was also a shame for women.Because there is a situation in a woman who wants to get a fetus, the identity of both men and women is not equal.

For example, the Qin Dynasty’s poor scholars and wealthy businessmen have the skin of the skin. The woman is pregnant by the woman. The businessman suspects that the scholar has a low identity level and is not worthy of his daughter.As a result, the merchant will ask the doctor to give her daughter a fetus.

At that time, the doctor had a way to get a woman’s fetal, which started in the palace.In the harem, the competition of the concubines is particularly fierce. Each concubine’s dream is to give birth to a dragon for the emperor, so that he can also stand out in the harem and stand out in the harem.

At that time, the emperor had a relationship with a side concubine by chance, but the family of the concubine was recently ordered by the emperor, and the emperor ordered a bey doctor to give the concubine.

At that time, the level of Taiyi was also the treatment of a headache and brain heat, helping others to solve the skin trauma.When the Taiyi was helpless, he remembered that when there was taboos when he prescribed medicine for some people, there were Chinese herbal medicines that pregnant women could not eat.

Can these Chinese herbal medicines allow pregnant women to fetuse?The Taiyi started to find a few flavors of Chinese herbal medicine to make a soup bowl, and then asked the concubine to take it.Therefore, my country’s first drug tire appeared.

However, the prescription had an accident when it was circulated in the people, causing a woman to lose her fertility forever.Later, after many years of research and trials of several famous doctors, dozens of fetal prescriptions were finally sorted out.

There is another way to get a fetus during the Qin and Han dynasties, that is, physical tires, which means that the embryo is destroyed in the abdomen with the collision of external forces, and then discharged from the body.The emergence of this method was in the family of ordinary farmers during the Qin Dynasty. The wife was pregnant in March. A husband went out to work. The woman did housework at home. She accidentally slipped her feet.

The woman was lying on the ground, only to find the colic in the abdomen unbearable, and the lower body had red blood. The colic made the woman unbearable and made a painful scream.After hearing the scream of a woman, the neighbor came to send the woman to the clinic. The doctor told the woman that her body was not a big deal, but the child in the fetus was no longer guaranteed.After the doctor was healed by the woman, the woman went home and had sequelae, bed in bed for more than ten years.

Therefore, at the time, people found that they hit the object with the abdomen, which could make pregnant women fall.But this method hurts women too much, and people are not used in history.In ancient times, women had no social status, and if a woman came out of the wall, it was generally necessary to immerse the pig cage or execute it with other punishments.

If you are pregnant with other men, you will adopt a physical fetal method. First, the child is destroyed, and then the treatment is not given, and it is basically difficult for a woman to survive for too long.

During the Song Dynasty, the appearance of many famous doctors had developed the level of medical treatment to the point where they were already able to treat internal medicine. For the fall of the fetus, the Song Dynasty doctors also had a better way, that is, acupuncture and fetal fetus.

Acupuncture can treat people a lot of diseases from the time of Bianzhu, and during the Three Kingdoms period, the divine doctor Hua Hui pushed acupuncture treatment to the peak.

During the two Song Dynasty, many doctors focused on the clinical trials of refined acupuncture treatment, and found the method of acupuncture tires when a doctor accidentally hit.

At that time, the third lady of the Song Dynasty officials had been pregnant in May. Seeing that it was about to have a period of time, it was about to have a period of time.Therefore, the big official found a local famous doctor and asked him to cure his wife.

This famous physician is famous for his first -hand acupuncture therapy from Hua Yan.After seeing the lady, after seeing the question, the doctor immediately began to treat the wife, but what the doctor did not expect was that the lady had a point that was born different from others. After the acupuncture, the doctor even led to miscarriage.

At this time, not only did his own name destroyed, but he also chopped his head because of this.However, the needle he did was studied by other doctors and then invented the treatment of acupuncture and tires.

However, the success rate of acupuncture therapy is not high. After multiple acupuncture abortion, the success rate is only 60 %.Therefore, major doctors have started further research and exploration.

In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, people were able to undergo surgery, and they could perform their own intracranial surgery.

As a result, doctors studied at the time whether they could be born with surgery.When a woman was pregnant accidentally, the doctor decided to use surgery by negotiation. After several hours of surgery, the doctor was nervous and sweat.

However, Huang Tian lived up to the careless person. The doctor’s surgery was successful, and there was no sequelae, which created a precedent for the abortion of surgery.At that time, the ordinary people at that time had no ability to raise too many children because of their lives. In order to make a living, many people chose surgical abortion if they had medical conditions, and some people chose a pharmacy abortion.

With the development of the times, acupuncture abortion has basically been eliminated due to the problem of success rate, and the method of physical tires has been abandoned by the times. The rest is only two abortion methods: surgery and drugs.

Modern medical levels are becoming more and more developed, and abortion is getting smaller and smaller, but women should try to avoid accidental pregnancy.Because whether it is surgery or drug abortion, more or less will cause harm to women in the body and psychology.

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