In May, I was stabbed by my nephew in May. My mother -in -law said that I was playing, and I slapped my hand: I also play

Tongyan has no jealousy, refers to the child’s innocence, not an excuse for his children without quality. When the child was born, he didn’t understand. He didn’t even know how to speak.I don’t know what to say, what should not say, what should not do.

At this time, the parents need to play a role. Teaching children’s etiquette knowledge and moral norms. When I go to school, I always teach his basic knowledge and teach him the truth.Understand that they grew up under the teachings of parents and teachers.

Now when the child does something wrong, parents usually use the phrase "he is just a child" and "the child is playing with fun."If you do this, you say that the child is not sensible, but you ca n’t be sensible. The child ’s behavior when he was a child was linked to his parents. The child did something wrong. You should not underestimate it, but you should reflect on yourself in time.

Family lacking quality

Fu Qiang is the younger son of the family. He also has a brother. Now it is said that the quality is directly proportional to the education, but the current social phenomenon is not the case.The parents who are working hard in the city are only when the husband and wife are married, and the child is born for a few days when the child is born. Generally, the time is busy with business.

When the child was young, I heard the words of others scolded outside. When I got home, I felt very fun. The two children scolded each other. The child still did not know what this scolding swear words meant, but adults know, generallyAt this time, adults will stop it in time, telling them what this means, children cannot say such words, at this time as children, they know that this is swear.

However, Fu Qiang’s parents were tired every day. When he heard this, he did nothing, and he was scolded by two children.This is just a trivial matter in the growth process of the two brothers. Due to the long -term parents ignored the education of their children, after the child grew up, these two brothers became small pests in the community.Sometimes the cats of other people’s houses scold other children.

The people in the community couldn’t bear it anymore, and told Fu Qiang’s parents. On the surface, they agreed with a smile on the surface, and they forgot when they turned back.Bad thoughts.Without being blamed by parents, the two children even worsened and did nothing.

For a while, Fu Qiang’s brother became a well -known bad child. This phenomenon did not improve until high school. It was time to go to high school. Fu Qiang’s parents still had no time to take care of their children’s education, so they sent them two.I went to the boarding school and entered the boarding school. There is a stricter management method here. At the same time, the quality education promoted is used on these two people. Through the efforts of the students and teachers, the two children are forcibly improved.The behavior of behavior is just improved, which is far worse than others.

Social beating

Such an unsuccessful behavior like Fu Qiang brothers, parents and students in school are also very tolerant at home, but when they enter the society, no one is used to this behavior.Negligence will attract the scolding of the boss, not to mention this kind of impolite behavior, not only does not be seen by his boss, but in daily life, colleagues do not like to associate with such people.

For many years, the teachers in the school have not changed their bad habits. In the cruel society, because of this unique behavior, they have also received a lot of lessons.It has been improved, and now I know that the moderate way has always been less affordable than this rough method.

When you grow up, Fu Qiang knows the importance of quality. When making a girlfriend, your man’s behavior fundamentally determines the view of the girls for you. No girl likes to be swear and indecent.Boys.At this time, Fu Qiang was awakened. His parents had always lacked education for them, which caused many of them to become a habitual behavior. He decided that he must educate his children in the future.You can’t let your child be the same as yourself anymore.

But Fu Qiang’s brother did not realize this. After graduation, he went to do business with his parents. He made his daily work that made himself miserable. Where can there be a matter of leisurely workers in charge of their own quality.

Fu Qiang found a company to work. His brother helped his parents to do business at home. Soon his brother found his wife, and then he was married and had children.My wife is busy with business, so that her mother will retreat to take care of her child, but this mother does not even discuss her child. How can she discipline her grandson?What to give, even if you do something wrong, you will not be scolded. This family has become a place for this child to do.

The wicked needs the wicked

Under the love of grandma, the elder brother’s child has already looked like a brother when he was a child. Seeing that this trend may be too young than when they were, no one cares about it, but someone is still sheltering him. This child is in the community in the community.When he was discovered by others when he was doing bad things, he would always hide behind his grandmother because he knew his grandmother would protect him.But he only knew that grandma would protect him, but he didn’t know what the impact of these pranks would have. He just felt fun to do so, and grandma would not judge him, he could be more prescribed.Essence

His brother’s children are almost growing up. Fu Qiang has just begun to fall in love. The opposite of Fu Qiang, Fu Qiang’s girlfriend He Xiao has been educated well since he was a child. Generally, he will not speak swear words, butGood quality does not mean bullying. When others bully her, she will bravely attack. This is the education she has received.

When I saw my parents, He Xiao came to Fu Qiang’s home and saw this naughty child. At first, I felt very interesting because she had never seen this kind of child, but then she really knew this annoyance.Child.

After seeing the parents, Fu Qiang and He Xiao soon got married. After a while, I found that I was pregnant. Because Fu Qiang was afraid that he would not take good care of himself, he got rid of his mother to help take care of it. Anyway, she was just home at home.Look at your nephew.

When these three people lived together, He Xiao felt the niece of the nephew. He was almost in elementary school, and he was still unrealistic. Sometimes he still grabbed it with his hands.He Xiao couldn’t raise his fetus well. He Xiao also responded to her mother -in -law, but her mother -in -law always used "he is just a child" as a reason for pushing away. After all, this nephew did not cause substantial harm to himself.I don’t say much.

Finally on this day, He Xiao, who has been pregnant for five months, has become bigger and bigger. The nephew may be curious, so he beats He Xiao’s belly. The mother -in -law saw that he was in a hurry and said, "The child is playing with it."He Xiao is not used to it now, and he slapped directly in the past and said that I was playing with it.

Sure enough, the wicked still needed the wicked, and you told him a disobedient child. He would not listen. Only when the slap hit him, he felt the pain, and he knew that it was wrong.I have a memory, and I won’t do it in the future.

Children do n’t understand anything. It can be understood by doing wrong things, but the adults need to teach by adults. Instead of educating children, they do not educate their children. Instead, this behavior is indulgent. This actually hurts the child.

Parents are used to their children, but if the outsiders do not care, the child does the wrong thing, they have to be beaten. Long -term doting can only bring pain to the child in the end.

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