In fact, the emperor crab does not belong to crabs. Every time you eat an emperor crab is saving the world!

do you know?Every time you eat an emperor crab is saving the world.Today I will take you to see the emperor crabs that have flooded in the ocean.There are more than 4,500 crabs all over the world. Emperor crabs are not the largest. The largest crab on the earth is a spider crab, called dry crab crabs, and the largest sample will reach an amazing 4.5 meter after the legs are expanded.And the emperor crab is not only the biggest crab, but it can even be said that it is not a crab, is it buzzing?

First of all, the crabs have eight legs and can only walk sideways, but the emperor crab has only six legs. Not only can they walk horizontally, but they can also walk vertically. This is also the most obvious difference between them.So why is the king crab so expensive, and it will still flood?This is because the emperor crab has an 850 -meter deep -sea area, and the fishing difficulty and cost are extremely large. When fishing them, it is necessary to be more than 600 pounds of special iron cages.Gangs will be smashed on the crab catcher himself, and the temperature of the Bai Ling Strait in the crab catcher season is generally about minus five degrees to about ten degrees. The crab catcher is almost all wrapped in ice.In the state, the crab catcher is very strenuous, and there are still cold winds with a speed of up to 128 kilometers per hour.

When it was blowing on the crab catcher, it was as painful as a knife.The most fatal thing is that the emperor crabs are caught in a limited time every year, so the crab catcher should work at least 20 hours a day, and high -intensity work almost empty their bodies.According to statistics, one of the seven crab catcher is killed, and the mortality rate is 50 times that of ordinary workers.Therefore, the crab catcher with a daily salary of up to $ 20,000 is still a lack of people every year, which is why the emperor crab is so expensive.

Let’s take a look at the problem of flooding. Due to the warming of the Antarctic climate, the sea temperature continues to rise, which has led to the start of emperor crabs to move towards the Antarctic. In addition, the imperial crab’s extremely abnormal reproduction ability, there is almost no natural enemy in the Antarctic waters.The number of emperor crabs increased sharply.As early as 2011, scientists found over 1 million emperor crabs on the Antarctic continent, which means that the emperor crab of Antarctica has also flooded. According to forecasts, it is now as high as tens of millions, which has seriously endangered the maritime ecological balance.It is difficult to control the number of artificial fishing, which also provides an opportunity for the spread and development of the emperor crab group.Without the natural enemy of humans, the number of emperor crabs naturally flooded into disaster, so our Chinese food experts quickly played specialties and eat special food!So every time you eat a king crab is saving the world, have you ever eaten emperor crabs?The third brother is not easy to create. Welcome to like, leave a message for discussion, thank you.

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